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TBCDDM Chapter 12

Translator: Cheerydandan
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Chapter 12

He had never even been kissed before, and now his first kiss was the result of being forced. Zhuang Yi was soon unable to breathe.

Although you could normally breathe well with your mouth closed, he couldn’t fathom how after his mouth was blocked, his nose wouldn’t work by itself.

Just like a drowning person gasping for air, Zhuang Yi unconsciously wrapped his hands around Xie Jun and reflexively inhaled oxygen from the latter’s mouth.

The veins on Xie Jun’s forehead throbbed wildly and his entire body was tense. Zhuang Yi was still senselessly sucking air, latched on his lips. Xie Jun, who was tethering on the last straw of his endurance, suddenly encircled an arm around Zhuang Yi and lifted both his feet off the ground. Frightened, the sudden action caused Zhuang Yi to wrap the raised legs on the other’s body.

This time, the wall no longer supported Zhuang Yi’s back, and he was entirely hanging on to Xie Jun.

“Wait.” Zhuang Yi hastily covered Xie Jun’s mouth between the gap of their heated kisses, forbidding him from resuming their kiss. “Watch out for the surveillance monitors.” He panted out, “We’re done for if we’re caught.”

Xie Jun looked up. Sure enough, he saw the cold hard surveillance monitor at the corner.

“It shouldn’t be able to film us.” Xie Jun lowered his head and kissed Zhuang Yi to console him..

Zhuang Yi took that opportunity to push him away, intending to escape.

Xie Jun held him by the waist and whispered in his ear: “Playing with me again? After sucking me dry, you’ll run away?”

Zhuang Yi was stupefied by how he twisted his words: “It was obviously you that kissed me first.”

Xie Jun asked as if he wasn’t to blame: “Who is it that is wrapped around me?”

Zhuang Yi choked and thought fast. He was suddenly struck by an idea and sharply retorted: “Weren’t you pestering me for the ‘me me da’ I owed you? Now I properly paid it back to you. You can’t use that stunt to make fun of me again. We’re clear, yeah!”

 He then got out of Xie Jun’s hold and prepared to escape again.

Xie Jun was speechless. He waited until Zhuang Yi had happily run off to a bit of distance before striding over. He took hold of him, brought him back, and kissed him thoroughly against the wall once again. 

“Then what can you say about this time?” Xie Jun stroked Zhuang Yi’s lips that had turned scarlet and asked. 

Zhuang Yi: “…..”

Xie Jun: “En?”

Zhuang Yi was quick-witted: “I got it! Great[1] Xie, you are too immersed in your role and regard yourself as the witch who adores the mermaid princess.”

Xie Jun: “……”

Naturally, Zhuang Yi was kissed again.

Xie Jun’s gentle tone scared Zhuang Yi a little: “Now? Have you thought well about what you should say?”

Zhuang Yi’s scalp was numb. He was at a loss and dared not speak. If he spoke, he would be kissed for a minute and if he was kissed again, he would practically suffocate.

Xie Jun, unable to help himself from laughing, raised a hand and flicked Zhuang Yi’s forehead.


Zhuang Yi was upset.

Therefore, he brashly stepped on Xie Jun’s foot!

“There you are ah.” It was unknown whether the class monitor’s voice coming from behind them was timely or sudden.

However, seeing their posture, the class monitor paused, and asked hesitantly: “Did I come at a bad time?”

“No! No!” Zhuang Yi quickly thought of a reason, “Xie Jun was actually teaching me how to dance! Isn’t the next scene a ball? I can’t dance so Xie Jun was teaching me.”

The monitor contemplated: “So that’s why you stepped on Xie Jun’s foot? To let him lead you?”

Zhuang Yi nodded.

The class monitor: “Then let’s see it ah.”

Before Zhuang Yi could refuse, Xie Jun already agreed and let him stem on his other foot as well.

Zhuang Yi lowered his voice: “Doing it like this would put all my weight on your feet, what if your feet get broken?”

