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TBCDDM Chapter 9

Translator: Cheerydandan
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Chapter 9

In the new beautifully decorated music room, the students of class 6 listened to the duo on stage solemnly singing the national anthem with deadpan faces like this: =.=

A student, unable to keep themselves from sitting down, stood up with the same reverent expression.


When the class saw it, they also began to stand up, one after another.

It was a habit that they were instilled with from a young age. Not standing up when the national anthem was being played seemed too disrespectful to the great motherland.

When the national anthem stopped playing, everyone was relieved. They sat down and were collectively stupefied for a few moments before bursting out into peals of laughter.

Zhuang Yi hurriedly pulled Xie Jun down the stage.

After that day, everyone’s impression towards Zhang Yi became more complex.

Every Monday when it was time to raise the national flag, the eyes of Year 2 Class 6 would collectively turn to stare at Zhuang Yi in silence for a moment.

Zhuang Yi bravely endured everyone’s attention: T^T

There was this one time when the dean saw it and wondered, why did this class have to look at that male student before singing the national anthem?

The dean asked the student standing in the first row.

The classmate told the story of Zhuang Yi seriously and reverently.

The dean burst into tears of joy. He didn’t expect that there was a student with such high spiritual awareness in this school.

Later, even the teachers knew about the incident.

Zhuang Yi didn’t know what to say when he was called over by the homeroom teacher.

And it didn’t end there. After a while during the preparations for the school festival, the class needed to do an act for the program. Someone suggested: “Let Zhuang Yi sing the National Anthem!”

Zhuang Yi: “….”

They all seemed to astonishingly reach a consensus successively stating ‘I’ll only accept Zhuang Yi singing the national anthem.’

Fortunately, the class monitor who was in charge of organizing the program did not agree.

Oh, by the way, speaking of the class monitor, she was still the monitor of Year 2 class 6. And because she and the deputy monitor work well together, the deputy monitor followed along with her.

The deputy monitor suggested doing a play.

Right away someone chipped in: “Aren’t mermaids pretty popular recently? Let’s adapt ‘The Little Mermaid’ into a play.”

The class monitor refuted: “What about the mermaid’s tail?”

The deputy monitor: “We can make that using a high waisted skirt.”

The class monitor: “So do you all agree to adapt ‘The Little Mermaid’ into a play?”

The melon eaters[1] didn’t have any objections.

The class monitor: “Then it’s decided, we’ll adapt ‘The Little Mermaid’. Who will write the script?”

The deputy monitor adjusted his glasses: “Me.”

Another girl who was quite good with literature, raised her hand: “I want to write too.”

Like that, they had scriptwriters.

“Who will play the lead role?”

“Wait until the script is done ba.”

The boys still actively recommended the class flower[2] to play the little mermaid.

The class flower smiled: “I will play the little mermaid but on one condition.”

Everyone spoke, Goddess ask away.

The class flower continued: “Doesn’t the little mermaid have several older sisters? The youngest of the sisters must be Zhuang Yi.”

Zhuang Yi: “!”

Zhuang Yi turned pale in fright: “Class flower, shouldn’t you probably change your glasses? Seeing as I’m such a rough sturdy and tall man[3], how can I play a mermaid ah?”

The class flower was gracefully icy: “Only you are worthy of being my beautiful sister. If you won’t perform then I won’t too.”

Zhuan Yi: “…..”

The class flower’s friends immediately overwhelmed Zhuang Yi…..Although there were only 7-8 girls in the science class, they were extremely united.

For the first time, Zhuang Yi was surrounded by so many girls acting coquettishly(?). But he couldn’t agree to their demands. He could only rely on his crumbling moral integrity to hold on.

He definitely won’t play a beautiful mermaid sister.

T/N: Back with a new chapter! Will Zhuang Yi play a beautiful mermaid sister? stay tuned!

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[1] Onlookers/Spectators/People watching but not getting involved

[2] Class Flower= Ban Hua= Used to describe the prettiest girl in class

[3] Origin: 五大三粗 (five big three thick) used to describe tall, sturdy man.

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