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The Child of Love and Hatred C2

Original novel by Gwenis (Optimized Laziness)


A few days later, it was the evening. Kyle was going back to home after
another day of information gathering. He opened the entrance door of the shabby
looking houses that acted as Kyle and his mother’s shelter but what he saw baffled

Several men were discussing with his mother and handed her a heavy
looking purse. Then she glared at him, coldly smiled and shifted away from him.
Kyle felt something was off and frantically tried escaping this house that
looked more and more like his grave but his retreat path was cut by one of the
grumpy looking men. He was grabbed by the forearm.

“Heh! Your mother told us that it was fine.” Kyle looked at the presumed
leader of the bunch that just spoke with a totally lost look. “Looks like your
‘mother’ prefers good looking gold more than her son brat.” His henchmen
laughed. He then threw a punch right at the temple of the kid… and Kyle lost

A bucket of cold water poured and Kyle suddenly came back to the world of
the living. His temple ached like hell and he wasn’t wearing anything except for a
rag around his lower body. He shivered because of some icy stray draught and
hugged himself with his arms in order to keep the little warmth he had left.

“…Where?” He asked without expecting any answer, but, contrary to his
predictions, the guy that threw the bucket answered. “You are in the basement of
the slave market.” He lightly shrugged his leather armor before resuming. “You are
actually a slave and your future isn’t very bright.” “I…see.” “Well, if it wasn’t for
boss’ orders I would have released you. Brats don’t have to know about the slave
world.” Kyle looked at him with a blank look on his face. “Well, you have a pretty
face, perhaps you will be bought by some noble to serve as a valet for his rich son.
Or… no no, forget what I said.” Kyle threw him a disgusted gaze. “A-anyway, here
is your meal. The auction will take place here in two days so try not to die on me
ok?” The guard threw him a dry loaf of bread and the rest of water in the bucket
then left. “Thanks.” The old habit of Kyle kicked in even though he was in this
kind of situation.

“Young but already fully bloomed. This lass can do housework, chores and
even give some nocturnal service! The price starts at 90 silver coins!” “95!” “1
gold!” “5!”

A small amphitheater with a lot of masked women and men. At the center,
there was a podium with a shackled blonde girl and a fat man. The later was the
auctioneer and was actually counting the participants. “This mister gives 15 golds,
nobody else? 1… 2… 3! This mister got himself a beautiful slave girl for a
reasonable price!” Cheers roared from the masked people and it was possible to see
a grin on the face of the buyer.

“Aaaand now! Place for the new product! Extremely rare hair white as snow,
with a pretty face. He is only 5 years old so he can become anything you want and
is even gifted by the gods!”

Kyle climbed on the podium, slowed down by his heavy shackles. Loud
“Oh” sounds echoed through the amphitheater. Price were announced from all the
corners of the semi-circular room even before the auctioneer announced the price.
Only one man, wearing dark robe and mask stood silently. And yet, he announced
the most incredible price. “200 gold coins.”

The whole room fell silent, the eyes of the auctioneer were shining with the
incoming profit. Kyle remained silent. Glaring at the shady looking man.

Once they got out of the amphitheater, something struck Kyle. “We are at
Swordhold, illegal slavery is held just under the nose of the Consortium.” The man
replied with a chuckle. “You don’t even imagine were the black market’s roots
spread.” Kyle felt cold shivers running down his spine.

His anxiety increased when he realized that their destination was the red light
district. They entered a three-storied brothel and the shady guy spoke again while
dragging him by his chain down to the basements.

“You know, magic and mana regeneration is scarce in this world. The only
way for wizards to be useful in battles is to absorb the mana contained in the mana
stones. But the problem is that, if left in the wild, they charge really slowly. But
around two centuries ago, the leader of the Black Market discovered an extremely
complex magic formation able to extract mana from living beings and condensate it
in magic stones.” They got down the stairs and Kyle heard cries of pain. “Since
humanoids have a lot of magic power and are easier to handle than monsters and
other magic beasts, he used, we use slaves to drain them from their power.” Kyle
sent him a disgusted gaze. The got down another flight of stairs and pain cries
increased. “Mana drain is a really painful process, and once the mana pool of a
slave reaches zero, it falls in some agitated awake nightmare.”

They got down one last stair, there was a pentacle shining in a dim scarlet
light in the center of an empty stone room. “I have a higher grade of the appraisal
gift. Greater Appraisal. It lets me read the description of the other’s gifts. Yours is a
bit special, it increases a little your mana pool each second and replenish it.” He
tied Kyle to the pentacle. “This one is a prototype, a new type of mana drain circle.
It drains far more power but puts the slave through constant pain. But don’t worry,
with your gift of Mana Increase, you should be able to withstand it.” Kyle’s mana
was quickly drained.

Just before the man left, he removed his mask, revealing a half-burned face
and showed a disgusting grin. “Now, be proud to serve the Black Market and the
sorcerers of this world with your entire life. Perhaps some rich scum will also come
to release their stress on you. After all, beautiful faces make others easily jealous.”
And before closing the door. “Ah, and don’t worry for the food and sleep issues,
this circle robs you definitely of the needs like sleeping, eating or drinking.”

The heavy steel door closed on the screams of pain of a pitiful five years old

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