The Correct Way of Faceslapping Chapter 7 (Arc 1.6)

Translated by: Lumina
Edited by: Daed
Proofread by: Shan

NOTE: Slight 18+ Content. There will be more explicit 18+ scenes next chapter. We will section it off for those who wish to skip.

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Lumina        Daed           Shan

After the people at C University learned that Du Xi had already arrived, they eagerly invited him to visit the school. Although this was just a nominal academic exchange, but truthfully they want to use this exchange to retain Du Xi. Or at least, be able to keep Du Xi’s technology. Du Xi is known as Dr. Du, who is very low key and has never appeared in any magazines or academic exchanges. However, in the field of biology, he is a representative of the new generation. The theory he put forward is praised as the transcending “invention” of the times, not to mention that he is currently the only person who can successfully apply the theory to technology.

The exchange conference of C University is the first one that he will have attended, and it is the first time that he will appear in public. This was enough for C University to brag about for a long time.

Du Xi spent several months at C University, but due to part-time work, he did not have time to familiarize himself with the school. Gu Yunxi accepted the invitation and treated it as going to get to know Du Xi’s alma mater for him.

As luck would have it, the person that the school dispatched just happened to be the girlfriend who had caused Du Xi to fall into despair —— Song Wei.

Song Wei is now a graduate student at C University and she is highly valued by her mentor. The school chose to dispatch her to receive such an important figure because of her ability to speak well and her beautiful looks. They intended for her to try her best to persuade Du Xi to stay in the country, since men tend to have relatively lower resistance against beautiful women.

Song Wei is a very observant person and is accustomed to seizing opportunities. After receiving the notice from the school, her heart couldn’t resist beating wildly. As long as she can get this legendary genius to stay, her future life is bound to go up another level.

When she went to collect the information of this talented researcher, she found that all his information was confidential. She had no idea about him at all when she came.

When she saw Du Xi appearing at the agreed place, Song Wei froze. Her eyes went round in her incredibility, the eyeballs slightly protruding. She stood in place, frozen like a statue.

“Du Xi?”

Gu Yunxi looked at her direction, squinting at her for a while before replying, “Hello.”

“It really is you! Why are you here? What are you doing here?” Song Wei’s words carried a deep sense of panic. She couldn’t believe that Du Xi, who had been cursed and scolded by everyone four years ago, could become a talented researcher. What’s worse is that she had given up her reputation to frame someone who would’ve made such extraordinary achievements in the future.

“Song Wei, since C University has chosen you to be the guide, please do your duty.” Gu Yunxi glanced at her coldly, ignoring her questions.

Du Xi had been very good to Song Wei at the time. The two people encouraged each other, watched and helped each other. Who could have imagined that in the end, this woman would finally drive Du Xi to death for a mere half a million from Su Zhan?

Gu Yunxi’s remarks did not carry any blame, but his foreign tone as if he was handling business affairs seemed to hit dozens of slaps on Song Wei’s face. She felt her face stinging.

Gu Yunxi no longer looked at her, calmly enjoying the scenery. Song Wei did do wrong to Du Xi, but Du Xi was kind and didn’t request to take revenge on her. He also wouldn’t waste his time.

“Du Xi, did you come back get revenge on me?” Song Wei’s eyes slightly reddened, tears glistening in her eyes. She took Gu Yunxi’s hand, continuing, “Is it the matter of that year? I also have my reasons.”

She knows Du Xi well, and she naturally knows what kind of excuse can make Du Xi forgive her.

Gu Yunxi expressionlessly brushed her hand away, wiping his hand clean with a disgusted face, “I hate people acting in front of me. Teacher Song has poor acting skills. Why don’t you go to the acting department to master the skills first then come back?”

He is a figure who has been respectfully invited by C University, there is no need for him to worry about the feelings of a small person like Song Wei. He will not actively go to provoke her, but he will not allow others to treat him as a fool. The original body wanted the truth, and Gu Yunxi will give him a truth. As for the ending of Song Wei, hah, the road is decided by oneself.

“You can go back now, Ms. Song. I will report the situation to the school truthfully.” Gu Yunxi said, before he turned and walked away.

Song Wei stared at his leaving figure, her mind completely blank.

A few days later, the principal of C University had an ashen complexion as he threw a report on the truth of the incident four years ago in front of Song Wei.

Song Wei bent down to pick it up, her hands trembling as she flipped through the pages. Finally, she sank down to the ground, her face deathly pale.

Her life is over.

She will carry this kind of reputation all her life, without any possibility of obtaining glory.


Downtown, in a fine dining restaurant.

Qin Mo is wearing a silver-gray casual outfit as he sits at the table. He smoked the cigarette in his hand while gently looking at the beautiful girl in front of him.

“Do you like what I gave you last time?” The low magnetic voice can make the ears numb, the girl sitting across immediately blushing.

“I bought you a necklace while I was abroad, it will suit you well.” As he spoke, he took out a delicately packaged box and pushed it towards the girl.

The girl took it with joy, holding her breath when she saw the necklace inside. This necklace is sky-high expensive. Su Ruo immediately took it out to happily wear it on her neck.

“Thank you, Brother Qin. I love it!” She smiled carefreely, her eyes lighting up with joy.

The girl is undoubtedly beautiful, especially when she looks so pure when she smiles with her head tilted up. This is the smile that Qin Mo usually liked to see the most.

But today, he frowned.

