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Super Cute Vol 3 Ch 2 (Part 3)


It’s Rather A Reward for You to Pamper A Girl As Cute As Me (III)

Translated by: chocolala
Proofread by: fluffyhead

After we arrived at school, we had no time to cool down before we sat for our final exam. The morning exam papers were not exactly difficult or easy; just like usual, I’d say.

“Phew, we somehow made it past the morning papers. Yamato-kun, do you think you can score well?”

It was lunch break in the literature clubroom. Yuzu let out a relaxed sigh with her lunchbox spread open on the desk in front of her.

“Thankfully there were no killer subjects. But I can’t be careless, there’s still more in the afternoon.”

I sat facing Yuzu and also ate my lunch.

“That’s right. We’re still midway.”

“Yeah. Let’s quickly eat lunch. I’ll be anxious if I don’t study for the afternoon exam papers.”

I ate at a faster pace than usual, yet Yuzu was even faster than me; she had already closed her lunchbox.

“Thanks for the meal!” Yuzu had finished her meal.

“You’re done eating? I did say we gotta eat quickly, but did you wolf down your food?”

Yuzu pouted when I asked, astonished. 

“That’s so rude. It’s just that I only prepared a little lunch. That way, I won’t be sleepy during the afternoon exams.”

“I see, that makes sense,” I agreed and finished my lunch as usual. An empty stomach wouldn’t do for going to battle.

After both of us were done with lunch, I stored my lunchbox in my bag and took out a textbook instead.

“Well then, shall we study for the afternoon exam papers?” I suggested.

“Mn… I think I’ll pass.” 

In response to me spreading out a textbook, Yuzu shook her head as she sipped her tea.

“Wow, so chill? In the morning, you even pressed me so hard to study.” I was stunned.

“No-no. Taking a break is also part of the studying process. Having exerted myself all morning, it’s easy to get tired in the afternoon. If I cram hard during the lunch break too, I’d lose my concentration in the middle of the day.”

I agreed, “I see, so it’s vital to take breaks when needed.”

After all, when it came to studying and exams, this disguised honours student Yuzu seemed to have the upper hand, and from earlier on I had been able to hear some rather helpful opinions.

“That’s correct. Therefore, I’m taking my break properly.”

As soon as she said it, Yuzu stood up and shifted next to me, taking a chair with her.

“With that said, please pamper me so that I can be soothed,” Yuzu abruptly made that request as she took a seat beside me.

“I want to be soothed as well…” I lamented.

“That’s why you can soothe yourself by pampering me. It’s a win-win.”

“Where is that win-win?”

I cut my eyes at Yuzu, who clapped her hands as if what she had said was a nice idea.

“In general, what do you want me to do when you say pamper you?”

When asked, Yuzu growled a little, and then struck her hand with a plop.

“Hmm… Then, please talk sweetly right next to my ear.”

“Leave it to me! Sugar, honey, granulated sugar, Wasanbon sugar—”

“Not that kind of sweet! What’s with that old-fashion joke? So tacky!”

“Sweets sure are tacky.”1

“Ridiculous! Don’t think you just came up with a smooth line.”

Despite having responded to Yuzu’s request with sincerity, for some reason she was still upset. It was a mystery.

“Geez… I’ve pampered you so much, yet why are you treating me so harshly?” Yuzu complained in agitation.

There, I stopped her, “Wait a moment, I never remember being pampered by you at all?”

“I did, a lot. I gave you my lap pillow in the clubroom… And then I even picked your ear while you lay on my lap.”

“Only that lap pillow? But wait, neither of those things can really be considered pampering me, can they??”

I did not even request any of that, they were random turns of events.

“Ah, right. Then, how about you give me a lap pillow?”

Where did that ‘then’ come from? Yuzu came up with nonsense yet again.

“Ehhhh…” I sounded my protest.

“Come on, hurry up! The precious lunch break is about to be over!” When I showed my reluctance, Yuzu urged me, using the remaining time as a bargaining chip.

I certainly didn’t want to lose time by continuing with this argument. I let out a sigh and pulled back my chair to make room for my thighs.

“What do I do with you… Come here.”


I wondered what was so good about having a man’s lap as a pillow, but Yuzu laid there happily.

Um… Something about this tickled me physically and mentally.

“Geez… Didn’t you say at first that you’re a tough lady and that you don’t want any close contact with me?”

I quoted Yuzu’s words from the past2, but she turned her head to look up at me with a blank face.

“Even now, I’m still a tough lady. It’s just that Yamato-kun’s attacking power broke through my defences.”

“I don’t remember attacking you though…”

I was a pacifist who doesn’t have any means of aggression against the opposite sex as far as I knew.

“You have no awareness, yet you broke down my walls? Ah, I know, this is something like when they say ‘Eh, did I do something?’”

“Where did you even learn that? Your defences are only paper-thin, you know?”

Yuzu pouted when I stared at her, dumbfounded as I was.

“What did you say? I’m so popular, you know. I’m just an invulnerable woman who rejects such advances.”

“Your taste in men is just bad.”

“What’s with that twisted self-deprecation? Well, instead of having no defence, I have high striking power. Thanks to that, Yamato-kun is in love with me.”

“Hey, listen—”

Who’s head over heels for… That was what I was going to retort as usual, but my words stopped before they could be voiced out.

I knew we were simply having an idle chat, but it was quite a sensitive period, and there was also that Christmas matter.

 A slight pause was created when I was concerned over whether objecting to Yuzu right now would make her upset or something. Obviously, Yuzu didn’t miss this pause.

“Eh? So, you don’t object? I see, hehe… Well, of course. No need to say already.”

I thought she would tease me back, but contrary to my expectation, Yuzu averted her gaze and her face flushed red.

Hey! Doesn’t this just make the misunderstanding even deeper? It’s better if she teases me instead!

“No, I don’t mean that…”

I was reeling from the fact that the situation had worsened at an unexpected time, and my teeth clenched. My state only further convinced Yuzu that she was right and she too became thoughtfully silent in some way.



What to do? So awkward.

“Listen to me, Yamato-kun.”

“Oh, yes.” 

When Yuzu broke the silence, I unconsciously corrected my posture and responded.

“…If Aki’s confession turns out well during Christmas eve, our fake couple also comes to an end, right?”

“Well, I guess so.”

I had completely forgotten, but that was how it was supposed to be.

“In that case… Will you pamper me again like this afterwards?”

Yuzu’s somewhat fiery eyes shot through me. I was almost sucked in by that, but still I nodded mechanically.

“Oh, okay. Well, it’s the same as when we broke up before.”

I tried to muddle things up, yet Yuzu didn’t allow me to escape the issue. She grabbed my clothes tightly and tried to pull me closer.

“Not like before… But more, and ever after.”

Suddenly I got scared.

If I cleared the misunderstanding in our current situation… We could no longer be able to go back to the way things were before.

“Yeah…” I naturally nodded.

I wondered how it’d be if the misunderstanding was cleared.

Hm, is there even a meaning to clear it now we’ve got this far—

“Right! Well, it’s rather a reward for you to pamper a girl as cute as me! Aww, Yamato, you are a truly blessed man!”

“Don’t get carried away, narcissist!”

Sure enough, the misunderstanding must be cleared. Totally. Without a doubt.

During that lunch break, my resolve hardened once again.

chocolala: Yuzu urging to be pampered is so adorable! Reminds me of the SS when she’s jealous of a cat

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  1. The word pun here is べた=cliche and べたべた=tacky as in sticky
  2. Honestly I forgot how I translated this part back then.