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TBCDDM Chapter 16

Translator: Cheerydandan
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Chapter 16

Xie Jun came back to his senses and said helplessly, “Cunning.”

Zhuang Yi nervously spat: “Quickly say you’re willing!”

Xie Jun cooperated: “I’m willing.”

Zhuang Yi excitedly made a peace sign.

Xie Jun took out his phone, stooped a bit lower and quickly took a picture of them both. Zhuang Yi was photographed holding up his hand in a peace sign.

Zhuang Yi shrieked: “Delete it! It’s too ugly!”

Xie Jun refused: “This photo is a remembrance.”

Zhuang Yi: “Remembrance?”

Xie Jun: “A true record of your reaction after my chasing had finally caught you..”

Zhuang Yi retorted: “I was the one who chased after you. I was also the one who confessed first just now.”

Xie Jun smiled: “Little fool.”

Zhuang Yi: “Fuck! I’ll take an ugly picture of you too!”

But he soon found out that he didn’t have a phone.

“The school doesn’t allow us to bring phones, but you still brought yours.” Zhuang Yi was disdainful, “Not a good example.”

Xie Jun: “Don’t you like me being bad?”

Zhuang Yi: “….”

Zhuang Yi sputtered for a while but didn’t come up with a strong comeback so he said dourly: “I’m not talking to you anymore. I’m leaving.”

Xie Jun pulled him back: “Already leaving?”

Zhuang Yi was pleased with himself: “Beg if you don’t want me to leave.”

Xie Jun kissed him: “Please.”

Zhuang Yi’s heart was palpitating. He pretended to be unperturbed while waving his hand: “Since you offered yourself as a pillow[1], I’ll agree with you for now.”

Xie Jun: “Do you really know what it means to offer yourself as a pillow?”

Zhuang Yi thought about it for a moment and tactfully skirted over the topic. He pulled his hand back and asked: “Where are we going to play?”

Xie Jun: “My house is nearby. What to check it out?”

Zhuang Yi hesitated: “Is your father at home?”

Xie Jun: “My father doesn’t live here. The house here was bought so it would be easier for me to go to school.”

“Then what are you waiting for? Go go go.” Zhuang Yi was immediately ready to go.

Xie Jun: “Call your mother first and tell her you’ll be back later.”

Zhuang Yi: “You’re saying it like I’m going to stay quite late.”

Xie Jun caressed his face: “Wouldn’t it be nice to spend more time with me?”

Zhuang Yi’s face was reluctant: “Okay then.”

Xie Jun handed over his phone and Zhuang Yi called his mother. His mother was informed that he would be at Xie Jun’s place and told Zhuang Yi, “Okay, okay. Have fun ah.” She agreed without giving it much thought.

When he arrived at Xie Jun’s house, Zhuang Yi realized that there was an auntie who cooked for him at home.

“She’ll leave in a little while.”  Xie Jun informed him.

Zhuang Yi was discontent: “I thought that you were the one who’s going to make it.” He really did impulsively blurt it out.

Xie Jun promised: “Next time when you come over, I’ll make it for you.”

Zhuang Yi thought it over and nodded. He then teased him: “I still haven’t left and yet you’re already inviting me for next time. I see your scheme ah.”

Xie Jun didn’t comment. He lowered his head and kissed him. Just then, the auntie opened the door casually informing them: “Dinner is ready. Go and eat with your little classmate.”

The two separated in a flash.

Xie Jun: “Auntie, didn’t I say to knock on the door before entering the room?”

The auntie laughed in good nature and apologized. She thought that this child was really moody today. She couldn’t say anything about her employer’s child temper so she left in a hurry.

Zhuang Yi snickered.

Xie Jun lightly hit him: “Alright, Auntie left. Happy now?”

Zhuang Yi shook his head deeply and with his hand clasped behind his back, he said: “come here.”

Xie Jun walked over. Zhuang Yi ferociously threw himself at Xie Jun’s body and snaked his hand over the base of his neck. Xie Jun reflexively shivered from something cold pressed on him.

Zhuang Yi laughed: “It’s ice! I stole a piece from the freezer just a moment ago.”

Xie Jun frowned, and put his hand over to the spot, “So what if it’s cold?”

Zhuang Yi’s face morphed into 囧: “Why don’t you play according to common sense?”

Xie Jun cooperated at once: “Ah, so cold!”

Zhuang Yi stood up and pounced on Xie Jun, his two legs wrapped around Xie Jun’s waist.

Xie Jun reached out his arms to support his butt.

Zhuang Yi: “Still lacking in vocals and emotions. It needs to be like this—– Ahhhhh!!! So cold! Ahhhh!!!!”

Xie Jun shook his head and patted him: “If we don’t eat, the food will get cold.” He carried him over to the table to sit down.

Zhuang Yi nestled into his arms and acted shamelessly: “Feed me.”

Xie Jun nodded and Zhuang Yi opened his mouth wide: “Ah—”

Xie Jun pinched his chin up and kissed him deeply.

Zhuang Yi: ⊙▽⊙

Not playing according to common sense again!

T/N: These two and their dog food! Pei! Pei! But really…too sweet ah. They just got together.

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[1] be willing to become the wife/concubine of someone

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