For some reason, the heart-stopping smile of that handsome, elegant youth flashed through his mind. Immediately, the joy of the person in front of him lost its glow. He even felt that the girl’s smile also carried the flattery that he was all too familiar with–it was disgusting.

He took a smoke, suppressing the discomfort in his heart.

“What’s wrong, Brother Qin?” Su Ruo asked tentatively, watching Qin Mo’s furrowed brow.

She was actually very afraid of Qin Mo. Even though this person treated her really well, but the murderous aura surrounding his body was not something that a little girl like her could bear. However, her father and older brother have told her not to offend Qin Mo, so she has to endure her fear of seeing him.

Another important reason is that Qin Mo will bring her extremely valuable gifts every time he came. This made her stand out in various upper-class parties, even those so-called first-class family ladies would direct envious gazes towards her.


Gu Yunxi planned to meet his sister, but Jingtian told him that Su Ruo was currently being loveydovey with Qin Mo. He advised him to go back instead and rest. Gu Yunxi patted Jing Tian’s head in amusement, asking where they were eating. Since he’s decided to seduce Qin Mo himself, it would be better to start from chance encounters.

And the Qin Mo who is supposed to be“being lovey dovey” at this time is starting to become a little impatient with Su Ruo’s endless chatter. He had never thought that the girl was this noisy. After lighting another cigarette, he suddenly realized that he had actually just felt slight disgust towards Su Ruo.

Qin Mo was irritated at this meal, no longer having the relaxation that seeing Su Ruo usually brought. But just as he was about to get up and leave, he raised his head to see the young man sitting not far away. He slightly blanked, freezing in place.

At that moment, his mind involuntarily emerged with the memory of the body that he had seen yesterday that had been oh-so-fair, as well as the seductive way that the young man had lightly licked his red lips. Qin Mo couldn’t help sucking in his breath.

As if he noticed his gaze, the young man turned around and looked up at him. He raised his wine glass and nodded slightly at him.

He had probably been drinking too quickly, a few drops of wine traveled down the youth’s white neck into his white shirt. The youth sighed in annoyance, lowering his head and reaching his hand into the shirt to clean.

Gu Yunxi’s lips curled up, revealing a faint smile.

He was very satisfied with Qin Mo’s reaction. He could feel the burning sensation of those sharp eyes that swept across his back from time to time.

This is the beginning of a man’s desire for a man.

He confirmed once again that Qin Mo’s affection for Su Ruo was not as deep as described in the world data; such superficial feelings were not enough to be called “love”.

In his opinion, Su Ruo is more like a pet kept in captivity by Qin Mo to make him happy.

For the first time ever, Qin Mo didn’t return to his home after he sent Su Ruo back to school. Instead, he lived in the villa next to C University again. He thought of the annoyance that the youth had at the restaurant, laughing happily.

Three chance encounters, he had to admit that he was aroused by the youth.

He wanted him. He wanted to see that person cry. He wants to kiss the youth’s fair body, and then lick away the tears that spilled from that pair of glistening and moist phoenix eyes.

This is a purely physical desire that belongs to the male instinct, not from feelings of like or love.

But so what if it is?

He is Qin Mo. Whatever he wants, even if he has to use clever means or any tricks, he will get it.

When Gu Yunxi saw the lights on in the villa across from his, he laughed softly.

Qin Mo is still just a man, after all. He thinks with his lower body like an animal. Gu Yunxi only needs to wait, and within a few days, that man will take action.

Remembering Qin Mo’s underworld empire, the corner of the youth’s mouth curved in a slight arc. How about he teaches this incomparable man what is called “there is a knife above the character for lust”? [1]

After Qin Mo confirmed his desire for Gu Yunxi, he immediately instructed people to investigate everything about Gu Yunxi, successfully obtaining his phone number and personal information.

Although, these are all superficial information. What Gu Yunxi doesn’t want others to know will never be investigated.

Even so, Gu Yunxi’s excellence had exceeded Qin Mo’s imagination.

He began to meet with Gu Yunxi frequently, the two often going out to eat together.

Qin Mo often chooses some romantic places to have dinner with Gu Yunxi, and gifts him a bouquet of beautiful roses each time. He’s clearly applied the means of pursuing women on him.

Gu Yunxi does not like flowers, nor does he like these so-called romances. In his opinion, he and Qin Mo tacitly agreed that they would become sex-friends. There was no need to make this so complicated.

Two men, who are both interested, have a meal and a date, and a natural one-night stand.

Qin Mo’s methods of courting women are annoying him.

Tonight they ate at Gu Yunxi’s villa. All the food was prepared by Gu Yunxi himself, it is so delicious that it can make people swallow their tongues.

After tens of thousands of years of reincarnation, Gu Yunxi has mastered almost all kinds of skills. He especially likes cooking, the taste he makes can make those gourmet masters feel ashamed. At the dining table, Gu Yunxi raised his wine glass to Qin Mo. After taking a sip, he lifted his chin. His eyes contained specks of amusement, and the end of his slightly raised eyes appeared to be smeared with top-quality rouge. The sight of him under the dim lighting was incredibly astounding. Qin Mo’s breath was taut, his heated gaze glued to the youth’s seductive collarbone and dainty Adam’s apple. When he saw the exquisite skin exposed by the youth’s shirt, his heart beat wildly. He couldn’t take it anymore, hurriedly scooping the youth up and kicking open the bedroom door.