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Super Cute Vol 3 Ch 2 (Part 9)


It’s Rather A Reward for You to Pamper A Girl As Cute As Me (IX)

Translated by: chocolala
Proofread by: fluffyhead

After that, we looked around various shops for a while, and finally, we headed to a clothes shop to buy a scarf at dusk.

“Well then, Yamato-kun. Please tell me if you find something that pulls at your heartstrings.”

As soon as we entered an apparel store that carried a lot of women’s clothing, Yuzu left the choice to me.

“Well, we did agree to something like that… but more than I expected, this is quite difficult.”

The women’s clothing department generally felt unbelievably distant to me, and it was a little disconcerting to be left to my own devices here.

“I guess I’ll have to rule out this and that for now…”

I ruled out the black scarf beforehand.

“Oh? You are excluding that one? I thought you would choose it first and foremost,” Yuzu asked me as if my choice was surprising, curious about my intentions.

“Just my intuition, I felt like it won’t suit you. Considering you’re going to wear it with your uniform, a brighter colour would be better.”

Basically, Yuzu had never been a woman who fancied subdued colour shades. Our uniforms were a rather subdued blue, and matching a black scarf to them would never be her preference.

“Oh, I see… I’m surprised you’re thinking this through. I honestly thought you might just go for some funny choices just for the laugh of it.”

“If I really did that, you’d seriously think I have shitty taste, wouldn’t you?”

Such a feat was only possible for someone who had an ingrained image of being fashionable in general.

“…Okay, I choose this.”

So I chose a tartan-checked orange scarf1. It would go well with the school uniform, and the bright colour would be a nice accent even when wearing casual clothes.

“How is this?” I was not confident with my preferences, so I timidly asked Yuzu who stared at the scarf with an inscrutable face.


I was nervous if this was not to her liking, but then she suddenly broke into a smile.

“You passed.”

“Hey, don’t scare me like that!” 

I protested for being put under pressure for nothing, yet Yuzu only giggled.

“No, that was unintentional. But that was surprising for you to choose something that fit my taste. I like it.”

Yuzu took the scarf and raised her face to me.

“I’ll cherish it.”

I nodded and replied with a short “Hm”.

It felt sort of jittery, but it was not entirely a bad feeling.

“Okay, then as a thank you for making the selection, Yamato-kun, I’ll try on clothes you fancy. Indulge in the pleasure of being able to dress up your cute girlfriend!”

Alas, my feelings just now came to nought when she suddenly dropped that explosive statement.

“I appreciate the gesture.”

“Don’t be so modest. Now, what do you want me to wear?”

“Nothing in particular.”

When I flatly refused, for some reason Yuzu’s expression lightly twitched.

“Er… Does that mean you want me to be naked? That’s obviously difficult.”

“That’s not what I meant, okay?!”

She outrageously distorted the meaning of my words.

“Okay. So how about I give you several options, and in response, you pick one of those outfits for me to change into?”

“Whatever, that’s fine….”

There was no loss to me, and I was beginning to feel that it would be better if I obediently asked her to dress up for me.

“Yamato, what do you consider the most important: colour, material, design or size?”

“Well, first of all, size, right?”

Regardless of how good the design or colour was, I once heard that if you wore clothes of the wrong size, you’d get the impression that you were being worn by clothes.

Hearing my answer like that, Yuzu simply nodded her head in agreement.

“I see. For you who picked ‘size’, the right partner for you is a person of action!”

“A psychology test?!”

Her casual question was actually laced with traps.

“A person of action equals me! We’re perfectly compatible!”

“What the heck is that trick?!”

I suffered a loss so easily. I had misjudged the situation.

“Well, I’m just kidding. Come on, select an outfit for me.”

“It’s hard to do that now! I’m reeling with dread at what you’re going to test me for again!” 

I resisted with all my might against Yuzu, who smiled after making an unreasonable request to me.

“I see… Then I’ll just give you multiple choi—”

“I’ll just pick one!”

I discovered that being offered choices was more frightening. So, I browsed through the selections and picked out a grey one-piece dress that caught my eye. It had a chic and neat look to it; this surely would suit the unquestionably beautiful Yuzu, if only she kept her mouth shut.

“Well then, I’ll go with this one.”

“Ooo, Yamato, you like this sort of style? Hmm…”

“Hey, don’t stare. Go on, put it on quickly.”

It was strangely embarrassing to have one’s preferences analysed.

“Okay, okay. Wait a minute. Oh, and don’t peek, okay?”

“Who’s peeking?!”

I shooed her away with my hands and chased her into the fitting room. A few minutes of waiting passed and the curtain of the fitting room opened.

“Ta-da! Does this suit me? Do I look pretty?”

A white knitted dress up to just above the knees, and from down there were a pair of black stockings.

Since the dress was my own selection, it was a given for it to be to my liking, but it suited her so perfectly. I was at a loss to respond.

“…Well, not bad.”

“Ah, you’re shy.”

“Shut up.”

I could see that she would get carried away if I praised her too much, so I slightly frowned; unfortunately, it was already too late, and Yuzu looked into my face with a smirk.

“How do you feel about having your girlfriend dress in the fashion of your choice, dyeing her in your colours? Have you fallen in love with her all over again?”

“Yes, yes. I’ve totally fallen in love with you all over again. I love you, so very much.”

“Mm. I can tell that rudeness is an attempt to hide your embarrassment. Okay, I’m satisfied.” Yuzu nodded happily, interpreting my dismissive response positively.

“…Whatever, just interpret it however you like.”

I raised the white flag early before saying anything else, not wanting to be further bugged by her on this matter.

“If you like, I’ll buy this one too. Then Yamato-kun would be happy again.”

“I beg you, just spare me…”

It could be quite damaging to have your tastes and preferences in things related to your opposite sex being teased so much. The scarf alone had consumed a lot of my mental energy, and I simply couldn’t take it anymore.

“That’s a pity. Okay, I’ll change back. Oh, I’ll say this again, but don’t peek—”

“I WON’T!”

Yuzu shut the curtain as if escaping from my glare.

chocolala: Yay, another lovely Yuzu’s illustrations combo!

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