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Teaser Chapter: Good Man Operation Guide [Quick Wear] Chapter 1.1

Good Man Operation Guide [Quick Wear] Chapter 1.1 



The constant mission is getting redemption.
Shuttle though various worlds to become a variety of scum men, do a little whitewashing and become a good man in the eyes of everyone.
Redeem those who are miserable, and let them live a happy life.

Arc 1.1: Military Wife

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Translated by Foxaholic.wordpress.com

Lin Shiheng opened his eyes to a miserable white hospital ward. in front of a white horrible ward. A little nurse was replacing the emptied IV bag hanging bottle for him when she noticed that he was awake. She yelled with a surprise, “Captain Lin, you are awake?”

“Hn.” He grunted, moving his arm. He frowned at feeling a bit of tingling. “How long have I been asleep?”

The nurse quickly replied: “You have been in a coma for four days. Sister Miao was quite anxious, coming to take care of you every day.”

She originally thought that Captain Lin would be moved, but Lin Shiheng acted like he did not hear what she said. He supported his body and sat up. The handsome face unlike all the other commanders was slightly wrinkled. “Was any news of my injury transmitted to my family?”

“It should not have been, no. Captain Lin, you should not use your left hand. Now the left hand can’t use any force.

” Is Zhang Yanming here or not?”

“Here. Lieutenant Zhang just came to visit you and should not have gone far.”

She reached out to help, but Lin Shiheng avoided her hand and sat up on his own. After a four-day coma, the voice that was somewhat hoarse softly made a request: “Can I trouble you to help me first call Zhang Yanming over and then get a piece of paper and pen?”

He was born with a good appearance that was obviously not aligned with the current popular wheat-colored skin tough guy appearance. Although after being unconscious for four days, the face was inevitably pale, but it did not damage the handsome face. So, when a pair of eyes focused on her, the little nurse’s face inexplicably reddened.

She quickly stepped back and stuttered. “Okay, wait a moment, I will call Lieutenant Zhang over.”

After she left, Lin Shiheng looked at his bandaged left hand and ate it a painkiller. The pain in his left arm disappeared immediately before he began looking over the memories stored in his mind.

After graduating from high school, the original host joined the army. After that, he began active combat. This year, at the age of 25, he was already in charge of a team. In the middle of a clearing mine operations, he was injured and sent to the military hospital for treatment.

He had not been injured before. At the military hospital, he met a nurse named Miao Xing. Miao Xing’s appearance and body were both very good. Every time the original host was injured, she came by to treat him. The two’s feeling became to warm. It was just that neither said anything nor confessed to each other.

Continuously to this serious injury, Miao Xing had always remained by his side to take care of him. After the original host woke up, the two people confessed and decided to stay together.

But before this, the original owner already had a wife named He Xuezhu, and He Xuezhu happened to be Lin Shiheng’s mission target.

People during this period generally married early, and many people at the age of 25 were already parents. The original owner was of course already someone else’s husband.

He was born in the countryside. His father had died early, and his mother had only one son. Because she had a bad relationship with the original host’s paternal aunt and uncle, two years of her husband’s death, she left the family with her only five years old child. It was not easy to make her child a soldier; thus, all her hopes were placed on him.

He was married on a blind date, and he was not present on the day of this blind date. The whole process was dictated by the original host’s mother. She chose her daughter-in-law, and then met her [daughter-in-law] again before fetching her come back. The new couple were able to meet two months later when the original host was able to rush back home during his vacation to consummate the marriage. Before a few days’ past, he rushed away.

Precisely because they were rarely able to meet coupled with the fact that they didn’t know each other before marriage that the original owner did not have much feeling for the He Xuezhu who was helping take care of his mother at home. At most, he would split his salary by half every month so she could maintain their household. In this era, his salary was already considered very high, plus it was a stable position. It stood to reason that he could had applied for his family members to join him at the military base, but the original owner has always wanted his wife to stay home to take care of his mother, so he delayed in applying.

The two were married for three years. The number of times the original owner returned home was very limited. He was a high school graduate; He Xuezhu dropped out of primary school and was unable to recognize any characters. Thus, the original host increasingly disliked interacting with his wife. As a result, he stayed at the military base during his holidays. When he did have to return home, he found ridiculously reasons to be too tired for sexual intercourse. Under such circumstances, it was unsurprising that wife did not become pregnant for three years.

But the original host’s mother did not think so. She only considered the money she spent on the bride price to bring home her daughter-in-law was wasted on a girl who could not become pregnant for three years. Such a good son was already 25 but had yet to have a son to pass down the family lineage. When the original host was not present, she constantly criticized her daughter-in-law, internally disgusted with her.

But one can imagine Hu Xuezhu’s situation where her husband disliked his wife, her mother-in-law’s complaints, and a family whose every visit was to ask for more money to borrow.

After the original host recovered, he decided to return home with Miao Xing and divorced He Xuezhu to marry Miao Xing. To treat the wife who had took care of his family for three years, he felt some guilt; therefore, he intended to use a portion of the money he accumulated over these past years as compensation.

But when he returned home, he found out that He Xuezhu was pregnant.

The original host’s mother was naturally unwilling to let the daughter-in-law abort after waiting for a full three years to hold a grandson. Plus although Miao Xing earned a salary as a nurse, her family was very mediocre. Most importantly, even though she distained He Xuezhu as a daughter-in-law, she distained even more Miaoxing who knowingly hooked up a married man. So she would rather die than to let Miao Xing enter the family.

He Xuezhu was moved that the mother-in-law who always disliked her would protect her at a crucial moment, but she could not do anything regarding her husband. Mother disagreed, and the original owner had no choice but to return to the army with Miao Xing. The two of them had feelings. Miao Xing was not willing to give up, so one night, the two people drank wine and consummated their relationship.

Just when Miao Xing discovered she was pregnant, He Xuezhu gave birth to a daughter, disappointed the original host’s mother hope of a grandson. The mother’s attitude nosedived; He Xuezhu could not even do a good job during her pregnancy. News of Miao Xing’s pregnancy quickly made home.

Although the original owner’s mother was hesitant, she still refused to change her words. Miao Xing then told the original owner that she would never go home until he divorced. In the end, she [MX] used her son to get him to agree.

He Xuezhu’s personality was soft and weak. Although her family favored her, no one dared to stand up support her. Her mother-in-law changed her stance. She [HXZ] could only carrying her daughter and cry, promising divorce.

It’s just that when Miao Xing and the original host were returning home to divorced and then marry, there was a car accident. The original owner subconsciously protected his lover next to him. As a result, Miao Xing had only a bruise while the original host became a paraplegic.

After the news came out, Miao Xing had a simple abortion before leaving the hospital, leaving behind an unattended original host.

Translated by Foxaholic.wordpress.com | Support the translators: https://ko-fi.com/foxaholic

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