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Super Cute Vol 3 Chapter 1 Part 1

The Feelings Of Love For Yuzu-Chan Are Real, Aren’t They? (1)


Translated by: Seiryuu
Revised by: Chocolala
Proofread by: fluffyhead

“It’s sudden, but I’d like to take measures against the cold in winter soon!”

In the literature club room as usual. 

After we had finished playing games and were getting ready to go home, Yuzu suddenly made that announcement.

Her semi-long hair was slightly dyed just to a point that won’t be reprimanded by the teachers, her eyes were big and double-lidded. I didn’t want to admit this, but she was indeed pretty, and this pretty girl was currently hunching her head and rubbing her hands together due to the cold. 

“Well, it’s December.” I nodded my head in agreement at Yuzu, who had unusually made a constructive comment, and then I looked out the window as well.

Even though it was only five o’clock, the sun had completely set and it was dark.

Since the literature club room was being used without permission, there was obviously no heating system, so once the sun had fallen and the gaming devices had been put away, the only source of heat in the space were our bodies.

“Right? It’s just too hard to be out there in the cold this time of year without anything to protect ourselves.”

Generally speaking, girls were more vulnerable to the cold temperatures than boys, and Yuzu was no exception—she looked like couldn’t bear it.

“Well, I’m cute when I’m cold and rubbing my hands together.”

Correction. She could still bear it very much.

“Narcissists with boiling heads in the winter aside, it sure is cold and it would be nice if we could borrow a heater.”

Even if it was still bearable now, it would be tough in the upcoming months.

“Hmmm…there is no chance of borrowing a heater at this time of the year,” Yuzu remarked.

Even Yuzu with lots of connections didn’t seem as if she’d be able to help with this one. Well, there wouldn’t be anyone who would have extra heaters to give us in this cold weather.

“I agree. An easier way to deal with the cold would be…”

“Oh? Were you just thinking about how warm it would be if the two of us were stuck together?” 

I looked at Yuzu, who had made the mysterious allegations against me.

“That idea never occured to me at all. I’ve never thought of sticking with you, and I never will.”

“Why not? You should always think about that.”

I snickered at Yuzu’s words. “I’m sorry, but when I’m in this room, all I think about is games. I’m just a gamer, shaking off any evil thoughts while facing the game.”

“Why are you acting like a seeker of the enlightenment?! What truth are you trying to achieve through gaming?”

A seeker of the enlightenment sounds kinda cool, I want to embrace it positively.

“When I think about it, being cold like this is part of my training.”

“Training? For Yamato, playing games is not a hobby, but a form of training?!”

“And being with Yuzu is also training.”

“What does that mean? What do you mean?!”

Yuzu’s cheeks puffed up, and I thought for a moment before answering.

“The mental strength to keep silent without saying anything unnecessary, I guess.”

“That’s already an unnecessary thing to say!”

“Oh, beautifully put!”

She got me there.

I was honestly convinced, but Yuzu gave me a stern look, “That’s not the part for you to be impressed by! Let’s get back to the subject. Anyway, we need to protect ourselves from the cold.”

Yuzu forcefully changed the subject. I nodded lightly and went along with it since I didn’t want to continue the nonsensical conversation.

“Realistically, could we use something like a pocket body warmer? 

” “That could work, but pocket warmers are a costly expense that will add up painfully fast. And they’re not reusable.”

“I agree.”

For a high school student on an allowance, the price could add up to become a body blow to me.

“The best way to do this is to wear thicker clothes, right? Gloves… will make it hard to play the games, so a scarf is a safe bet.”

“Eh, I don’t think so.” For some reason, Yuzu was reluctant to accept my extremely reasonable suggestion.

“What’s the problem with it?” When I asked her this, she lightly touched the jewelry shining on her chest. A necklace in the shape of a clover, which I had given her as a gift at the school festival.

“If I wear a scarf, the necklace Yamato-kun gave me couldn’t be seen.”

“Oh, okay,” I was caught by surprise and my heart inadvertently thumped.

However, this was a bad move against this peculiar person called Yuzu.

Immediately, she grinned and showed an annoying smile.

“How was it? Am I cute just now? Did your heart skip a beat? Really, sorry for suddenly acting as a picture-perfect girlfriend. But I’m just being cute as I am, so forgive me?”

“Your annoyingness just shot through the roof!”

I must say, she was truly amazing to be able to annoy the hell out of me at such terrifying speed without any aid.

“You seem to be in good spirits even though you said it’s cold, so no need to do anything.” I gave in to the sudden annoyance and let out a sigh. 

For some reason, Yuzu’s smile deepened even more, “Yamato-kun, you mean you want me to wear clothes that show the necklace all the time, don’t you? Oh my goodness, don’t you love me too much?”

“You’re always trying to put a positive spin on things, no matter how it turns out! You have a heart of steel!”

She was a girl who was already an expert at rising above repeated failures and could now even gain benefits from them

“I’d be happy to wear a scarf if it’s one Yamato picked out for me. Then, I can feel your love even if I can’t see the necklace. So, for our next date, let’s choose my scarf.”

“You’ve made your plans so easily, haven’t you?”

Well, it was not a bad thing for me as well. If an item as small as a scarf could solve one of my difficulties—namely planning a date—that was not a bad idea.

At the very least, it was a more meaningful use of money than just buying consumable pocket body warmers in the long run.

“But we’ve got final exams coming up, so our next date won’t be for quite a while, though, will it?” As the conversation concluded, Yuzu suddenly decided to turn the tables on me.

“Hey, hey, in the end, you’ll still be cold for a while, won’t you?”

When I was already dismayed at the busted plan, Yuzu laughed mischievously and entwined her arm around mine.

“So, until I buy a scarf, I’m going to do as Yamato-kun first suggested and protect myself from the cold like this. This is how I’m going to make do.”

The body warmth and softness were transmitted from close contact, and above all, Yuzu’s eyes were at close range.

I felt shy and looked away from her eyes on the spur of the moment.

“…I didn’t make that suggestion, that’s for sure.”

“You didn’t? Well, it doesn’t matter either way. It’s a perk for you, too, Yamato.”

“By any chance, are you gonna do this until the final exam is over?”

“I guess so. Yamato-kun, you really are so blessed,” Yuzu was in high spirits and was showing her usual narcissistic personality.

But to me, it looked fake.

“I guess so. It seems that when humans are shy, their body temperature rises. Yuzu is so warm now, so it helps me a lot.”

When I said that to throw her off balance, Yuzu’s expression instantly twitched.

“No, I’m not shy.”

“You don’t have to force yourself, okay? I already know your defence is only paper-thin.”

“I’m really not shy!”

“Yuzu-chan is really cute, even though she’s shy. She wants to get close to me while hiding her embarrassment.”

“Don’t even think about it that way! I was just feeling cold! I really was!”

“And the reason why you set the date for buying the scarf so far away until after the final exam is…”

“Aah! Aah! I can’t hear you!” Yuzu cut me off with a loud voice.

I stopped further pursuit with the mercy of a samurai, and she then placed her forehead against my arm.

“…Yamato-kun’s so mean.” 

Even while complaining, Yuzu didn’t try to get away from me.

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