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CH-51 The bodyguards

It was still foggy in the morning and light from the streetlights flooded the streets. Chirping of some birds could be heard distinctively. 

When everyone reached the basement, they found three neatly dressed people- two men and one woman standing near the car. Each of them held one suitcase as they quietly stood there in an attention position.

The three seemed to be waiting for them, as after sensing their arrival, the tallest man who wore a cap, immediately came forward and spoke, “Respected sirs and madam, we are the assigned bodyguards for your trip. I am Li Muyang, the leader. He is Mo Ning, and she is Li Daiyu.”

As Li Muyang spoke their names, the other two simultaneously greeted them.

These three had very different personalities from each other. The young man called Li Muyang who spoke first, was the tallest of the three. He had quite a good appearance, his arms were rippling with muscles and a vague outline of his muscled chest could almost be seen from his t-shirt. Out of the three, he seemed to have the closest appearance to the stereotypical bodyguards in our imagination.

Next to him, stood the second bodyguard called Mo Ning. The whole time, he was looking at all of them with a confident smile on his face. He was neither very tall, nor short; just the level anyone would feel comfortable talking to. And with his healthy and energetic body, he seemed to give energy to everyone around him, like a small Sun. Subconsciously, anyone would have the desire to spend time with this person who was brimming with positivity. 

For Tang Rong and Duan Wei, it was not difficult to deduce that with his likable looks, and a perfectly extrovert personality, this young man could easily get into the good books of almost everyone. Those who only thought of him as a normal student would not even dream that he was with them for some other purpose.

The last bodyguard- Li Daiyu was quite a thin girl. Her tall 5’ 7’’ height didn’t help as she looked like a gust of wind would blow her off. Her appearance could subconsciously make anyone think like she would need others to take care of her rather than the other way round. Although, no-one underestimated her. Only a fool would do that.

These three newcomers were the bodyguards hired by Fang Junjie from a security company he trusted. Just after the day of Fang Bai’s birthday, he had made arrangements for people with special skills to accompany his younger brothers and friends for the trip. He specially mentioned the age group to be between 19-25 so that they would not feel uncomfortable with the sudden addition of strangers. 

Fang Junjie knew that he and his family would often be targeted due to the dirty tricks of his competitors. He never wanted them to face any kind of disasters in situations where they were more unguarded. Also, Fang Lowei had already started making designs on him and his younger brother which made him feel particularly unsafe. 

Adding to it the incident last night, which still made his nerves numb. The  helplessness and desperation he felt when he saw Xiao- Bai’s face in the surveillance… The feeling of having no option left, but to surrender…

He prayed that his family never had to face any kind of tragic disasters. So for that, it was necessary for them to have some sort of protection near them.

In order to prevent others from seeing his unnaturalness, Fang Junjie quickly introduced his brothers and friends to the three bodyguards, and then picked up his phone and walked somewhere, as if answering to an important message 

After the introduction, Fang Bai went back to work. He wanted to arrange the luggage in the rovers so that they could place the necessary items in reachable distance from the seats. Else, it would be very inconvenient to stop the cars again and again on the road to get things. The sunny and active young man called Mo Ning quickly co-operated with Fang Bai wittily, making his work quite easier.

Li Muyang quietly carried all the luggage kept on the ground and put it in the designated rovers decided by the previous two. 

Li Daiyu was quietly standing on the side with an expressionless face, seemingly unaware of the gazes cast her way.

Tang Rong, Duan Wei, Li Jin, and Rong Qing were standing in a circle, talking with each other, while Fang Bai and the new bodyguards completed the arrangement. 

“These people are so young, they must be talented.” Rong Qing whisper-spoke. 

“Yes, but I don’t think we will need bodyguards, right Rong-Rong?” Duan Wei pouted. Four of them had done military degree training and were already quite qualified to fend off troubles. How could these people who looked at the same age as them be more reliable?

“They might really be extraordinarily talented.” Tang Rong also partially agreed with Duan Wei. He, Ah-Wei, and Xiao-Bai were professionally trained like soldiers. Not to mention Xiao-Bai, who held a huge amount of invisible power. Also, he did not miss how Fang Bai  quickly got into business with these people, rather than playing a one hour long soap-opera, making them all cringe. So, maybe these people were actually arranged by Xiao Bai?

Anyway, Junjie didn’t have any knowledge about Xiao-Bai and his ability. So in front of him, they were just simple soldiers, along with his thick filter of considering them as kids.

It could be said that Tang Rong had indeed guessed something correctly. The ‘security company’ Fang Junjie trusted so much seemed to have opened only for him. He did not know that the only client in this whole ‘security company’ was himself. 

So, was it another offense piled up on all the offenses done by Xiao-xiao-Bai? Hiding so many things from his gege, how was he going to be punished… hmm?

“Anyway, I am so excited to trek the Blessing Way mountain.It will take two days to reach there by road, right? I have almost memorized the whole itinerary for the next month.” A bright smile formed on Rong Qing’s face. Her happiness was very infectious as the other three involuntarily felt their lips rise. 

Duan Wei was looking forward to their new experience. He casually hooked his arm around Tang Rong’s shoulder, nuzzled his hair into the crook of the other’s neck, and grinned, “I want to see the sunrise from the top of Blessing Way mountain with Rong-Rong.”

“Yeah, just like how we did on the school trip.” Tang Rong hummed with a soft smile. Rong Qing rolled her eyes and decided to talk to Li Jin, rather than the two fools. Although, she had no idea about what topic she should start talking about with Li Jin. She was wondering about the seating arrangement when he heard a small cautious voice of Li Jin. 

Even though Li Jin tried his best to hide it, they all had already guessed that he was not feeling very well because of his much softer and hoarse voice.

“Do you know these people? I mean, I’m just curious.” Li Jin had the complete opposite expression to what he was actually thinking inside. 

Three more people with them meant three more mouths to feed. And if they turned out to be thankless burdens who would soon think of stupid things that they shouldn’t, wouldn’t it be a complete loss of resources? 

Li Jin’s expression was just too cute, the way he unconsciously pouted his lips as his eyes wandered elsewhere, the other three had their eyes frozen at his face without knowing.

Tang Rong coughed politely and replied, “Xiao-Bai seems to know them, they must be acquainted.” 

Fang Bai had almost put all the luggage in the cars. Having bodyguards for a simple road trip would be useless, he knew. Especially when he, Tang Rong, and Duan Wei could be qualified as senior army officers, and a certain little guy with them who was no less. But for the satisfaction of his ge, he agreed to bring them with him.

These three bodyguards were soon going to separate from them when they reached City V. It was just a random task for them to escort the five of them to their destination. On the way back, they would again join them as bodyguards after completing the task.

After some discussion, the seating arrangement was like this:

–          Fang Bai. Duan Wei, Li Jin, Tang Rong, and Rong Qing would be sitting together in one car. They wanted to enjoy the experience of traveling with their group.

–          Li Muyang and Mo Ning would drive the second car.

–          Li Daiyu would alone drive the third car.

While others frowned in concern about the little girl who had to drive all alone for such a long distance, the group of three bodyguards seemed to be least worried about it, and if one looked at Li Daiyu’s face, they would easily find a trace of satisfaction.

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