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The Husbands from the Republic of China Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Member

Gu Sichu couldn’t think of why Gu Siye would speak like this. After all, as the son, who would tell others that his own mother was a mistress?

Seeming to have seen the distrust on Gu Sichu’s face, Gu Siye immediately waved his hand and spoke indifferently.

“Don’t look so strange about it, anyways, the entire capital knows about this matter.

Moreover, other than that woman Ji Manrou, who is the official wife, there are still 3 other wives in this family. The old man is enjoying his life with several partners to the fullest, basically thinking of himself as the emperor.”

Gu Sichu did not have any feelings about this. After all, in the era he was from, having 3 wives and 4 concubines in the main house was very normal. Instead, it was not normal to be like him and only want a single person.

Gu Siye was very enthusiastic in the conversation, even if Gu Sichu never spoke from start to end, he would only think that Gu Sichu found all of this preposterous, and he continued speaking.

“The old man’s true wife, Ji Manrou, is a ruthless character. If not, how could she stay as Madam Gu for this long?

She gave birth to two children for the old man. The first was a daughter, who is also our Oldest sister. She’s 29 this year, married for 3 years but still doesn’t have any children.

There is also a son, ranked the second-oldest among the brothers1, also known as our Second-oldest brother. Heh, he’s 27 this year, just younger than my oldest brother by 2 months. When my Oldest brother was born, I heard that Ji Manrou was so angry that she almost miscarried.”

After Gu Siye laughed to himself for a bit, he then turned to Gu Sichu with full interest.

“And there’s you. Your name was recorded under Ji Manrou’s name, ranked fifth-oldest, and you’re considered as her son now.”

Gu Sichu felt a headache setting in. He never thought that the dirty laundry of this household was this preposterous. Especially his father in name, he was even more so unbridledly outstanding.

A bastard son who became the oldest son, how was this not preposterous?

After immersing himself in his schadenfreude for a while, Gu Siye continued.

“There is also that Third Madam, she gave birth to three children. Gu Simo who is ranked third-oldest among the brothers, 25 years old, also older than me by 3 months. He’s a bookworm.

Ranked second-oldest among the sisters is Gu Ruiqi, 23 years old and the same age as you. She seems to be cast from the same mould as her mother, crying at the slightest pretext, it’s really… Tsk, nothing to discuss.

There’s also that sixth-oldest, youngest among the brothers, Gu Size. He’s 20 this year, still in school. Although he looks pretty simple normally, who in our family is truly simple?”

At this moment, Gu Sichu could more or less understand the embers of this household. He looked at Gu Siye somewhat uncertainly.

“Why are you telling me all of this?”

Gu Siye seemed to think about it for a while, then answered as he pretended to be profound.

“Why? Hm, it probably is because I felt you were pleasing to the eye since I was young.”

Gu Sichu did not ask further. No matter if what Gu Siye said was true or not, he still had to thank him for telling him about some of the matters of this household.

“I’m very thankful for you informing me of all of this.”

Gu Siye just waved his hand, his tone very casual.

“I just like your sort of very polite temperament, it’s much better than the others.”

Just at this time, the room door was pushed open. Liu Huaiyu personally carried a tea tray in.

Gu Siche hurriedly stood up to help and took the tray, creasing his forehead as he spoke.

“Why did you bring this up yourself? What about the servants?”

Liu Huaiyu didn’t reply, but just smiled at him.

Gu Sichu’s heart skipped a beat, then couldn’t help but scold himself in his heart. This Gu household was no longer the Gu household of before, and he actually did not consider carefully enough just now. Fully apologetic, he said to Liu Huaiyu.

“Sorry, it was me who did not consider carefully enough.”

However, Liu Huaiyu gave Gu Sichu a light glare and said.

“What are you talking about? There are still guests about, don’t let them laugh at you.”

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  1. text just says second-oldest but this should be among all the male children in the family. Feels redundant to say this with the next part though

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