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Sweet Husband Pampers His Wife

Chapter 18 teaser

“Why haven’t you came down yet!” Ji Nanfei came out of the kitchen and brought two plates of sunny side up eggs. 

“Immediately” With that said he walked down the stairs.

She was wearing fluffy slippers and didn’t follow her feet when she ran. Ji Nanfeng frowned,  it would be bad if she fell down. “Be careful, no hurry!” He said.

Just as the words uttered, Mo Lixin has already gone to Ji Nanfeng.

Momentarily, she almost crashed into him and she quickly stepped back in small steps ” Is there anymore, I will go and carry”

Translators Note: I am really sorry but I am going to translate this novel slowly so if anyone wants to take over ping me on discord or tell me before hand by email… Honest recommendation don’t read spoilers it spoils your mood.

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