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Super Cute Vol 3 Ch 3 (Part 10)


Are You Going to Have a Good Time? (X)

Translated by: chocolala
Proofread by: fluffyhead

Aki cast down her eyes and mustered her voice to reply, “…In truth, I’m still very much scared. Scared that Sota will reject me again, but more than that, scared that everyone will fall apart again. Even now, I can’t say that we’re back to how we used to be.”


As Aki bared her heart, Yuzu was at a loss for words.

An invisible wall was definitely still present amongst the four of them: Yuzu avoiding going shopping for clothes with Aki, Sota smiling as if nothing had happened immediately after being rejected by Yuzu, and Keigo scrambling to avoid any two of them being alone. Indeed, a line that should not be crossed had been established.

“Before, Izumi dealt with it somehow. But… if Sota rejects me again and says he likes Yuzu again, will you and I be able to spend time together like this again?”


There was nothing Yuzu could say—she was not in a position to do so.

As someone who ran away from everyone last time, could she even have a say in it? Yuzu was afraid of being resented by Aki and thought that things would turn out well if she herself was out of the picture; that was why she eventually ran away in the first place. 

As Yuzu was immersed in that train of thought, Aki firmly grabbed her hand.

“Despite it all, Yuzu, I’m still going to move on. So I’m sorry,” Aki then spoke of her resolve with a determined expression; her hand cold and trembling. 

Her inner struggle was probably yet to disappear. Nevertheless, she chose to move on.

“Seems like I’m also a woman who lives for love,” Aki snickered, feeling helpless at her own self.

Seeing this, Yuzu felt close to tears. Aki, the person who had probably been hurt the most at the time, was now moving forward. Yet, Yuzu couldn’t find the right words to say. 

If this continued, nothing would change from that time. No, that would be utterly disappointing.

“…It’s going to be okay, Aki. This time will be all right. I also won’t run away.” Tightly gripping Aki’s hand back, Yuzu formed her best smile and conveyed her feelings. “I’m also moving forward. And this time, I promise – I’ll stick with you. On Christmas Eve, I’ll also go along with Keigo to watch over you two.”

Even if the confession were to fail, she would be the first one to rush to Aki’s side—to tell her that they would never be torn apart over something like this again.

When Yuzu swore so with determination, Aki looked surprised.

“But, Yuzu and Izumi…”

Being told that, Yuzu wavered for a moment in time.

They had made a promise to spend Christmas Eve together. The other party asked her out to the ‘Christmas Fulfilment’ event. Alas, it was purely a misunderstanding. There was nothing special behind that invitation.

Yuzu and Yamato were merely a fake couple. A roleplay created in order to pave the way for the relationship between Sota and Aki.

“No problem. It just happened that our plan also went bust. Yamato-kun will surely understand.” Yuzu blew away one of her unresolved feelings with a cheerful tone of voice.

—Sorry Yamato-kun.

==Back to Yamato’s POV

[I have something to say, is it okay to meet now?] 

It was after 7 p.m. when I received such a text message from Yuzu.

This was a godsend for me, as I had been told that she was going shopping with Kotani after school, so I hadn’t been able to find time to talk to her.

[I got it. I’ll go to your house.] 

I replied so and wore my overcoat. Leaving the house, I contemplated what I was going to say as I rode my bike through the night.

“…I wonder how I should clear up this misunderstanding.”

I had simulated the situation many times in my mind so as not to make a mistake in the way I initiated the conversation. However, it seemed that my impatience made my legs quicken, so I arrived at my destination earlier than I had expected.

The apartment building was already so familiar to me. On the stairs in front of the entrance, I saw a girl sitting down.

“Yuzu,” I called out to her after I stopped my bicycle.

She then stood up and walked in my direction. “Sorry for calling you this late.”

Yuzu had a surprisingly calm expression on her face, it made me a little out of sorts.

“It’s nothing… I also want to meet you.”

I was afraid that things would have been awkward due to this morning, but Yuzu seemed to me like she had completely let the matter go. Did going out with Kotani help distract her?

“Really, then that’s good,” Yuzu curtly replied.

The conversation simply cut off midway.

“So, what do you want to talk about?” 

Unable to bear the weight of the air, I cut to the chase and Yuzu nodded her head one time before opening her mouth.

“Yes. I have something to apologise to Yamato-kun.”

“…What is it?” I had a bad premonition, so I braced myself.

Yuzu then bowed her head to me, “Sorry, Yamato-kun. On Christmas Eve, I can’t spend time with you.”


It was thanks to me having braced myself beforehand that I managed to only end up speechless. Even then, there was a raging storm inside me; it took me a few seconds before I could open my mouth.

“May I ask for the reason?” I was relieved that the voice I finally wrung out wasn’t trembling.

Yuzu stared at me with eyes that concealed her emotions. “It’s Aki’s momentous event…so, I want to be by her side.”

So is this how things turn out?

That was my first thought. It was beyond my expectation, but not the least bit surprising.

I knew that Yuzu had always regretted running away the last time. So this time, she decided to stand her ground. There was absolutely no reason for me to stand in her way.

“Okay, nothing I can do about it then.”

When I nodded my head, having stifled my emotions with logic, Yuzu instantly made an apologetic face.

“…I’m really sorry. For suddenly saying all this.”

“It’s okay. That’s our role, isn’t it?” I forced a smile while saying this.

My desire to also support her wish was not a lie, nor can I turn it into a lie. So that was why… I couldn’t possibly hold her back.

“Well, I’ll surely find some ways to enjoy myself on that day. There’s also a lot of new games coming out during the Christmas sales that I want to check out,” I threw out empty words in an attempt to reassure her.

Yuzu quietly nodded, “…Okay. Thank you.” 


Our conversation was already over. The misunderstanding that I needed to clear… Uh, too late to even bring that up anymore.

“Then, I’ll see you at school.”

“Yeah, see you.”

After bidding our farewells, I turned on my heel and headed toward my bicycle.


Suddenly, Yuzu hugged me from behind.

“…Are you going to have a good time? With me absent?”


I didn’t know how to respond to that sultry sound of her voice. For several seconds, I stiffened, unable to find the right words. 

And then, Yuzu quietly pulled away. When I looked back, there was a slightly sad smile on her face.

“I’m sorry, that was a weird thing to say. Even though I’m making you go along with my selfishness.”

She then walked toward the apartment building with a smile on her face.

“I’m really heading home this time. See you tomorrow!” 

Yuzu walked away and I watched her go off disappearing into the distance before breathing out heavily.

The only thing that happened was that our plans for the event were scrapped. And this was by no means a bad cancellation. It might even be worthwhile considering the fact that Yuzu was adopting a more positive attitude towards the whole thing. 

“But then, why…”

Why do I feel like I’ve lost such a big thing?

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