The Correct Way of Face Slapping Chapter 9 (Arc 1.8)

Translated by Lumina
Edited by Daed
Proofread by Lare

Su Zhan has just turned 24 this year, with several pharmaceutical companies under his control which have been developing well and have a very good performance. Su Father intended to let him take over the entire Su family as soon as possible; in order to hone him, he arranged for Su Zhan to work at the headquarters to expand the market share of Su family products.

In the original course of events, Su Zhan did extremely well. In just one year, he allowed the company’s profits to double. No matter who saw him, they would praise his youth and success, and he was also proud of it.

In Su Zhan’s opinion, he has an outstanding brain for business. And if his brain is backed by the support of this bigshot Qin Mo, he can easily complete what Su Father has entrusted him with. He’ll let everyone take a good look at his keen business sense and excellent business skills.

However, now that Getchlins has entered C Country, they’ve quickly dominated the market that originally belonged to the Su Company. It was like a slap that ruthlessly hit his face. He’s barely able to keep the Su Company’s original share, let alone expand the business

The group of old men on the board of directors expressed their dissatisfaction with him, saying that he was still too young. Even Su Father’s eyes showed deep disappointment.

Su Zhan secretly cursed, they’re a group of villains!

“Ruo Ruo, can you do me a favor?” After sweeping objects to the floor in anger, he picked up his cell phone and called Su Ruo. Since he’s hit a wall with the people of Getchlins, with no leeway, don’t blame him for not holding back anymore.

Su Ruo was shopping with several classmates. It’s one of the big shopping streets under Qin Mo’s name. She can choose whatever she wants. Moreover, Qin Mo specifically instructed that everything she buys is free of charge. From time to time, she would bring her classmates here and enjoy the envious and jealous eyes that they cast on her.

“What’s the matter, Brother? I’m shopping right now.” The girl’s voice was soft and sweet, like she was being coquettish.

Su Zhan chuckled and said, “Brother wants you to teach someone a lesson.” He paused and added, “This person is our Su Company’s competitor. Lately, dad and older brother haven’t been able to get a good night’s sleep because of them.”

Su Ruo nodded, “Okay, I will talk to Qin-dage. Don’t worry.” In her heart, Qin Mo is a person who will never refuse her.

She knows that Su Zhan is not her biological brother, but so what? She grew up together with Su Zhan, and Su Zhan has always pampered her. As for that big brother who came from who knows where, what does he matter? If he’s dead, then he’s dead. Whatever.

After hanging up the phone, Su Zhan heaved a sigh of relief and put on a relaxed smile again. He was fed up with dealing with those people in Getchlins.

This time he’ll let them take a good look at what would happen if they plucked the hair from a tiger’s mouth.

When he thought of Qin Mo, his smile became smug.

So what if Qin Mo deals in both the underworld and surfaceworld? So what if he’s in a high position with great authority and power? He still obediently listens to his sister Su Ruo’s words, being summoned by the Su family like a loyal dog.

After all, he knows how deep Qin Mo’s affection for Su Ruo is. At that time, he will properly inconvenience this incredible man.

Once he thought of an authoritative figure like Qin Mo possibly currying favor with him for his sister in the future, facing them in a lowly manner, Su Zhan felt a secret pleasure.  .


Gu Yunxi’s life basically went as he planned, except for Qin Mo, who exceeded his expectations.

After that night, he thought it was the end of their relationship.

Maybe one day, one of them will call the other one when they want it, and then everyone will go to bed and satisfy their desire.

However, Qin Mo seems to have begun courting him. Not only is there the bouquet of flowers every day, there’s also the morning and evening greetings by phone, inviting him to eat together every few days.

When Qin Mo was with him, his sharp eyes always looked at him intently. In his eyes was a gentleness that could not be concealed, as if Gu Yunxi was a lover in his heart who needed to be carefully pampered.

