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The Child of Love and Hatred C7

Original novel by Gwenis (Optimized Laziness)


Kyle was sitting cross-legged, watching the sea. It has been five days since his outburst of anger and he was now meditating on a way to come back to his world with the occasional help of Yukina, when she gathered enough mana to materialize.

“You look less blurry than the last time.”

“You have a seemingly endless mana pool, so I take enough to start recreating a physical form.”

“So my classmate will become a being made of pure mana. Heh, not bad.”

“I thought a little about ways to come back to our world. I believe that the mana energy needed isn’t a problem with you.”

“The problem is that I don’t have a clue about magic formations, and you too.”

“Perhaps we could look for a powerful mage.” Suggested Yukina.

Kyle shrugged. “The leader of the Black Market or whatever it is looks like someone that knows a fair bunch about magic. He told me that he was the creator of the mana drain circle.”

“So… We look for this scumbag and if we find an archmage on our way, we ask him?”
“Sounds good.”

Yukina thought for a while. “We will need an income source for the food and inn expenses.”
“I don’t need it. I haven’t felt the need to sleep since the last week and I haven’t drunk or eaten anything since I was five. But I will need a pass to enter the cities.”

“So we would need you to become an adventurer. The guild card allows you to enter all the big cities gates. The villages and lesser cities don’t need pass.”

“For now, we will find a little village and register at the local Guild Branch.” Kyle concluded their next course of actions.

Haedrig was walking slowly, aware of the surrounding sounds and constantly
checking on his Meuporg Map. His classmates were silently following a few dozen
of steps behind. They were on their way to the target and were now close to the
goblin nest. The air was a bit tense, it was their first quest after all.

The nest was a little cave with some huts in front of the entrance. Which
meant that the goblins were too numerous to all fit in the cave. Some of them were
wearing prehistoric looking weapons and were guarding the surroundings with a
gradually fading interest.

They were looking relatively weak but their biggest strength was their
number. They were also one of the only humanoid-looking monsters and were
quite smart, by the standards of the monsters.

Haedrig made a sign of his hand, relayed by Farah, and the mages of the
group started casting their magic. Saryn casted an explosive mine spell on the huts
while Logan and Gwyneth were preparing respectively lightning and fire spells. The
next moment, white lightning struck the huts, exploding the mines and three flame
foxes ran into the camp, burning to death any foe in their way. A smell or
carbonized flesh tickled the noses of the otherworlders.

Once the entrance was wiped clean, the group separated in two. Farah,
Saryn, Logan and Krone were staying outside of the cave in order to keep watch
while Lion, Lyann, Celes and Ms. Fox came inside, guided by Haedrig.
It was a slaughter. A few minutes later they got out covered in blood, but not
theirs. They were transporting a few women that were held captives by the goblins.

“Let’s go report this to the guild.” Lion looked angry while speaking. Celes,
the only girl that went inside was pale. Saryn approached the unconscious victims
and casted some healing spell in order to treat their injuries.

Kyle got down the peak and headed north-west. He saw a little coastal village
from up there and decided to go register here. The weather was cloudy and the
village, named Jaedes, was situated in a plain. The grass was agitated by the wind,
perfect reflect of the moody sea.

Before entering the gate of the village, Kyle made sure to restrain his mana
leaking out of his body. It wasn’t an easy task since he had an immense mana pool
and it was his first time doing so. He then made his wings disappear and finally
weaved a long black mantle with his mana. All thanks to the same technique he
used to reinforce his arms. He gave it a ragged aspect in order to match his pants in

The guard at the gate watched him awkwardly but didn’t tried to stop him.
After all, he was just some kind of poor wanderer seen from an exterior point of

Kyle spoke to the guard. “Good morning, can you tell me the way to the
Adventurers Guild of this city please?”

“You wanna get some money? Well, it’s simple. Just go straight to the main
road and you will see a slightly bigger building with a sign representing a sword
crossed with an herb.” The guard answered, surprised by the politeness of the

“Thanks.” The wanderer continued his way. The guard couldn’t help but
notice the nimble steps that the stranger had. It was as if he was a veteran warrior.

Kyle pushed the door of the adventurers guild. The main hall was crowded.
Rough looking guys were mixed with a bit more refined people, giving off a motley
feeling. Kyle headed straight to the counter.

“Good morning.” The receptionist greeted him with a business smile
plastered on her face. “What can I do for you?”

“I would like to register as an adventurer please.”

“Then you will have to fill these forms.” She handed him a pair of documents.

Kyle quickly completed them, leaving the Gift case blank and using the jobs ‘Mana
master’ and ‘Swordsman’. He just stopped a brief instant on the ‘race’ case before
finally opting for the demon race. They were affected with a lot of disparities
between each individual and it would allow him to explain without too much issues
his wing if he were to show them.

Kyle then handed the filled forms back to the receptionist. She shot them a
quick look, checking that everything was in order and paused a bit in the unusual
class written in here. She never heard of any ‘Mana master’ before and her curiosity
pushed back a little her jaded expression.

“Now we will have you spar with a veteran B-rank adventurer. In his time he
was one of the strongest in the cit-…”

“This little guy here says he is a demon but doesn’t have any tail, horns of
fur. He is just some brat trying to look cool by becoming adventurer!” The
receptionist was interrupted by a giant demon. More than 2,5 meters tall, he
sported some draconic features and two pairs of huge horns standing straight on
his forehead. His sarcastic smile was showing two rows of barbed teeth.

The receptionist stuttered. “G-Galor-san! You can’t really be thinking…”
“The old man took his day off, he can’t test the strength of newcomers
“And I’m pissed to see always more haughty younglings that think they
powerful because they got some talent and seek fame by becoming adventurers.”
“Making a newcomer face an A-rank adventurer is just too much!”

“It’s fine, I can hold my ground against him.” Kyle calmly barged in.

“Heh! See I told you, they are cocky beyond redemption.”

“A-are you sure Kyle-san?” Kyle silently nodded, his red pupils shining
lightly. “…Then let’s go to the training ground.”

“Hey kiddo. It’s not too late to back off, I don’t wanna crush you, trust me.”
Garlo turned his head to face the Kyle.

His glowing pupils were dilated and some red strings were running through
his cheeks. He smirked. “Lead the away, A-rank adventurer.” He said while
accentuating the “A-rank” part.

Garlo felt a bit destabilized but he didn’t had any more time to think about
it. They were entering the training ground.

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