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The Tang Dynasty’s Female Forensic Doctor Chapter 69: The rumor has it

When the rays of light shone, all the water in front of her disappeared.

It always ended like this. Ran Yan was somewhat frustrated when her shoulders were suddenly patted by someone. She turned around and saw Yin Miaomiao’s slender and graceful figure, her straight eyebrows carrying some sadness, “Ah Yan, tomorrow is Qixi, come to the lake with me.”

“Come to the lake with me…”

“Come to the lake with me…”

These words echoed in her ears as an inexplicable force pulled Ran Yan and she slowly opened her eyes.

The sky was already very bright, and Ran Yan supported herself to sit up. She carefully recalled every detail from her dream, trying hard also to recollect what has actually happened at that time and how did Yin Wanwan die.

Yin Miaomiao asked her to accompany her to the lake, and it was Yin Wanwan who, coincidentally, drowned in the water. Wasn’t she the mastermind behind this matter? So, why did she talk to Fourth Master Qin last night?

Since it has something to do with Fourth Master Qin, could it be that the two sisters liked Fourth Master Qin? And Yin Miamiao who wasn’t as lively and sociable as her younger sister, couldn’t win Fourth Master Qin’s affection and, taken by jealousy, killed her sister?

This is all based on only Yin Miaomiao’s attitude and her words from last night, nothing but wild guesses. There is simply no conclusive proof. Moreover, the river in Pingjiang is very wide, and the current has a rapid flow during every flood season, so even if a female corpse has really sunk in there, with even her feet tied to a large stone, two years could pass and she would have long since been swept away, with no trace to be found.

Ran Yan massaged her forehead and laid on the bed.

Miss Xing heard the sound of movement and promptly lifted the screen curtain to go inside, “Did Miss have a good night of sleep?”

“It was alright.” Ran Yan sat in front of the dresser mirror.

Miss Xing then instructed Xiao Man to get some water for Ran Yan cleanse herself up.

“Laonu [1] saw Miss sleeping peacefully and didn’t call you. Tenth Master has long woken up and ordered people early in the morning to bring over two big boxes, and then went to the city fetch some breakfast from Tian Xiang shop. Laonu has put it in the pot to heat it.” Miss Xing’s eyes were filled with joy. If there was an (elder) brother at home to look after them, the days after returning to the host’s courtyard wouldn’t have been so difficult.

She was about to speak when a banging sound was heard at the door.

“Ah Yan!” Ran Yunsheng impatiently knocked on the door, “Ah Yan, are you awaken? I am going inside; there’s something urgent to talk about.”

Ran Yunsheng was always gentle and polite; it was the first time that Miss Xing was seeing him so terribly anxious. She hurriedly took some clothes to drape over Ran Yan and then tied her long hair at her back.

Although Ran Yunsheng said he was going in, he didn’t really rush inside. Only when Ran Yan consented did he fervently stride inside, “Ah Yan, tell me, did you go to the Yamen a few days ago to conduct an autopsy?”

Ran Yan was stunned and immediately nodded.

Ran Yunsheng’s expression became blank, and he was in a daze for a long time before slowly saying: “I went to the city this morning and heard a rumor being spread everywhere. Those customers in Tian Xiang were all spreading some nasty words.”

Miss Xing stood dumbfounded. She only knew that Ran Yan had suddenly learned some medical skills but didn’t expect that she could do this type of thing.

“Ah Yan, your autopsies, are you doing it to earn money?” Ran Yunsheng stared straight at Ran Yan, the rims of his eyes were slightly red as he held his tears from falling.

When she first carried out autopsies, she needed Sang Chen’s help to make syringes, and the main reason for making the syringes was to earn Cai Xiu House’s money. Thinking about it carefully, it could also be considered as doing it for money. Thinking this, Ran Yan nodded, “There is nothing to be ashamed in performing an autopsy. I haven’t swindled or stolen anything, let them say what they want… Tenth brother, do you think I’m dirty?”

Ran Yunsheng kneeled in front of her and stretched his arms to pull her into his embrace, softly saying: “How could I ever think of you as dirty. My Ah Yan has and will always be unsullied. Tenth brother will be here from now on and will never allow others to wrong you.”

All of a sudden, Miss Xing also stepped in while crying, and said as she choked in her sobs: “It’s all because Laonu is useless that Miss has to suffer.”

Ran Yan was silent. How can she explain and say that she likes to study anatomy and autopsies?

There was an emotional atmosphere in the room for a while. Ran Yunsheng released Ran Yan and seeing a slight smile on her face, he couldn’t help reaching out to knock on her head, “You are laughing at this, but your marriage has become a problem.”

