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Super Cute Vol 3 Ch 2 (Part 8)


It’s Rather A Reward for You to Pamper A Girl As Cute As Me (VIII)

Translated by: chocolala
Proofread by: fluffyhead

“Besides, there are some things that are just no fun.”

“Like what?”

For her to say that much, I became a little curious and asked her what Yuzu meant by the hardship she was talking about.

Then she smiled like a hunter looking at their prey caught in a trap. “Of course, the part where I get irritated whenever I see Yamato-kun getting close with another girl, or when I wish you’d pay more attention to me. Yeah, things like that. It’s painful, you know?”

“Hey! In the end, isn’t that simply sarcasm?” I grimaced when I found that I was totally pitied by her.

“Well, I knew you’d say that. So, I think it’s good for me to earn points with you in parts that I can control. It’s just nice that we have a couple-seat here too.”

*pap* Yuzu leaned over to me, our bodies touching.

The sensation of her soft flesh when her slender body was snug against my chest unknowingly made my heart go ba-thump.

“Geez… In the end, you only want to do this.”

I made an unamused face in order to conceal my nervousness. Yuzu then nodded happily.

“Of course, no way I’d miss this chance!”

“…Well, whatever.”

I didn’t reject her strongly either but accepted her behaviour for what it was. Before I knew it, the initial awkwardness had disappeared.


We left the cafe and decided to finally go buy the scarf this time; we had walked for several minutes when Yuzu suddenly stopped in her tracks.

“…Wow, there’s a general store open here. I wonder what it sells,” Yuzu peeked curiously into the store.

“Wanna try going in?”

“Yep, just a bit.”

There was still time, so we went in for a look.

“Wow… There’s a lot of cute stuff.” 

Yuzu looked around at the products on the shelves with a twinkle in her eyes. She then picked up one of the products among them.

“Ah… I like this. This is so nice. Yamato-kun, come here, look at this.”

A little excitedly, Yuzu showed me a golden teaspoon. However, the shape was different from ordinary ones. This teaspoon was shovel-shaped.

“Wow, there’s even such a thing.”

“Yeah. My interest has been piqued. Oh, there’s also a silver version as well… that’s pretty too. I wonder which one I should buy,” Yuzu exclaimed as she looked at the teaspoons.

I totally understood how she felt. I also experienced the same thing whenever I went to select games to buy in a game shop. Besides, the time spent browsing was the fun part, so I kept out of it without interrupting her to let her fret about it to her heart’s content.

“Oh no, I can’t decide. Yamato-kun, what do you think I should do in this case?”

“You can try throwing a normal spoon in the lake.”

“Even if I do that, things like the golden axe and silver axe won’t happen, okay?! That system only belongs to fairy tales!”

Since she dismissed the fantasy approach, I also decided to think seriously about it. 

“Well, why don’t you just buy them both? You’ll still be left with regrets no matter which one you choose.” 

When I suggested this, for some reason, Yuzu frowned.

“I see. So you hold the ‘Better to surround yourself with lots of teaspoons and women principle.”

“I’ve never heard of that.”

As if my cold words didn’t reach her, Yuzu sighed, lamenting, “I didn’t expect Yamato-kun to also advocate for a spoon harem.”

“What the heck is that term? But wait, you said ‘also’, does that mean there are others too… No, in the first place, I’m not one!” 

I was nearly about to admit to being this unheard-of advocate. 

“Well, that thing aside… I think I’ll just buy both. This is just the right timing, I’ll go get a complete tea set.” 

Yuzu apparently made up her mind, perhaps having taken hints from our unproductive banter.

“A complete tea set you say… Is it okay to just buy on impulse like that? In three months’ time, they could end up in a cupboard covered in dust.”

I became a little worried, and Yuzu showed me her smug expression.

“It’s okay. I’m originally a tea person. I drink tea a lot at home, so they won’t rot away even if I buy them.”

“You say that, but I have a feeling you always drink coffee, though.”

“It’s the reverse mindset. I like tea, so when I drink tea I don’t want to compromise on taste. But when I drink coffee, I can compromise, so I tend to drink more often when I just want to drink casually.”

“What a strange mindset.”

I felt like I was convinced, but also not at the same time. Whatever it was, if this wouldn’t be a wasted purchase, I had no reason to stop her.

“Anyway, I think it’s time to drink tea in the clubroom. Maybe I’ll keep this tea set there. Now all we need is an electric kettle and we’ll be all set.”

“Having a tea set in the clubroom at all times, you’re finally making the room your private possession.” 

I was feeling meh about it, but for some reason, Yuzu made a proud face.

“Ooh? Did you say something? You also brought in your personal Robot Buster game and have been playing it in the clubroom.”

“…I never said anything.” 

There was nothing I could say when she threw that counter-argument at me.

“For the cup, maybe this…? Ah, but this one is so nice too,” Yuzu, who just brilliantly KO’d me, hummed and continued shopping.

While watching her like that, I suddenly had a thought.

 I may not know anything about Yuzu.

Yuzu had always been accommodating to my tastes and preferences when we went on these dates and during the time we usually spent in the literature club room. Even though nearly three months had passed since we were together, I could count the number of times I went on a date with Yuzu on one hand. I didn’t know that she liked action movies or that she liked tea.

“Alright! For now, let’s leave the rest for another day and just buy cups and teaspoons. Yamato-kun, wait here for a moment.” 

Leaving me a few words, Yuzu made a short run to the cash register.

“…Fake couple, was it?” I muttered.

That title stung me in the heart. 

We were business partners achieving mutual objectives. There was certainly a relationship between us that developed through mutual help and exchange of opinions in order to achieve the same goal; but at the same time, something important may have been missed.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. Oh, my bad, I’m the only one who’s having fun. Let’s go and look at the scarves quickly.” 

Yuzu, who had finished paying the bill, came back with a slightly apologetic look on her face.

“No, there’s no need to be in such a hurry. We have time, let’s look around.” When I suggested this, her expression brightened.

“Really? It’s been a while since I’ve been in this area, so there are a lot of shops I’m interested in. Then let’s go.”

Yuzu took my hand in hers and started walking with a bounce in her step.

I want to know more about Yuzu.

While looking at her profile, such an idea crossed my mind.

chocolala: borrowing fluffyhead’s words, my boi is catching feelings. ABOUT TIME!

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