The Tang Dynasty’s Female Forensic Doctor Chapter 75 Part 2: Young Girl

The Yin clan wasn’t originally an exceptionally powerful clan, all they did was teach their daughters the virtues and talents of women and marry each of the girls into wealthy and influential clans. Such was the way they secured their standing as a clan. And those Yin clan’s girls that were married into the wealthy and influential clans also relied on such standing to be able to straighten their backs and not let anyone look down on them.

It can be deduced that, if this matter was to be spread, it would be a fatal blow to the Yin clan.

However, Ran Yan continued to feel a chill in her heart. It did not matter whether it was Third Miss Yin or Fourth Miss Yin, they were both his biological daughters! How can he so cruel?

And what Wei Xia said confirmed Ran Yan’s conjectures: before Yin Wanwan had gone look for Fourth Master Qin, she had already miscarried, otherwise, it would be impossible for Yin Wenshu to recognize the wrong person.

They have made a breakthrough in the case progress, now they only needed to guard the witness and wait for Yin Wanwan to be salvaged, then add the evidence from the autopsy and the case will be solved.

Sell your wife to gain glory, cast aside your wife and abandon your daughter, kill your own father for riches, these things have already become common occurrences. Although Liu Pinrang sighed, he soon relaxed since the case will soon be brought to light.

Ran Yan was accustomed to seeing murders, but her heart still felt stifled.

After about one ke [15min], there were signs of activity in the water. The yamen runners on the boat saw Yin Wanwan being rescued and immediately helped as well; then, with several people, the person was easily pulled out.

Yin Wanwan’s facial makeup has been completely washed clean, revealing her pale face. Yin Wanwan had her eyes tightly closed, and at a first glance, it seemed to be no different from her initial face. But after a meticulous observation, it could be seen that there were a few differences with the gentle Yin Miaomiao: the tips of her brows and the corners of her eyes were slightly upturned, and her features appeared much brighter and more charming than Yin Miaomiao’s.

Wan Lu gasped in shock, and Qin Musheng was also shocked beyond words. Suddenly, he finally remembered the Lantern Festival two years before, and that smart, charming and daring girl.

That day, he and his group of drinking friends came down from the painted boat and walked into the marketplace while chatting and laughing. He was discussing with them the interests of the city’s beauties when a young girl wearing a cherry-red ruqun alongside a mask on her face suddenly emerged from within a crowd, walking until she was facing him, “From which family is this Master from?”

Zhang Fei frivolously sized her up, “Young Miss, how can you not know the Qin family’s grand and famous Fourth Master?”

Yin Wanwan looked at him absent-minded, her jet-black eyes stared directly at Qin Musheng. This pair of eyes curved after hearing his identity, and her smile radiated with a dazzling luster, causing even the womanizer Qin Musheng to stand in trance for a moment.

The young girl stood tiptoe and leaned at Qin Musheng’s side, whispering: “I’m called Yin Wanwan!”

A breath like orchids, sprinkling on his ears. Qin Musheng slightly stiffened, and when he was about to look at her, Yin Wanwan burst out in a clear and melodious laugher and had already stepped into the crowd like a kitten, swaying her waist in between the squeezed street peddlers.

Qin Sheng got much more animated and spoke to his groups of friends while leaving them: “You guys can go first, I’ll be back in a while.”

The whole group exploded in roars of laughter, loudly jeering and wishing him good luck in love tonight.”

But Qin Musheng never had any dishonorable thoughts. No matter how rich his family was, he was still nothing more than a sixteen years old boy. He was affected by Yin Wanwan’s witty and liveliness, chasing after her for a long time until finally arriving at the riverbank, but the cherry-red clothes were nowhere to be seen.


Just when he was about to lose hope, a voice called him from the boat and he immediately raised his eyes to look.

Yin Wanwan was leaning over the railing, with her legs sticking out from the bottom of the railing. Her cherry-red skirt gently fluctuated, just like a flower unfolding itself.

She poked her head out from the railing, a charming smile appearing on her small face which still had some baby-fat and a lovely dimple on her right cheek, “Are you Fourth Master Qin? You are very different from what my sisters said.”

Qin Musheng raised his head and asked with a smile, “What did they say about me?”

“They said you are someone who changes your mind the moment you see something different [1], you see it, you love it.” Yin Wanwan replied honestly.

Qin Musheng has heard these words many times and normally regarded them as something to be proud of rather than as something disgraceful, but now it was not limited to just that. Hearing such a simple reply from Yin Wanwan, he actually felt rather angry and ashamed, saying: “So how do you know I’m different from what they say?”

Yin Wanwan thought for a while and replied: “You’re just like the sun when you smile, so I felt that you weren’t like what they said”

The cold wind on the river made Qin Musheng shiver, bringing his soul back from within his recollection. He looked at the girl lying on the deck of the boat, and her face was vaguely familiar with that year’s beautiful appearance. But right now her face was pale and blood incessantly seeped from the corners of her mouth.

Panic and remorse suddenly gripped Qin Musheng’s heart. At that time, Zhang Fei had taken a liking to Yin Miaomiao and pleaded for him to write one poem to set up a meet. He swung the brush without really thinking about it, writing in a swift curling style, elegant and striking.

But this letter was sent to the Yin Fu using Qin Musheng’s name. It was not known how Yin Wanwan managed to read it, but because of it, she secretly escaped to the meeting place. Zhang Fei had only seen Yin Miaomiao from afar, and when he met with Yin Wanwan, he ended up mistaking her, and then robbed her of her innocence.

[1] This describes someone that has a weak will/determination and is not constant in love; inconstant, fickle, not faithful.

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