In Suzhou, the Yan and Ran families are equally matched, and the more noble and old the family is, the more they will care about their “face”. So it is already self-evident if the Yan family cares about Ran Yan doing this kind of lowly and filthy job.

Their family’s Second Master Yan is a handsome and talented young man, but he is not the eldest son, so there is no anxiousness for heirs. It is not impossible for them to delay his marriage again for more one or two years with the intent of marrying a girl of even higher status. The Yan family couldn’t possibly accept this marriage even though it had but a small blemish.

“I’ll go visit Mr. Sui Yuan right away.” Ran Yunsheng said.

“If Tenth brother goes visit him at this time, wouldn’t we be inviting humiliation upon ourselves? If Second Master Yan won’t marry me, how could he accept it?” Ran Yan knew that even though Sang Chen won’t agree with the marriage, he will not say something hurtful. And yet, Ran Yunsheng didn’t know that his action just now has moved Ran Yan’s heart in a way she couldn’t express.

Although Ran Yan was much older than Ran Yunsheng in terms of mental age, he could still genuinely give her an older brother feeling. That way of pampering her and guarding her under his wing was just like a brother. Ran Yan felt extremely pleased.

“How can you know if you don’t try? Besides, Mr. Sui Yuan’s behavior is unpredictable; perhaps he won’t mind it.” Ran Yunsheng’s tone was by no means confident, after all, Sang Chen is a descendant from the ‘di’ line of the Cui clan from Boling.

In the original “Clans Annals,” the Cui clan of Boling was ranked as the most influential clan. After the Tang dynasty, Taizong revised the “Clans Annals” and put the Li clan as the number one, the clan from Empress Zhangsun’s relatives as number two, and Boling’s Cui clan fell to the third place. Sang Sui Yuan not only came from this kind of aristocratic family but also has outstanding talent and appearance in addition to his grand reputation. Which woman wouldn’t want to be married to him?

Ran Yan heard Ran Yunsheng and really wanted to laugh. He says that Sang Chen’s behavior is unpredictable? Isn’t this a typical fool?

Ran Yan has appeared initially as a new player changing the game – she almost quelled Sixth Miss Qi’s limelight, becoming the prospective daughter-in-law that many noble families in Suzhou want to have. However, she became a disliked woman with troubles to get married overnight. This period can truly be called ‘the higher you climb, the harder you fall.’ But Ran Yan has never put these into her heart. Not to mention three or five years, even if she can’t get married after ten years, she will only be twenty-six at that time. What she wants to know the most now is who has released those rumors?

There are not many people who know that she has carried out autopsies. Furthermore, Provincial Governor Liu has no reason to punish her this way.

“Enough. Tenth brother, that, don’t Buddhists say that everything goes with fate?” Ran Yan set aside her thoughts for the time being and pulled Ran Yunsheng to take a seat.

Ran Yunsheng sat in front of the window and watched Miss Xing comb her hair. After a good amount of time, his emotions finally began to cool down. But he kept on pondering, thinking that this was really a terrible mess. Maybe people can forget about it with time, but how long will it take? One year? Two years? Or maybe three years? When that time comes, they will definitely find someone even better.

Ran Yunsheng gazed at Ran Yan’s exquisite and elegant profile; her skin was as radiant and lustrous as white jade. His heart suddenly felt jittery, how can his sister (younger) be this outstanding and have no choice but to give herself to some vulgar man?

He contemplated for a long time until Ran Yan finished dressing up, only then he opened his mouth to say: “Ah Yan, will you go to Chang’an with me when the year ends? With how things are, I think uncle (father’s elder brother) will not object.”

Miss Xing was in the process of inserting a jade hairpin on her, so Ran Yan could only look at him sideways, “To Chang’an?”

Ran Yunsheng voiced an assent and said: “But now we better figure out how to deal with the clan’s fury.”

The most disgraced with this occurrence was the Ran family. Even if the Yan family wants to discuss the annulment of their marriage, the Ran family will probably be unable to say anything back, only wishing to dig a hole and crawl into it.

“Fury? What can they do being angry about it, is it possible that they will drown me in a pond?” Ran Yan spoke indifferently.

As soon as Ran Yan said this, her heart jumped. Yin Wanwan’s appearance while she sank in the pond, the cloth wrapping her face, her feet tied to a bamboo basket, a stone inside the bamboo basket; this and the ancient folklore of sinking people in the pond, that is, the ‘drowning someone in a wicker basket’ [2] type of thing, aren’t they awfully similar?

[1] Laonu = ‘this old servant’

[2] This was a type of lynching from the ancient society; it was an illegal form of punishment that was mainly done to people who had committed adultery.

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