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TBCDDM Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

Because of her arm, Zhuang Yi’s mother was unable to cook so the task was given to Xie Jun.

Zhuang Yi’s mother felt embarrassed for inconveniencing him but Zhuang Yi told her that it was fine. That he would try and practice it first today, and then do the real thing tomorrow.

At first, Zhuang Yi’s mother was worried and couldn’t stay focused on the TV in the living room. So from time to time, she would check in the kitchen. She soon found out that Xie Jun was quite skilled in cooking and was able to sufficiently keep Zhuang Yi in line. He managed to let Zhuang Yi help him out whilst not letting him touch a knife or a pot.

Zhuang Yi’s mother was relieved.

Later, when the dishes were served, Zhuang Yi loudly announced that him and Xie Jun cooked together and could eat three large bowls. Zhuang Yi’s mother nodded in agreement. The pair met Xie Jun’s eyes and they all couldn’t help bursting out into laughter.

This silly child, Zhuang Yi’s mother thought to herself, it’s also fortunate that Xie Jun was willing to coax him.

While eating, Zhuang Yi suddenly remembered one thing: “Mom, didn’t you say that the uncle left you his number and asked you to call him if you needed anything? Give me the number. I must thank them.”

Zhuang Yi’s mother nodded and handed him the slip of paper where the number was written. Xie Jun glanced at it as though the handwriting seemed familiar.

Zhuang Yi finished eating and made a phone call.

The other end was noisy but that uncle’s voice was quite pleasant to hear. Zhuang Yi put down the phone and spoke to Xie Jun excitedly.

Xie Jun raised his eyebrows.

Zhuang Yi asked: “Are you jealous[1]?”

Xie Jun didn’t answer so Zhuang Yi tickled him with a mischievous smile: “How come you’re so jealous?”

Xie Jun caught his hands: “Stop it.”

Zhuang Yi ridiculed: “Still refuse to admit.”

But he didn’t continue asking him if he was jealous.

On new year’s eve, Zhuang Yi, his mother and Xie Jun harmoniously ate a festive dinner like a family of three

Zhuang Yi then pulled Xie Jun out to go set off fireworks. Unfortunately, their neighborhood prohibits setting off fireworks (T^T) so Zhuang Yi could only buy and make do with the small sparklers.

He also comforted Xie Jun: “It’s pretty too, right?” Looking at themselves while facing each other and holding a sparkler each, he was unable to contain his laughter.

Xie Jun also laughed.

Zhuang Yi cleared his throat “wu la la” and began to sing in a bizarre manner, “Twinkle, Twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are~”[2]

As soon as he opened his mouth, Xie Jun burst out laughing.

Zhuang Yi swore that he had never seen Xie Jun laugh like this. This guy was usually so composed ah!

Now he was actually laughing so hard that he couldn’t even stand up straight.

It was clear that Zhuang Yi wasn’t kidding when he said that he could go off tune to as far as the galaxy.

When the sparklers burned out, they lit another one again and faced each other while they sang, “Twinkle, Twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are~”

They both childishly swayed their bodies back and forth, following the tune.

Surrounded by the crackle of the small glimmering sparks, Zhuang Yi and Xie Jun spent their first new year’s together.

At the last ten second countdown, they kissed, holding each other tightly and stepped into the new year.

T/N: I think I see foreshadowing but I don’t like where it’s going.

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[1] Literally translated as eating vinegar

[2] “Yī shǎn yī shǎn liàng jīng jīng, mǎn tiān dū shì xiǎo xīng xīng~”

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