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The Child of Love and Hatred Prologue

Deep underground, in a dark cell, a corpse was hanging at a pentacle dimly shining in red. The boy, because he was alive, on his knees, was bent in his silent struggle to free himself. Suddenly, a shockwave followed by a deafening crack left the boy sluggishly relaxed, a wide grin on his face.

“Okay guys! It’s time to finish the lesson.” The cheerful voice of Ms. Fox rang in the half empty classroom. The class was divided in two groups in the last hour of Monday. The ten students in last year of high school nodded and started packing their affairs while the teacher was announcing the homework for the next day. And then she said. “Don’t forget, the key for the exercises is π!” The moment she said it, a loud crack and everyone felt a dull pain in their bodies. The next moment, the classroom was empty with only some school bags silently crying their sorrow at their disappeared masters.

“Well, uhm… My bad” A loud disembodied voice echoed through the mind, -or was it in the air itself-, of the groggy bunch of people. They were slowly coming back to their senses in an empty room. Its color was indescribable. It wasn’t white, nor black but it surely didn’t held any color from the visible specter of visible light.

A grayish figure slowly materialized out of thin air and spoke. “That’s an unprecedented situation. The Cracks in the World don’t appear so often and for someone to speak about π right at this time is fairly unlucky.” The astonished students looked at each other, not knowing where this was going. The teacher, Ms. Fox was hiding her mouth with both her hands, seemingly in shock. There was only one guy that looked unfazed. Well, Kyle was almost always unfazed and the rare times when he was doing so, it was while looking at Yukina or at his sister.

Then a tall, bulky guy stood up. “Just what in the freaking hell is this?” Lyann perfectly stated what everyone was thinking and the figure showed a wry smile. “You are already aware that there are more things than your own solar system. Other stars, galaxies, and universes. Each and every one of them has its own peculiarities. Now imagine, this hasn’t happened without reasons. Gods exists, and there are a lot of them. Each habitable planet has its own gods. Now that I think of it some gods forsaken their creations, it’s the case of yours, and it explains why there isn’t any trace of magic there. You are truly unlucky fufu.” ‘Thanks’ thought ironically Kyle. The figure akin to a god continued. “And so there are gods
that rules over whole universes. That’s me, I’m an Administrator. Now praise me.” The figure gained in substance and appeared as an androgynous being with a smug face… Met with a dead silence.

It continued with a cough. “And so, as you know, universe is in constant
expansion. This brings some problems like The Cracks in the World, or TCW if you are lazy. They sometimes appear, like one every thousands years and use powerful concepts to anchor in this reality. The number π is one of these anchors. Since it’s a number that tickles the Infinite, it’s used to create universes and thus is a powerful symbol. Well, enough of this useless rambling. You were like the unluckiest humans I’ve ever met and… Aaah, I can’t believe it. Well, I will somehow compensate for the embarrassment caused by reincarnating you all in another world with your full memories and a blessing!”

“HUH!?” The ten students and Ms. Fox were staring blankly, their
mouths agape.

The Administrator swung his hand and Kyle and the others slowly started
disappearing. Thinking about his little sister, now totally alone because they were orphans, Kyle shouted with eyes full of a will of steel dyed by a hint of madness “STOP!” . But it was already too late.

‘This kid is interesting, we don’t see this kind of gaze often. He seems to be
interesting… Perhaps I will watch him in my spare time.’ The Administrator left with a chuckle.

Kyle felt again pain. But this time it was a dull pain caused by some kind of
constriction. After some long instants, he finally was able to open his eyes… Only to find out that he had become a little baby held dearly in the arms of his “mother”. A quick look around confirmed him that he really reincarnated in another world. The walls of the little room where he came to life were old and full of holes. The bed had really thin sheets and the room gave an overall shabby appearance. If he was to compare to the Earth, it was some kind of slums area from the Middle Ages.
It was already too much information to bear for his new body so he started falling asleep. ‘I hope I can find Yukina, and go back to Earth, I want to dote on Esper…’

While he was asleep, his mother looked at him with mitigated feelings. “I
don’t know why, I have the urge to name him Kyle, Kyle Dawnstar…”
Somewhere, the Administrator was chuckling to himself while two other
gods were feeling somewhat disheartened by their increasing workload.

[AN] Hi, here is Gwenis the Lazy but Optimized guy! This is my first attempt a writing something so don’t be too harsh ‘tehee’. I hope it picked your interest.

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