Xie Jun reasoned: “I just carried you. I know how much you weigh. You’re very light. The pressure won’t hurt me.”

Zhuang Yi wasn’t convinced: “I’m not light at all. Look at my arms and look at my legs….”

The class monitor: “I suddenly recall! The mermaid princess has a scene where she exposes her ankles and calves. Zhuang Yi, do you have hair on your legs ah? If so, hurry and use this hair removal cream to remove it.”

Zhuang Yi: “….”

Zhuang Yi calmly pulled back his feet and turned to the class monitor. Reacting quickly, he replied: “I have a lot of hairs on my leg. The hair removal cream won’t work. I can’t play the mermaid princess.”

“There’s none ba.” Along with the chilly feeling from his calves, Zhuang Yi heard the deputy monitor’s voice beside his leg. He looked down and saw the deputy monitor earnestly lifting up his pant leg, studying his calf in a very academic manner that would completely make people think that it was normal.

Finally, he concluded: “Very neat. It even has less hair than my arms.”

The deputy monitor stood up, raised his sleeve and exposed his arm.

The thickness of the hairs were average. Compared to a certain someone’s sparse, fair, and thin leg hairs, it appeared quite rough and unrefined.

“It’s also quite thin.” The class monitor crouched down, wrapped her fingers around the leg and exclaimed, “I can hold his ankle with one hand!”

Zhuang Yi: “Fart!” He crouched to her level, “Your hand is only holding it halfway through, okay? I’m very robust.” 

“At least 3 quarters of the way.” The monitor retorted, “And I’m a girl. I have small hands.”

Zhuang Yi said cuttingly: “You’re just short ba.”

He was unsurprisingly beaten up by the class monitor.

This time, Xie Jun finally realized to promptly save him.

So the following scene had the deputy monitor and Xie Jun each dragging back one of the people trying to mutually harm the other, back to the rehearsal room. On the way, one of the arguing people praised the other for their slim stature that was similar to a nymph; while the other struck back pointing out their opponent’s short legs, tiny hands saying they were extremely cute.

It was truly a brain-rotting discourse.

The dumbfounded deputy monitor: “Their conversation might as well keep rebuttals bouncing to and fro and like a tennis ball.”[2]

Regardless of the matter, they finally returned to the rehearsal room. When the class monitor resumed her post, she was still quite reliable. She methodically explained to everyone that Zhuang Yi had ran out because he had been too nervous. After Xie Jun comforted him, his mood had stabilized.

After all, they understood that the emotional scenes of 《Mermaid–Reimagined》were extremely impressive. It really would cause some pressure on the actors.

There were, however, some who still raised their objections: “Since the whole class is responsible for this play, we should not only focus on ourselves but also consider the whole team. If everyone is like Zhuang Yi, who runs away whenever he’s unhappy, how can we finish the rehearsal?”

Zhuang Yi was ashamed. He was just about to suggest replacing him but the person continued his words.

“So we’re going to punish Zhuang Yi and also give a little reward to Xie Jun who comforted him along with it.”

Zhuang Yi froze. He felt a foreboding feeling on the next turn of events and tried to make himself smaller and less conspicuous.

The person proposed: “I suggest that Zhuang Yi should be made to say the witch’s lines to Xie Jun as punishment. Moreover, he must also kneel down on one knee to be fair to Xie Jun.”

The class monitor and the others nodded their heads. They all thought that it was a good idea. They should not tolerate misbehavior and ignore the wronged party.

Zhuang Yi was aggrieved: “I still have to kneel down for you guys? I realize that I’m being played by you in joining this act.”

He thought of the witch’s shameful lines. He had nothing left to live for.

T/N: Sooo, what’d you think of their kiss la~? Didn’t know they had it in them *snickers*

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[1] Xie-dada

[2] How braindead was I? First translation I got was “One might as well just say boing then the other boing, then just keep boing’ing the boing.”

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