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TBCDDM Chapter 13

Translator: Cheerydandan
Proofreader: Lynn

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Chapter 13

Although Zhuang Yi didn’t want to relive those shameful lines again, it was he who was in the wrong. He didn’t say much and sincerely accepted the punishment.

But just as he was about to kneel down, Xie Jun grabbed his arm and pulled him up. Xie Jun sternly said: “My princess doesn’t bend his knees for anyone. He[1] doesn’t kneel.”

Due to the sharp contours of Xie Jun’s face, he appeared quite fierce when he was serious.

The rehearsal room was silent.

Zhuang Yi hastily appeased: “Great Xie is really into his role. Didn’t he look like a domineering president just a moment ago? He’s just kidding you guys.” He said as he ribbed Xie Jun with his elbow, “Isn’t that right?”

Xie Jue cooperated with him and smiled.

The atmosphere became colder ←_←

Xie Jun: “…..”

After a moment’s silence, one person was suddenly struck by an idea and pretended that what just happened hadn’t occurred. He scratched his head and excitedly said: “Shall we do the second scene? The props for the scene are all ready!”

The second scene was the birth of the mermaid princess’ sister and the palace was celebrating by holding a ball. Therefore, the props for the scene were food made of colorful plastic sheets of paper and the likes. These were arranged on the bench that represented a long table at the ball.

Afterwards, they started to rehearse the dance. It wasn’t long then before the sky turned dark. The class monitor told them that it was late and they all should go home.

The class flower went towards Zhuang Yi: “Can you send me home?”

The students who haven’t left yet heard her words. Their wolf[2] blood began to boil and they let out strange cries of ‘Ao, Ao, Ao’[3].

Zhuang Yi’s eyes unconsciously turned to Xie Jun, who was walking over with both his and Zhuang Yi’s schoolbag. Xie Jun heard the question, stopped in his tracks and stared at him.

Zhuang Yi was inexplicably reluctant: “Why don’t Xie Jun and I send you home together? Where do you live?”

The class flower was stunned for a bit, then said her address. It was quite close but he still needed to ride back.

Zhuang Yi nodded but Xie Jun came forward and said: “I’ll take you home. Zhuang Yi’s house is far. He still needs to commute.”

The class flower was surprised: “That far?”

She was a little disappointed.

Xie Jun sent her home. Afterall, it wasn’t safe for a girl to be alone at night.

Along the way, the class flower asked Xie Jun: “Does Zhuang Yi have someone he likes?”

Xie Jun nodded, unperturbed: “There is. Not only that, they also have been dating for a while. Don’t tell the teacher.”

The class flower: “…..”

The class flower was listless: “Well, fortunately I still haven’t confessed.” Looking for gossip, she pried, “Which class is his girlfriend from? Is she pretty?”

Xie Jun: “Beautiful, long legs, good temper, good personality, gentle and sincere. Most importantly, Zhuang Yi likes her a lot.”

The class flower was astonished: “Is she more beautiful than me?”

Xie Jun: “You both are different types. It can’t be compared.”

After sending the class flower home, Xie Jun saw Zhuang Yi’s message on WeChat: “Have you sent her home?”

Xie Jun replied: “You seem awfully concerned?”

Zhuang Yi: “Er….”

Xie Jun: “The class flower asked me if you have a girlfriend.”

Zhuang Yi: “What…did you say?”

Xie Jun: “Yes, moreover, very beautiful.”

Zhuang Yi: “…..”

Xie Jun: “What do you think? Do you have a girlfriend?”

Zhuang Yi: “What do I think ah? I think that I have one and I think that I don’t?

Xie Jun: “Is that so? The decision is now yours.”

Xie Jun: “Answer me, Yiyi.”

T/N:Yes Yiyi, answer him. Xie Jun’s quite narcissistic in this one XD

Sometimes I get confused cause Xie Jun’s nickname for Zhuang Yi uses the character for one (一) and not 逸 (the yi in Zhuang Yi’s name) so I would see it as two dashed lines which is similar to being cut off kek.

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[1] You’re not seeing it wrong folks, he says ‘he’

[2] Wolf people= lustful people

[3] Sound of a wolf howling.

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