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Chapter: Good Man Operation Guide [Quick Wear] Chapter 1.2

Good Man Operation Guide [Quick Wear] Chapter 1.2 



The constant mission is getting redemption.
Shuttle though various worlds to become a variety of scum men, do a little whitewashing and become a good man in the eyes of everyone.
Redeem those who are miserable, and let them live a happy life.

Arc 1.1: Military Wife

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Otherwise, enjoy the last half of chapter 1!

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Of course, a paraplegic could not serve in the military. After being discharged earlier than expected, he was brought home by his crying to near blindness mother. The next half of his life was spend lying in a hospital bed.

He looked at how his wife who he used to look down upon took care of the housework and child while taking care of this sorry husband.

He watched his daughter grow up little by little, and under the influence of her mother, she treated this wrongdoing father as a hero.

While his mother always looked down on this wife, both of them had the same idea, that is, taking good care of him; thus, the past issues ceased.

His mother walked away first before being followed by him. Before he died, although he could not take care of himself, he was still clean. The woman who took care of him for half a lifetime cried and sat on the bed, saying that before their marriage, she was so excited to love a married life.

[T/N: Walking away in this context also means passing away.]

She said that she hated him, but she can’t leave him alone. After all, the environment she grew up from childhood in was like this.

He Xuezhu did not live well. In the first half of her life, she lived in a patriarchal family. In the latter half of her life, she also had to take care of a paraplegic husband. Afterwards, during her elderly years, her body suffered from illness but had no money for treatment. Almost every day she was tortured by pain.

The original owner passed away feeling guilt for his wife. Once he was selected by the mission space, he wished that his wife He Xuezhu could get the family she longed for, hoping that she would not suffer so much bitterness, that mother and wife could peacefully live together,  and that his daughter will not be burdened by her paralyzed father and disliked by her patriarchal grandmother.

These were all things that the original owner could not achieve, but he used his soul as an exchange, hoping that Lin Shiheng could use his own body to achieve them.

【Ding! Memory completely received. Task completion degree: 0. Please complete as soon as possible. 】

Lin Shiheng lifted the quilt off and climbed out of bed. He stood by the window looking at the scenery outside. The original host’s memory was very clear, but he (original host) did not realize that this world was merely a novel.

This novel was set in the 1990s. The author may had been too lazy to check the facts, so she set up a fictional world where many plots and logic conflicted each other.

For example, this young man was already a captain.

In this book, the paraplegic man could not be the protagonist. After appearing once in the early part of the story, he only existed in the female protagonist Miao Xing’s memory.

Yes, Miao Xing was the heroine of this story.

She was young and beautiful, and she was the type of nurse that was popular during this time period. Her first love was the original owner. With this youth and beauty, there were countless captains climbing up the ranks in her future.

However, the real protagonist was the lieutenant.

Zhang Yanming, the squad’s lieutenant, was different from the original host who was born in the countryside. His family background was good. He was too spoiled so the family elders threw him into the army to hone his attitude. His identity was also specifically concealed. As a result, he surprisingly really had a bit of talent and was able to become a lieutenant after trials of wind and water. In the original host’s memory, this captain was always dissatisfied with his lieutenant, but he knew of Zhang Yanming’s family background, so he only thought that Zhang Yanming was young and full of energy. He (original host) usually try to avoid him as to steer clear of conflicts with his lieutenant.

The real reason why Zhang Yanming discriminated against the original owner was that he liked Nurse Miao Xing, but Miao Xing liked the original owner who already had a wife.

Seeing the enemy, how could he feel good.

In the novel, when he learned that the person he liked was pregnant before marriage and planned to return to the original owner’s hometown to get married, Zhang Yanming was angry and hired someone cause the car accident. Then he brought the crying Miao Xing to get an abortion, and afterwards, the pair of man and women lived a life of abusive love. Through the season finale, Zhang Yanming rose through the ranks, Miao Xing became Mrs. Zhang, and they were all envied by others.

From what Lin Shiheng saw in the novel, Miao Xing’s actions of abandoning the original host and aborting her child were all forced rather than voluntary. Even her first time with the original owner was only successful thanks to Zhang Yanming’s medication. But, thinking back, he remembered how Miao Xing and Zhang Yanming’s eyes looked at the original owner from time to time. Several times when the original host coincidentally ran into Miao Xing, she gave him an unnatural look. In one particular moment that the original owner did not pay much attention to, Lin Shiheng’s eyes saw something very intriguing.

In the plot, Zhang Yanming took advantage of when the original master was not present to accomplish good things with the somewhat-reluctant Miao Xing. Apart from not reaching the very last step, everything else was finished very neatly and more than once.

Lin Shiheng looked down at his bandaged left arm and raised his eyebrows slightly, revealing a smile.

“Captain Lin, Lieutenant Zhang has come.”

The little nurse knocked on the door from the outside. Lin Shiheng turned around to look. The young man entering in the room was within his line of sight.

He actually was good looking and had an air of unruliness from head to toe. He met Lin Shiheng’s eyes coldly and impatiencely. “What did you call me here for?”

“Nothing much. I just heard from the nurse that he stopped by to visit me, but when I opened my eyes, it was strange that I didn’t see you.”

When this sentence emerged, Zhang Yanming’s expression froze for a moment. He came to the hospital not to see Lin Shiheng but to see Miao Xing of course. After he came, he stayed in the ward for not even two minutes before he grabbed Miao Xing to the hospital garden for coordination | love.

(T/N: I wasn’t too sure how to translate 中调|情了at the end of the sentence so I made do with coordination | love. If anyone has anything better, please let me know!)

Right at this moment, the door pushed open again as a beautiful girl wearing a nurse’s suit walked in. She looked at Lin Shiheng sitting in bed with shining. “Lin da, you woke up!”

[T/N: Da means big and is used after a name to show how powerful and admirable said person is.]

Her hair was neatly combed and while she wore the same nurse uniform, the waist of her uniform was modified to show her slim figure. With the addition of her blushing face with a hint of shyness and look of surprise, everyone could see that she liked Lin Shiheng.

That is, if this blush was not from just being kissed in the small garden.

Lin Shiheng glanced at Zhang Yanming’s gloomy face at seeing Miao Xing, and his lips twitched slightly.

Looks like this world will be very fun.

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