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The Days of Being an Assistant for the CEO of a Mary Sue Novel C1

Translated by ImmoralShan

Proofread by Lynn

My name is Lu Ping’an.

I am the president’s personal assistant.

I used to be the one sitting in the president’s seat.

Due to staying up too late and staying up too many nights, I suddenly died at the age of 38.

For this, I felt very regretful.

I thought of the business I worked so hard to start when I was young, even my girlfriend ran away twice with others, before I finally met my end after working for a lifetime.

It was simply too horrible to look at, I was in such a wretched state that anyone who saw or heard of this would be in tears.

In conclusion, I regretted it very much.

I didn’t know if it was God who heard my whole-hearted wish.

So as soon as I opened my eyes, I became president again——


I thought, since I’m a little assistant now, I should learn to take action when the fish are in turbulent waters (T/N: to take advantage of the chaos to gain benefits), to not get involved in troublesome matters.

But my boss seemed to have a problem with me.

From time to time, he would give me some work to do, which made me wonder if there were any supernatural forces in the world, such as zombies, who were willing to eat people’s brains.

Like now——

“Pang’an, help me investigate who that woman was last night.”

With that, my boss hung up the phone very quickly.

Short, compendious, and powerful…… You motherfu*cker!

Last night?

Sorry boss, I was at home last night.

I slept very well.

I don’t know where you went last night, what you did, who you met, and what happened, and yet you called me in at the break of dawn to tell me without a head or tail (T/N: with no information what-so-ever) about this god-knows-what task to trouble me.

I am just an ordinary assistant.

As an ordinary assistant, I think I should call my boss back and ask him where he went last night, what he did, who he met, and what happened so that I can figure out what I have to investigate. But this novel’s setting does not allow me to do so.

Based on this novel’s setting, I should not question what the boss told me to do. I have to finish it perfectly and conscientiously, then hand over the results to him the next morning.

So first, I took a taxi to the company.

And I also asked for a receipt, so that the company can reimburse me.

After all, I’m working for the boss so all the expenses are to be compensated.

In the company, I found my boss’ driver, master Zhao.

“Where did the boss ask you to take him last night?”

“Blackhole bar.”

“Do you know what happened to the boss at the Blackhole bar?”

“I don’t know. I sent my boss to the entrance and he told me to go back first.”

“OK, thank you, master Zhao. Next time, let the boss invite you to dinner.”

“You’re welcome.”

So I took a taxi to the Blackhole bar to ask others.

After questioning a sleepy handsome waiter at the bar, I still didn’t get any information.

Those novels are full of deceit. What ‘look for a person and you will always find that person’ and ‘ask questions and you will always get key information’? There is none here where I’m at (T/N: he’s saying that in other novels, you always seem to get everything your way, but not in the novel he’s in).

“Handsome boy, does this bar have surveillance?”

“What are you doing?” The handsome blondie looked at me warily and doubted whether I was a policeman disguised in plain clothes who does drug busts.

“I’ll just look for a bit.”

“No way.”

“I’m not a policeman.”

“Then that’s more of a reason not to let you look.”

At the end of the conversation, this person was nearly impossible to communicate with!

No helping it, I could only use my ultimate skill.

A “thump” sounded, I knelt on the high stool in front of the handsome boy.

“Please help me, handsome boy. If I can’t see the surveillance then I can’t finish the task my boss gave me. He will fire me. I will have no job. No job means no money, no money means no food, no food means that I have to go begging. I might even have my hands and legs broken. The future is gray and bleak. Handsome boy, you’re so handsome, you wouldn’t let me spend the second half of my life so miserably right?” With a face crying bitterly, it added to the effect.

The handsome boy looked at me with a disdainful face and pointed to a door behind him, “It’s in there, I’ll show it to you so can you stop crying?”

“Okay, thank you.” I became collected in an instant.

Being serious had always been my essence. I could pretend that I didn’t see the surprised expression on the face of the handsome blondie.

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