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CH-47 Tell me the Truth

Fang Junjie looked at the other man’s shocked face and his face unconsciously softened a bit. He did not realize how he was treating the other man quite differently from how he would treat other people who ever lied to him.

“Tell me the truth.” He asked with a bit of hope in his heart.

However, he got no reply. 

He did not want to believe it, but what he had always been fearing was becoming more and more real.

It was dreadful for him to think that everything he had known about Long You since he knew him would, in the end, be just a lie, an illusion. He did not like to be cheated like this.

He was deceived. The person he was growing attached to was actually a liar. 

A few moments ago, all he wanted was to plunge in those warm arms and cry his heart out. He wanted to complain and recount everything that had happened, how much he suffered, and how hopeless he felt. He wanted Long You to comfort him, listen to him, and tell him everything was fine. 

But… There was no meaning to doing that now.

Fang Junjie was suddenly feeling so cold.  

Long You was tongue tied. Would his mate accept him if he spoke the truth to him? Would he acknowledge their differences? He was much older than the other man on the basis of years. He was more than 300 years old, while Junjie would be 23 soon. 

Although, if the dragons’ life span was compared to the human lifespan, he could be said to be much younger than Junjie. 

However, would Junjie accept that? 

Should he lie?

But, there would definitely be a day when he would have to confront Junjie. He didn’t want to lie because it would be even more disastrous for their relationship in the future. 

But then, what should he do to prevent any disasters?

“This is the last time I’m asking you. Who are you?! And why were you hiding everything from me?!”

Long You was brought out of his daze by the strict and angry voice of Fang Junjie. He looked deep into those eyes and saw immense sadness and heartbreak in them. Panicked, he scrambled to make things right.

“No, I’m not cheating you, dear. Junjie, I will tell you everything. First, I think we should leave this place before someone else comes. ”

Fang Junjie wanted to say something but he reluctantly agreed.

To his surprise, Long You suddenly stretched out his arms and held him between them, not giving him any chance to protest. 

Fang Junjie was not very happy with the blatant disregard of his wish of no physical contact. He frowned with displeasure and wanted to escape the grip. 

But he suddenly felt a gust of wind blowing his clothes and felt like he was hanging. Surprised and confused, he looked around, and his jaw dropped.

He was not in the room anymore! 

Rather, he was suspended in the air! 

He was at such a height that he could almost see the whole city from this place. How the hell did they get out? And Long You- he seemed to be perfectly calm and composed as if he was walking on the road.  

Junjie blankly looked at the small buildings under him, at this time, he seemed to have lost the ability to react. 

All the events that happened since the evening seemed to have drained all his mental energy from him. Even though that strange ball of light had made him completely refreshed, it could not go inside his mind and erase all his memories from him; all the incidents were still fresh in his memory. 

Apart from that, everything he was seeing since the last 15 minutes could be called magical, and he even wanted to question the reality. 

Was it some hallucination he was experiencing because of the drug? Was he so desperate that he even imagined Long You with some magic powers?

‘No, it can’t be.’

Junjie sneered at his rich imagination and his mind’s subconscious hope for the other man.

He did not realize how hard he was gripping the arms on his waist, and Long You did not remind him. 

Long You held Junjie and floated to a certain direction. Only when they started moving did Junjie become aware of their situation. He could only pout silently because it would be foolish to ask Long You to leave him now. 

One minute later, Long You released Junjie from his arms on the top of Junjie’s apartment’s building. It was the tallest building in the area. The top floor was empty as only the maintenance would visit it during checks, on other days, no one was really interested in visiting here.

Junjie silently stood at the railing and looked down at the bustling street with his back to the other man.

Long You understood that it was time for him to explain everything; Junjie was giving him one- maybe the last chance. 

“Junjie, I… am not a human.”

Fang Junjie’s wandering gaze shook, and it stopped still in one place. He stiffly clenched the fingers of his hands that were away from Long You’s view.

Long You continued, “I know, it might be difficult for you to believe this. And, I really have no intention to harm you. I love you. You are the most precious thing in my life, and I can say that you are even more important than my life. Please believe me, Junjie, I am absolutely true to you. My parents are even waiting for me and you to get married. They are eagerly waiting for their precious daugh… son-in-law. They don’t even care if we don’t have children. And if you want, we can even adopt one. Once I even planned our honeymoon in the clouds. Oh my god, what the hell am I even saying?!”

Fang Junjie’s eyes widened as he heard everything. His ears suddenly felt hot. 

‘This shameless man- ’

Long You clutched his hair as he controlled himself from getting flustered. This was the most foolish thing he had ever done. Here his relationship was in danger, and he was telling Junjie about his daydreams.

Taking in a deep breath, he calmed himself. 

“Actually, I-I… am.. Actually a dragon. My family is the last dragon lineage on earth. Dragons have lifetime partners called ‘mates’, who are destined for them. A dragon only has one mate in their life, and at one point, their mate is the only purpose for them to live.”

Keeping a hand on his heart, Long You spoke with a serious voice.

“You are my mate, Junjie.” 

It was ridiculous, Fang Junjie thought. Where is he, in some magic world? Was it some fairytale, where his boyfriend would suddenly turn out to be some ancient dragon, and then they would go on an adventurous path, killing monsters on the way? 

But then, that strange ball of light that magically cured him from the drug, the way Long You suddenly appeared out of thin air, his light blue irises, and how both of them had practically flown through air and reached his apartment in almost no time; after watching all of this, he was not fully confident in denying Long You’s words.

“Prove what you said; prove that you are a dragon, and I am your mate.” Hesitatingly, Junjie spoke. He pressed his hands on his heart, where he suddenly began to feel an itchy sensation, a sudden craving building up in his heart. 

“Turn back.” Long You’s voice was deep, he only spoke these two words.

Long You’s voice was more charming than ever, Fang Junjie felt like he was hearing some hypnotizing music. Flashbacks of that night in the car passed in front of his eyes, but he forcefully suppressed those thoughts. 

A somewhat new feeling bubbled in the bottom of his gut as he slowly turned around to face Long You.

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