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The Husbands from the Republic of China C2.2

Translator: AL13N
Editor: Jacey
Proofreader: Vex

Chapter 2 (2/2)

A cold wind suddenly came in from the half-opened window, Liu Huaiyu shivered, and immediately pulled Gu Sichu’s attention back.

Looking out of the window, they saw uncovered snow, and the two of them are still wearing summer clothes, especially Liu Huaiyu, who was only wearing a thin coat.

Gu Sichu immediately took off his suit and put it on Liu Huaiyu’s body. He picked him up and tucked him into the quilt on the brick bed.

“Wait, I’ll find some clothes, wear these first, then I’ll buy some clothes after I figure out where this place is.”

Liu Huaiyu nodded, looked at Gu Sichu opening an old wardrobe and rummaging inside.

Although the clothes in the wardrobe looked old, they all clean and fragrant, which made Gu Sichu feel better.

Looking at the strange, but warm clothes inside, Gu Sichu was in a better mood and handed it to Liu Huaiyu.

After Liu Huaiyu put them on, he found that the clothes fit his body very well, just as if they were tailored for him.

Gu Sichu also changed his clothes and found that it was the same as his body shape.

Liu Huaiyu walked towards Gu Sichu, looking at his handsome husband who was wearing a black cotton jacket, his eyes curved.

“Indeed it’s my husband. He looks good in everything.”

Mr Gu, who has long been accustomed to compliments of his little lady, smiled, pinched Liu Huaiyu’s nose, and he also complimented.

“Mrs Gu looks good too.”

The couple looked at each other, and then laughed, and the previous unease and trepidation of arriving in a strange place had all dissipated.

Liu Huaiyu stepped forward and hugged Gu Sichu’s waist, and pressed his cheek against his chest.

“I don’t know what happened to us, but as long as we are together, it doesn’t matter.”

Gu Sichu hugged back Liu Huaiyu and agreed.

“Mrs Gu is right. No matter where we are, I will make you and your children have a good life.”

Liu Huaiyu nodded, believing Gu Sichu’s words.

“My husband is so good. He will be a good man no matter where he is.”

Gu Sichu did not understand why Liu Huaiyu was so blindly confident in him, but he still felt good to be trusted by his lover and couldn’t help but hold Liu Huaiyu more tightly.

Just as the couple were deeply affectionate, Liu Huaiyu’s stomach suddenly began growling.

Liu Huaiyu’s ears reddened, and Gu Sichu chuckled slightly. “Looks like the little guy in your stomach is hungry,” he said while patting Liu Huaiyu’s stomach.

Liu Huaiyu pursed his lips and got out from his husband’s embrace. “I’m going to cook now. I’m not sure how it’s done here.”

He was educated to become a matriarch ever since he was a child, so cooking was a simple matter to him.

On the other hand, Gu Sichu didn’t understand a thing about cooking, and the only thing he could do was accompany Liu Huaiyu.

Author’s note:

The little Mrs. and Mr. Gu are transmigrators~

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