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TBCDDM Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

Zhuang Yi pretended to be calm and occasionally looked up. He pulled back to create some distance, shifting several steps in their inverted U posture. Xie Jun smiled, and in a gentlemanly fashion, retreated back to give him enough of a safe distance.

Ungrateful Zhuang Yi: You’re just pretending bah.

In fact, Xie Jun was truly a proper gentleman, at the very least he didn’t take advantage of the situation to squeeze his hand or pinch his waist. He looked very upright as if he merely did those actions because of the role.


The afternoon rehearsal lasted until nighttime. Zhuang Yi hurriedly prepared to leave. Xie Jun was awfully insincere in asking to send the class flower home. The class flower thoughtfully looked at him and again at Zhuang Yi before shaking her head. She said she would go home with the deputy monitor.

As soon as Zhuang Yi heard that, he picked up his school bag and ran away.

He couldn’t even slip away like that.  He was eventually caught as soon as he reached the edge of the basketball court next to the grove of trees.

“Why did you run?” Xie Jun spoke, “Let’s walk together for a bit.”

Zhuang Yi walked with his head hung low: “Oh, okay.”

Xie Jun matter-of-factly pointed out: “You’re moving the same hand and feet.”

Zhuang Yi paused, then stepped forward again.

Xie Jun shook his head. Zhuang Yi knew that he was still doing the same.

Xie Jun: “Wait a bit.” He asked Zhuang Yi to stop, took his hand, and arranged his posture, “Okay. Let’s go.”

Zhuang Yi took great effort to appear cool as he nodded his head. He then moved forward, marching like a robot.

Xie Jun couldn’t continue looking at him and gave a reassuring squeeze on the back of his neck, “Don’t be so nervous. Relax. I won’t force you. I’ll give you time to slowly adapt.”

A layer of pink spread out visibly on Zhuang Yi’s neck. He refused to look up, not knowing how to reply. He only kept puffing air and ambled along.

Xie Jun no longer spoke and quietly accompanied him to the bus stop. He waited for the bus to arrive and gently bid him farewell.

Zhuang Yi followed along the crowd onto the bus. As if suddenly blessed by some kind of luck, he looked back. As expected, Xie Jun was still standing in the same spot gazing at his departing figure. Seeing him look back, Xie Jun was startled.  He seemed to recognize the look on his face. He abruptly broke away from the crowd and walked towards him.

At that moment, a rush of moisture suddenly surged in his eyes, and he blinked. He didn’t know why he felt so embarrassed. He turned around as if nothing had happened and as he had done countless times before, squeezed into the vehicle that was crammed on all sides by people. His ears were flooded by an amalgamation of noises and yet never had he encountered a moment like this; when he was unexpectedly smothered by an immense, indescribable type of loneliness.

Zhuang Yi calmed down and shouted to the driver up front: “Shifu, I got on the wrong bus! I want to get off!”

The driver-shifu yelled back: “At the next stop!”

Zhuang Yi took a deep breath and fought to line up in the crowd. He squeezed next to a window and watched the man who had already blended with the shadows by the side of the road. His hands scrambled to wipe away the baffling tears that formed in his eyes.

He crammed his way on to the door, his anxiety growing as he reluctantly waited until the next stop. As soon as the door opened, he rushed straight out of the bus, running back in the opposite direction.

A motorbike honked its horn as it rampaged across the sidewalk. Zhuang Yi didn’t see it and nearly ran into it. The motorbike slammed on the brakes. Zhuang Yi’s steps faltered, stopping dangerously close to the front wheel of the motorbike.

The owner of the motorbike roared: “Are you looking for death?!”

Xie Jun’s cold stern voice came from behind the owner: “Scram!”

Zhuang Yi looked up. This was one of the rare times where Xie Jun was breathless and panting. He didn’t know how fast he had run to chase after him. Currently, Xie Jun was walking towards him in large strides. As he passed by the owner of the motorbike, he swept at him a cold glance.

The owner was furious at first but as Xie Jun glanced at him, half of the heat from his anger was extinguished with a ‘whoosh’. He muttered bitterly, “How great to be tall.” He then pulled back his neck, turned, started his motorbike and left.

Zhuang Yi rubbed his sweaty palms and practically flew towards Xie Jun, wrapping his arms around him with all his might.

Xie Jun hugged him back tightly, refusing to let him go.

They weren’t concerned about the curious gazes of the passersby. The thought never even appeared in their minds.

“I have something to say to you.”

They both said in unison when they finally released each other.

Xie Jun cupped Zhuang Yi’s face: “I decided to not leave this opportunity to you so let me speak.”

Zhuang Yi decisively raised his head and kissed Xie Jun’s lips.

Xie Jun was stunned. Zhuang Yi quickly said first: “From now on, in the name of making our relationship official, let’s legitimately and properly seal it with a kiss ba!”

T/N: This chapter was brought to you by my tears while watching MZDS.
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How’d you like the confession scene? Never knew that Zhuang Yi could be so forward.

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