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Super Cute Vol 3 Ch 4 (Part 2)


I Imagined It Would Feel More Dazzling and Fantastic (II)

Translated by: chocolala
Proofread by: fluffyhead

I swung on to the train that pulled into the platform and headed for the next station with a sense of urgency. As I travelled, I was thinking about all the times I had spent together with Yuzu.

When I reflected on them, the biggest mistake I had made was probably during the festival.

That time, we ended up resuming our once-ended fake couple relationship. It was actually our golden chance to end this false relationship and start everything from scratch, but in the end, I couldn’t stand the prospective precariousness of a real relationship and settled for a fake one.

We were people with different values and ways of being, and we had no connection other than being a fake couple. When that was taken away from us, I reckoned I wouldn’t know how to deal with it. 

So we decided to re-pick up the relationship that was supposed to be over, and, in doing so, we shackled ourselves with it.

“…We were cowards.” Self-mockery spilled out of my mouth.

This time, I gotta redeem myself.

[Thank you for boarding the train. Soon, the train will arrive at—]

The train slowed down at the same time as the conductor’s announcement echoed. 

As soon as the doors opened, I hurried out of the car and went through the ticket gates into the city. What greeted me was the glittering blue winter light display, though their quiet beauty was eclipsed by the throngs of people. 

There were more people than I had imagined. It would be a tough task to find Yuzu when she was out and about.So, I picked up my phone and called Yuzu’s number. However, it was doubtful that she would answer.


Contrary to my expectations, Yuzu answered the call after a few rings.

“Hello, this is Yamato. I’m here at the ‘Christmas Fulfilment’ venue as we speak.”

When I told her this, there was a gasp on the other end of the phone.

“I want to see you now.” Undeterred, I made a straightforward request. 

Yuzu sounded a bit ruffled, yet she answered gently.

[We can’t. We decided we wouldn’t meet today. I chose to be over here—Yamato, you also said the same, right?]

While speaking on the phone, my eyes kept scanning the crowds in search of Yuzu, hoping to find her amongst the multitude.

“…I did say that, but I’ve changed my mind.”

Normally I could never find her. But out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of a bright orange colour. My gaze, as if drawn to it, shifted in that direction.

[That’s selfish of you.]

A hundred metres away, there stood a girl with an orange scarf on the other side of the street. Even at this distance, I could swear we were looking right into each other’s eyes.

“I guess that makes two of us. I thought we had made an appointment first.”

[…Right. I guess we’re both self-centred. But then I’ll just do as I like in the end. I won’t meet Yamato-kun.]

The words were imbued with a determined and strong will. To which I responded with a nod. 

“Okay, then I’ll also just go to you as I like.”

[…You’re too late, you idiot.]

After a few slightly trembling words, the call was disconnected.

At the same time, from the side, a truck passed through the street just in front of Yuzu, blocking her from my sight. As the vehicle went by, she was no longer there.

“…I’m not late. We haven’t even started,” I mumbled a word that reached no one.

Our relationship had always been fake. We hadn’t started anything real.

So let’s end it. Our lovers role-play.

There were countless people making a boisterous din. Amongst all this, there was only one person I was looking for.

“I’m gonna catch you!”

I put my phone away and ran into the crowded streets. 

Although she disappeared from my sight, she couldn’t have gotten far. I slid through the crowd and reached the place where she had been earlier. However, Yuzu was nowhere to be seen. I looked around, but could not catch a glimpse of that orange scarf.

“…Just like the time during Kotani’s previous confession, also during the cultural festival, this girl really is fond of this disappearing act.”

She was usually depressingly aggressive and would stay by my side even if I didn’t call her, but when it mattered, she would simply vanish—this was simply what Yuzu was like.

“And here’s me, falling for such a difficult woman,” I muttered quietly and took a step forward.

I put my mind to the task at hand. As long as she was avoiding me, it was impossible to corner her in a straightforward manner. I needed to anticipate her behaviour.

In a flash of inspiration, I figured out the key people to solve this. I looked around and searched for my target.

There they are.

“The lights are very beautiful. Aki, don’t you feel cold?”

“I-I’m okay.”

Sakura and Kotani—the stars of the day—were walking leisurely down the main street. Their attention was on the winter light displays; they hadn’t noticed me on this side.

“…As expected. Yuzu came here to watch over them, it’s a given for these two to be nearby.”

Relieved that my reading was correct, I looked around again. These people were unfortunately not the one I was looking for. I was searching for the other person who should be here as well.

“…Found him.”

In the shadows of an alleyway a little way off, I spotted a shady figure stalking Kotani and Sakuraba—Namase Keigo. 

He was the mastermind and the central figure of the day. As the one who drew up this plot, he would obviously grasp the plan and know how Yuzu was going to move. I blended in with the crowd to make myself inconspicuous, bypassing the alleyway and approaching him from behind.

“Hey, Namase.”


I tapped on his shoulder as I called out to him. Namase jumped in place and exclaimed in surprise. Then, he turned his head and widened his eyes upon seeing me.

“I-Izumi?! Why are you here?”

“If you make noise, you’ll be discovered by them.”

When I warned Namase to calm down, he huffed and glanced at the pair in the distance. Then, patting his chest in relief that they had not noticed him, he turned to look at me again.

“…So, why are you here, Izumi?” He asked me the same question again.

“No need to ask me, you should know why I’m here, right?” 

Namase went silent when I returned another question to him.

It was unknown how much he had heard, but since Yuzu was coming here, he must’ve sensed that there was some kind of trouble brewing between Yuzu and me. 

“…I don’t know the details, but well, sort of.”

“Then that makes it quicker to talk. Do you know where Yuzu is?”

chocolala: Go, go, Yamato, catch your girl!! And here is the perfect song for this occasion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=valVixMpzQY (I wish I could embed it but it just won’t allow me)

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