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TBCDDM Chapter 11

Translator: ImmoralShan
Proofreader: Lynn

Chapter 11

“Pa Pa Pa!” The students applauded together and said that the performance was good.

Zhuang Yi gave Xie Jun an embarrassed look, Xie Jun stood up and patted the dust off his knees.

Zhuang Yi became even more embarrassed.

It seemed like he was the only one feeling so uncomfortable, Xie Jun was still so calm.

Just as Xie Jun was about to speak, Zhuang Yi suddenly shouted, “Fuck!” Then he rushed out of the rehearsal room.

The students who were happily discussing the follow-up drama were shocked and stopped talking.

“I’ll go check it out.” Xie Jun chased (after him) outside.

Zhuang Yi didn’t run far and just squatted at the corner of the stairs with a sullen face, staring intensely at the innocent ants climbing to the next step.

Xie Jun walked over and squatted beside him, he jumped up at once.

Xie Jun stood up and looked at him in silence.

Zhuang Yi couldn’t hold back anymore, “Why aren’t you asking me what happened?!” The tone was very fierce.

Xie Jun was very sincere, “What happened?”

Zhuang Yi was furious, “I don’t like this plot! I feel like I’ve been scammed! The mermaid princess and the witch actually got together[1]! Collectively turned into lilies! Not right! Gay! Not right! Lily[2]!”

Zhuang Yi felt really powerless about this dog blood[3] filled story. ‘Is this considered gay or lily?!’

Xie Jun calmly said: “I think it’s not bad. The witch’s love for the mermaid princess is more an exclusive desire for beauty rather than real love.”

Zhuang Yi wass puzzled, “The lines clearly said it was love! Don’t forcefully wash it white[4]! “

Xie Jun: “Why are you so angry?”

Zhuang Yi was confident[5], “I don’t know!”

Xie Jun: “Is it because I kissed your hand?”

With red ears and face, Zhuang Yi said: “Nonsense[6]! Face was already kissed by you!” Then he suddenly knew why he was so angry, “I blame you for acting so well! Gaze full of intense love making people believe it’s real, and when blackened it’s super scary!”

Xie Jun pondered, “So were you just scared by my blackened gaze?”

Zhuang Yi stopped talking.

Xie Jun pressed him against the wall with his backhand, “Or was it, there was a trace of love for the passionate and persistent witch?”

Zhuang Yi looked at Xie Jun, who suddenly got close to him. He was so scared that he didn’t dare use the exclamation mark: “Isn’t the witch you…”

Xie Jun lifted his face up and said in a low voice, “It is me. You’re so good. Yiyi.”

Zhuang Yi felt that he was allergic again. The face Xie Jun held was itchy and even burning hot.

Zhuang Yi: “I didn’t do a thing.”

Xie Jun: “What? Didn’t you already figure it out, it’s not that my acting was good, acting like the witch, in fact that it was my true colors?”

He had a low voice in general, and now he purposely lowered it more when speaking, it was so magnetic that people found it breathtaking.

Zhuang Yi was speechless, “What-What do you mean true colors showing?”

Xie Jun slowly caressed the side of his face and coaxed, “Good[7] Yiyi, tell me first, are you angry because you fell in love with the witch?”

Zhuang Yi nervously pinched at the seams of his trousers, stubbornly refusing to admit it and retorting, “How could that be? I’m, I’m, I’m upset with the romantic subplot, I, I hate falling in love[8]… “

“Oh.” Xie Jun released his hand.

Zhuang Yi looked at him disappointingly.

In the next second, the violent and domineering kiss robbed all of his breath.

His back hit the wall, this insignificant pain somehow made his chaotically beating heart thump faster, and that excited joy was like a wild grass that broke through the soil, growing rapidly at an uncontrollable rate.

[1] 湊cp了 = got a cp, aka. Became a couple

[2] lily = yuri (girlXgirl)

[3] dog blood = dramatic

[4] white washing = to clean someone’s/something’s (supposed) bad reputation.

[5] confidently as if he had reason on his side, that him saying ‘I don’t know’ was very justified.

[6] lit. fart

[7] 乖 can often be interpreted as obedient or good.

[8] it can also mean dating.

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