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TBCDDM Chapter 7

Translator: Cheerydandan
Proofreader: Lynn

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T/N: So Shan and I will both be translating this novel and we’re picking it up from chapter 7. Joining us would be our lovely PR Lynn!

Chapter 7

When the afternoon dismissal came, class 6 was dismissed earlier than class 7. Wei Jie came over to wait for Fang Shucheng so he was aware of what happened in their room.

“Xiao Chen, let’s go to the basketball court too.” Wei Jie spoke.

Fang Shucheng nodded.

The monitor immediately chimed in: “I’m going too, I’m going too!”

If the monitor goes, the deputy monitor will surely go too. Then everyone in class 3 said that they couldn’t let Lala[1] be excluded by them so they dragged Li Xin in as well.

“Thank you very much for Senior Year 1 Class 3’s support group!” The class monitor raised his hand to his face and formed a heart with his fingers.

So an impressive group of people walked towards the basketball court.

They barely got to the edge of the court, when a basketball quickly came flying towards a person’s head.

Xie Jun raised a hand, firmly catching the ball. His expression dropped as he turned to the direction to where the ball came from.

“It’s a first year senior.” The deputy monitor said coldly.

A good-looking male student glared at their side provocatively.

The students and the basketball team went over.

The male student said: “Xie Jun, aren’t you going over? This way, let’s choose two person’s each. You’ll lose by halftime. Don’t even bring this group of yours. Hurry up and scram.”

The monitor argued: “You scram, who are you to talk?”

The male student glanced at her[2] and was about to reply when the deputy monitor adjusted his glasses and calmly refuted: “Shut up. Real men don’t fight with women.”

The male student: “…..” Damn it.

Xie Jun threw the ball he was holding over to the teammate across him: “Okay. You can pick first.”

The male student sneered: “No ah. I respect my elders and care for the young.You choose first.”

The still calm deputy monitor: “Then shouldn’t you go first as the baby?”

The male student: “….”

The male student got angry: “Why are you fucking talking so much? Was I speaking to you?”

Deputy monitor: “I’m a chatterbox. You wound me ah!”

The male student: “…..”

The basketball team: “Pfft…”

Class 3: “Pfftt…”

The male student took a deep breath and suppressed his anger: “You wait.” He then looked back at Xie Jun, “Since you humbly declined, okay, i’ll choose first.”

Deputy monitor: “Ah.”

The male student: “…..” He fiercely noted down the deputy monitor’s face, determined to retaliate.

The male student picked two averaged level ones then motioned for Xie Jun to choose.

Xie Jun turned back: “Wei Jie?”

“En. I’ll go.” Wei Jie handed over his bag to Fang Shucheng.

Xie Jun nodded. His eyes swept around everyone in the basketball team. Each of their eyes looked at their team captain in expectation. All of a sudden, their line of sight was obstructed.

Zhuang Yi was calm and collected as he came over. His eyes twinkled as he faced Xie Jun: Me! Me! Me!

Xie Jun pretended not to see him and turned to the side to ask one of the team members to go forward. He barely took a step when he was stopped by Li Xin.

“Xie Jun, me” Li Xin briefly stated.

Xie Jun looked at him in surprise. He considered it and nodded.

Zhuang Yi was not happy and silently retracted his eager eyes.

 Xie Jun better prepare an explanation later.

Xie Jun, Wei Jie and Li Xin took a few minutes to warm up. Seeing that two out of the three of them were amateurs, the first year senior student frowned. He probably thought that he was going to win but the win would be too “disgraceful.”

What he didn’t expect was that after half-time, Xie Jun won the game.

Xie Jun and Wei Jie, needless to say, one was the basketball captain and the other was the former Year 1 Class 3’s gang leader. But Li Xin on the other hand appeared quite slim. His skills with the ball were good but his physical strength was lacking. Still, playing a half-time game, he didn’t need to run all over the court so his physical strength was not a problem.

The first year senior student’s hair glistened with sweat but he still couldn’t accept the results even after a while. Finally, he flicked his hand and left: “I’m convinced. I’m off.”

Xie Jun gave a look and a member on the side stopped him: “Luo Yu. We’re all in the same team. If you have something to say, let’s talk it out.”

The male student— Luo Yu—waved his hand. He was about to leave when Xie Jun spoke: “Your skills are not bad, plus, you like basketball. Why don’t you stay behind and play with us?”

Luo Yu turned around: “Not interested.”

That said, he already started to walk away.

Xie Jun: “Say what you have to say. Don’t speak nonsense.”

Luo Yu pursed his lips. His eyes were wet with the sweat from his forehead but he did not wipe them. A wipe was handed to him from the side. Stunned, he instinctively received it: “Thanks.”

As a result, when he turned around after wiping his sweat, he found out that it was the little spectacles he had been secretly plotting to teach a lesson later. 

When the deputy monitor saw his stunned expression, he took back the wipes from his hand, crumpled it into a ball. He raised his hand. With a ‘pa’, he threw it into the trash can.

Luo Yu: “…”

Xie Jun was too lazy to continue spending his time here: “Okay. If you have nothing more to say, return to the team. Today’s training hasn’t been completed yet. Want to slack off?”

Luo Yu was dumbfounded. The people beside him hurriedly pulled him back to the team. 

Xie Jun: “Run 30 laps around the court first, and assemble after running.”

The basketball team: “…..”

Xie Jun continued coldly: “Such a small court, you can’t even run 30 laps? It used to be 50 laps, have you forgotten the rules?”

Someone spoke up: “But captain, Luo Yu and those guys have already played halftime.”

“You reminded me.” Xie Jun said, “On next month’s match, you will be in this kind of condition? Amateurs are much better than you. He then pointed out Lu You and the two other men, “Add ten more laps to you three.”

Luo Yu: “….”

They all looked grudgingly at the person who commented. The person shrank his neck and shut his mouth. 

So the basketball team ran laps around the court. Several students of Class 3 also bid each other farewell to go home. Seeing everyone going home, Zhuang Yi wanted to go too.

Xie Jun: “Wait for me, I want to talk to you.”

He then went to inform a member something and turned back to look for Zhuang Yi. Zhuang Yi, set on leaving, had already ambled out quite a distance away.

Xie Jun’s large strides caught up with him: “Yiyi”

Zhuang Yi stiffly moved forward, ignoring him.

When Xie Jun saw that he quickened his pace, he warned him: “The floor tiles up ahead are slippery!”

He didn’t even get to say okay because when he did, Zhuang Yi’s foot slipped. Zhuang Yi reacted quickly and immediately shifted his weight so that he wouldn’t fall. However, his foot continued to slide forward causing him to do a perfect rendition of the splits.

Zhuang Yi: “!”

Xie Jun hurriedly came over to help him up. Zhuang Yi, in order to cover up his embarrassment, didn’t get up and forcibly explained: “I’m practicing my flexibility!”

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[1] changed wax-wax to lala; origin: Li Xin= Xiao Xin = La bi Xiao Xin (Crayon Shin-chan)= lala

[2] The class monitor has been determined to be a girl