It doesn’t matter to Gu Yunxi whether Qin Mo loved him or not. He doesn’t know how many worlds he still has to travel to for his revenge, so he doesn’t need any emotional attachments.

Occasionally, it’s enough to choose to have a hearty and comfortable round of sex with a man like Qin Mo.

Gu Yunxi’s living room, next to the dining table.

“Mr. Qin, this present is too valuable.” Gu Yunxi  pushed back the villa key in front of him with a smile. He understood Qin Mo’s meaning, but he was used to being alone and didn’t want anyone to disrupt his current lifestyle.

Qin Mo took a smoke and looked at him. “Yunxi is being too courteous with me. Based on our relationship, you can call me Mo or Qin-dage.”

“Oh?” Gu Yunxi raised an eyebrow, a pair of phoenix eyes seemed to smile and not at the same time[1], “Mo?” He leaned in close to Qin Mo’s mouth, his warm and ambiguous breath gently brushing the man’s handsome face.

Qin Mo’s eyes darkened, pulling the young man onto his leg and holding him there. He kissed those full red lips fiercely, then traced down the young man’s handsome face. He took that delicate and elegant Adam’s apple in his mouth, lightly sucking and nibbling, immensely pleased to hear the hoarse groans that reached his ears.

“Enough, mm… let go of me …” Gu Yunxi tugged at the man’s thick, hard short hair, his eyes narrowing.

Even if he is skillful, he has only experienced sex once, and is still very new. How would he be able to resist this kind of high-level provocation? The strength of his rejection weakened, the words of refusal becoming more like he was playing hard to get instead.

Qin Mo was silent, his deep and beautiful facial features so insanely sexy under the light. His large, hot palms were attached to Gu Yunxi’s body as his teeth ravaged the young man’s neck.

“Ah! It hurts, let go … You jerk, let go … mm!” Gu Yunxi was completely defeated by Qin Mo’s teasing, tears seeming to gather in his clear eyes.

Qin Mo narrowed his eyes slightly, unmoved, his hands continuing to harass the young man.

“I agreed … I agreed!” Gu Yunxi finally showed weakness, and his usually indifferent voice trembled with grievance.

However, his weakness didn’t get the pity of the man; instead, the man ripped his shirt even more brazenly.

Gu Yunxi finally couldn’t bear it anymore. He raised the man’s face and covered his lips, sticking his tongue into the other’s mouth. His agile tongue swept through the man’s mouth, biting hard on his tongue until it was bleeding.

He lifted his body up, licked the blood off his lips, and looked at the Qin Mo who he had made a fool of with amusement in his eyes. His arrogant look was like a rebellious cheetah.

Qin Mo chuckled and licked his lips, his handsome face carrying elements of wickedness.

Gu Yunxi frowned, a bad feeling overcoming him. Then he paled, glaring fiercely at the man.

Since the last time, he had let Jing Tian adjust his physical stats again. This made his body extremely suitable for making love, but Qin Mo’s rough thrusts still made him feel pain. Soon though, this pain turned into extreme pleasure.

His mouth was sealed by Qin Mo, who swallowed his moans. A numbing pleasure overwhelmed Gu Yunxi’s senses, and the young man’s eyes squinted drunkenly.

The dining room resounded with intermittent gasps and hoarse moans.

Qin Mo looked at the beautiful young man who was bullied by him on the table and licked the corner of his mouth again.

He forgot his surroundings as he sucked on the young man, his hot lips kissing down the young man’s back, leaving behind a trail of hickeys.

Yet he was still not satisfied. He wanted to hear Gu Yunxi’s sincere pleas for mercy, and wanted to see the man’s crying face.

As a result, he became fiercer.

Gu Yunxi was about to go crazy from this pleasure. He gasped for breath, trying to turn his head to see this bastard but he didn’t have the strength to break free from Qin Mo’s restraint. He had no choice but to lie limply on the table.

Thus, Qin Mo relied on a round of forceful sex to successfully begin cohabitation life with Gu Yunxi.