The Child of Love and Hatred C8

Original novel by Gwenis (Optimized Laziness)


The training ground was a circular arena with a radius of around 20 meters.
The floor was made of dusty soil and some weapons were hanging against the walls.

There was several layers of benches around the training ground, allowing some
villagers and adventurers to watch the important fights of the little city.

Some adventurers were doing morning practice but quickly stopped when
Garlo shouted, his purplish scales glowing under the peeking sun. “Hey guys! Free
the stage please! There is a newbie that needs to be assessed.”

The adventurers quickly left the training ground and went for the benches.

Their eyes were sparkling with curiosity and a bit of pity for Kile.

The two opponents got on the stage and started preparing themselves. Galor
did some stretching and then picked his weapons. Two daggers. Well, their height
was adapted at their owner’s so they were more like short swords.

Kyle removed his mantle and exposed his white hair. His scarred torso
surprised the audience. It wasn’t normal for a young man to look like that. He then
summoned his greatsword. A length around 160 centimeters, its blade was
asymmetric and some strips of grey fabrics were hanging from the hilt and a black
liquid was leaking in the middle of the blade before dripping on the ground.

Then the challengers took their battle stances. Galor released a bit of his killing
intent, thinking that it would be enough to scare the weird looking “demon”. The later
smirked and unleashed a small part of his killing intent. Everyone in the arena felt
suddenly anxious and sweat started running down the spine of the weakest.

“…Not bad kid.” With these words, Galor dashed forward… And frantically
changed the direction of his charge, barely avoiding drips of black matter. The drips
struck on the wall of the arena and leaved narrow but profound craters. A cold sweat
rolled on the forehead of the demon while he checked the damages done behind him.

He suddenly felt his instinct ringing all the bells possible and hurriedly parried
the incoming blow. The strike was strong enough to bury his legs in the ground. His
bones screamed in pain while he was guarding against the incredible pressure that
was pushed against him by the ““brat”.

He looked up and saw a giant grin in the face of the young man. Then the
demon backed down in order to launch a fire breath but Kyle simply disappeared.

The next instant, a strike that shook the whole arena sent him flying from behind. His
body struck the walls and dropped limply down. The last thing saw his barely awake
consciousness before fading for a while was the dark figure of Kyle, two red dots on
his face and the blazing sun making a crown-like aura and circling his head.

‘Don’t lose yourself now, you can’t kill him.’

“Fuuuh, I know…”

Kyle snapped his fingers in front of the receptionist in order to wake her from
her daze. She blinked twice and hurriedly looked after the unconscious Galor.

After calling a healer, she returned to Kyle and announced the obvious results.

“T-That was a crushing victory.”
“…Thanks. I guess I passed.”

They got inside the guild hall again and the receptionist gave him his B-rank
adventurer card.

“I wish you good fortune in your adventurer’s life.” She said with a smile. Kyle
brifly nodded before leaving the silent guild hall. As he was pushing the door, the
receptionist shouted at him.

“This branch’s guild master might want to meet you!”

“I will come when the time arrives… If I’m still around Jaedes by then.” Then
he shut the door.

The guild master made his entrance at this moment. He was a former dualwielder
and his sword technique was well known. “Is he the one that released his
killing intent earlier?”

“Rowan-sama! Yes he is. The moment after he beaten Galor-san, he leaked his
full killing intent for a second. That was frightening.”

“If only it was his full power… This guy isn’t normal. Perhaps…” Rowan ended
his talk in a mutter while going back to his office.

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