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The Tang Dynasty’s Female Forensic Doctor Chapter 74 Part 2: Twisted Love

Qin Musheng had gradually relaxed from his initial panicked state, and when Yin Miaomiao asked that question, he was able to realize that it stemmed from a long bone-deep love. It has always been him who chased after the beauties, yet he has never experienced this kind of scorching love, even if this love has already become twisted. For a moment, he actually did not know what to do. In fact, he has never taken notice of this sweet-tempered girl who was always at Sixth Miss Qi’s side, always having her entire brilliance overshadowed. But even if he was aware that he himself was in a dangerous situation right now, he didn’t want to deceive her, and simply said: “I…don’t know.”

Yin Miaomiao’s face broke into a wide and bright smile, revealing a shallow dimple on her right cheek, “You never tell me lies. I’m very happy. I know you have never liked me, you only had eyes for Sixth Miss Qi in the past, and now you only have eyes for Ah Yan, I’ll forever be inferior to them.”

“Why must you like beautiful women?” Yin Miaomiao faintly smiled, her eyes shining with allure, completely different from the gentle light they normally held, “Seeing you suffer from their mockery made my heart feel pain and hate, and I thought, why wasn’t I born as beautiful as Sixth Miss Qi. Even if you’d only love me for a short while, I would have no regrets. So, when I saw your letter, I was extremely happy…”

Ran Yan finally understood. Ever since Yin Miaomiao first saw Qin Musheng at the Lantern Festival, adoration grew in her heart, but Qin Musheng was never cautious when dealing with things, and was tricked by Zhang Fei into writing that invitation letter to Yin Miaomiao. Perhaps he had other matters, or perhaps he simply forgot he had ever made an appointment with Yin Miaomiao, thus, Zhang Fei took advantage of this chance to take away Yin Miaomiao’s innocence.

It is possible that at that time Zhang Fei had used a type of knockout drug, leading to Yin Miaomiao always thinking that the person who had sexual relations with her was Qin Musheng.

Yin Miaomiao got up and tossed the dagger in her hand. Her expression was dull as she spoke: “Han Shan killed Cui Mei under my orders, Fan Chun was killed by me, and it was me who wished to kill Wan Lu. Everything was my doing.”

Liu Pinrang waved his hand, commanding his people to arrest Yin Miaomiao, “Bring her back to the Yamen and interrogate her in detail.”

Yin Miaomiao was then taken away by two yamen runners, and when she passed by Ran Yan’s s, her face displayed a bright smile and her lips moved without voicing any words.

Ran Yan stared at her back with her brows slightly furrowed.

“Seventeenth Miss Ran, come take a look, can gentleman Zhang still be saved?” Liu Pinrang urgently asked.

Ran Yan indifferently looked at the unconscious Zhang Fei. She was a little unwilling to save this beast. Even though he was harmed to such an extent by Yin Miaomiao, Ran Yan did not have the slightest sympathy for him. Still, when her gaze fell on the space between his legs, she walked over and squatted down, then held Zhang Fei’s wrist to feel his pulse.

After five breathes, she opened her mouth to say: “Cannot be saved.”

Having lost this much blood, even if it was during her previous life it wouldn’t be guaranteed that his life could be saved. And here there is no means to perform a blood transfusion, so even if Ran Yan could come up with a method to transfer blood into his body, he did not have the time to wait for it.

Liu Pinrang stroked his beard, feeling completely unconvinced. He wasn’t actually concerned about Zhang Fei’s life since solving the case was the most important thing. Although Yin Miaomiao has personally admitted that she was the killer, there were still many places left unresolved. For example, why did Yin Miaomiao wanted to kill Han Shan? And why kill Fan Chun? Could it be that the two murders were merely for the purpose of shifting the blame into Qin Musheng?

Two yamen runners untied the cord for Qin Musheng, he then looked at the wretched Zhang Fei but quickly withdrew his gaze.

Several people had just walked inside the cabin when they heard the disturbance from the outside.

Wei Xia was pinned down by two yamen runners while Yin Miaomiao had already walked till the prow.

She stopped walking when she reached the prow and turned sideways to glance at Qin Musheng. Her clear and watery eyes were like a veil of mist, and her dimpled smile was like a flower.

Ran Yan squinted her eyes, and a fragment of her memory flashed in her mind: The two female bodies that were pieced together at the Yamen…the cherry-red figure like a blooming flower inside the water.

“Stop Third Miss Yin!”

Following her loud shout, five or six bukai leaped over to hold her.

Yin Miaomiao smirked; a thin line of blood trickling from the corners of her mouth. When the few yamen runners charged ahead, she threw herself back, falling from the boat.

A yamen runner suddenly grabbed the end of her sleeve; the ripping sound of cloth was heard, and immediately after, the splashing sound of something falling into the water.

“Ah Wan!” Ran Yan exclaimed under her breath, striding towards the prow.

Liu Pinrang was anxious, but it did not prevent him from hearing the name Ran Yan spoke. He shouted: “Hurry and rescue her!” And promptly asked Ran Yan: “Did you just called her Ah Wan?”

Ran Yan was determined to watch the scarlet flower of blood unfold on the surface of the water, curl and spread on the water and then quickly disappear, leaving no trace behind. She softly answered: “She is not Third Miss Yin, but rather the Fourth Miss Yin who should have drowned and died two years ago, Yin Wanwan.”

“What?!” Liu Pinrang was greatly shocked. “You mean they are twins?”

Ran Yan turned to Wan Lu, “I still can’t remember, so tell me, how similar are Yin Miaomiao’s and Yin Wanwan’s appearance?”

Wan Lu was stunned, and her brain hadn’t restored its engines when she heard Ran Yan’s question. She then truthfully answered: “It is true that they are twins, but they do not look identical, only seventy percent alike, even if you had only seen their face once, you’d definitely not mistake them.”

“She can even conceal about seventy or eighty percent of a drowned person’s appearance, so altering one’s looks a little is nothing.” Ran Yan sighed after speaking.

Wan Lu said that Yin Miaomiao and Yin Wanwan look about seventy percent similar, but I’m afraid that there is also their temperament: Yin Wanwan is a lively and charming girl while Yin Miaomiao is quiet and gentle.

If Yin Wanwan put on a little makeup and meticulously emulate Yin Miaomiao’s manner and expression, maybe she could really mislead those who see and hear her.

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