Sweet Pampering Chapter 135

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Chapter 135 This Face is Really Photogenic

Gu Wei Wei was confused, it took her a while to remember who the Zi Ting GeGe she mentioned was.

When Mu Long Sheng was alive, he had arranged a marriage for Mu Wei Wei when she was still a kid.

Her marriage partner is Wei Zi Ting who is five years older than her, and is the legitimate elder brother of Wei Zi Qi.

But during the beginning of last year, Wei Zi Ting fell in love with Li Xing Er and was determined to break their engagement just to be with Li Xing Er.

The first drama that Li Xing Er acted it was invested by Wei Zi Ting that wanted to grant her dream.

After that, Wei Zi Ting went to Country A to develop the branch company’s business. This year, he will for sure come back for Grandfather Wei’s birthday celebration.

The reason Li Xing Er told her all of that was to only show off how she had stolen her man away.

Although the Wei family is not as noble as the Fu family in Hua Country’s capital, they were still considered a prestigious family.

And so, Li Xing Er put in a lot of effort in order to steal Wei Zi Ting that year. In front of the Mu Wei Wei that is selfish and mischievous, she always appeared to be gentle and docile.

“This time, Zi Ting GeGe came back to discuss about our marriage. Do not forget to attend our marriage ceremony at that time.”

Seeing how she was so angry that she stopped moving, Li Xing Er’s heart was filled with the satisfaction of stepping on someone above her under her shoe.

“I’m busy and I don’t have the time to watch your acting.”

“Indeed, you are very busy. Now that President Wang was involved in a traffic accident and is still in coma, you need to hurry and look for the next one.”

While saying that, Li Xing Er smiled mockingly,

“Do you want me…. to introduce some for you?”

“You better leave them for yourself.”

After dropping her words, Gu Wei Wei left the dressing room and walked into the studio.

The photographer shot a picture to test things out, then called the assistant to send Tang Shao Qi’s mask over and said.

“Hold the mask and cover half of your face.”

Gu Wei Wei took the mask and posed based on the photographer’s demand.

“Very good, now show more emotions in your eyes.”

“Change to the right side of the face for another shot.”

“Put on the cape and hood, turn your face. Display the mysterious and cruelty of Tang Shao Qi.”


The photographer felt more and more excited during the photoshoot and only stopped when the assistant reminded.

After checking the photos in the computer, the photographer looked at Gu Wei Wei who was waiting at the side in amazement.

No wonder Director Yi insisted on having this second female lead. Her face was really photogenic and he did not even have the need to edit the photos at all.

Although, to show how mysterious Tang Shao Qi was, only half of her face was shown for the photoshoot, she almost did not require any sort of guiding and was able to display the charm of the character.

Seeing the photographer staring at her, she blinked her eyes,

“Do we need to retake the photos?”

“It’s perfect, there’s no need to retake any.”

The photographer said so while smiling.

It’s hard to believe that this is only a newbie.

Qiao Lin who was at the side watching everything also felt excited deep down.

He had originally thought that he contracted a flower vase influencer, never in his wildest dream would he have thought that she was someone with great potential.

Gu Wei Wei nodded her head thanking them,

“Thank you. Then I will be off if the photoshoot is completed.”

She originally thought that it’s going to take a long time, but in the end it only took two hours for both make up and completing the photoshoot.

When she went back to the dressing room to change her clothes, Li Xing Er had just done removing her make up and changing her clothes. Since there are outsiders around, she acted gentle and docile.

“Wei Wei, let’s meet at the filming location two months later.”

Gu Wei Wei did not even look towards her and directly went into the changing room to change out her costume into her own clothes.

Spotting Li Xing Er leaving, Qiao Lin asked curiously,

“Li Xing Er just greeted you, do the both of you know each other?”

Gu Wei Wei grabbed a wet cloth to remove her lipstick and casually answered,

“To put it strictly, she’s my elder sister but we have different mothers.”

That’s right, Li xing Er is older than her by two months.

As one can see, just within the few months Zhou Mei Qin was back to the country, she had an unspeakable relationship with Li Jia Cheng who was a newlywed.

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