The Husbands from the Republic of China Chapter 1.2

The Husbands from the Republic of China Chapter 1.2


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Liu Huaiyu had been indoctrinated since young that he would become Gu Sichu’s wife. From early on, he developed deep feelings for his future husband. Plus, after seeing that handsome face several times, his feelings grew even more profound.

    Gu Sichu was a very responsible person who followed his parents’ commands and the matchmaker’s proclamation. He had no objections to it. 

    And afterwards, the two people’s feelings became deeper and deeper, inspiring other people’s jealousy. One could only say it was fated.   

    Perhaps this was a marriage by the fate of heaven. 

    Furthermore, with Liu Huaiyu pregnant within two years of marriage, it was even more of a blessing. 

    After all, who knew if Liu Huaiyu could really have a baby. Even if one did not think he had the ability, then what? 

    Gu Sichu held Liu Huaiyu’s hand, heart filled with emotions. 

    His heart had long since identified Liu Huaiyu as the one, his mind as well. and he has already made up his mind. Even if Liu Huaiyu could not become pregnant, he would still spend the rest of his life with him. 

    Now, the arrival of this child was not necessary but rather a gift from his husband. 

    Carefully reaching out to hold Liu Huaiyu, Gu Sichu dismissed the attendant on hand, and gently placed his chin on Liu Huaiyu’s hair. He softly said, “It’s my fault this child came a bit too early. You are still at a young age, it’s really hard on you.” 

    Liu Huaiyu disagreed, shaking his head, “Who came early. Rather, I think he came too late. 

    “Mother had been chanting for a baby for over a year. If I fail to live up to expectations, I’m afraid that she will even find a concubine for you.” [LHY said]

    Listening to the smell of vinegar[1] in Liu Huaiyu’s words, Gu Sichu sighed and coaxed him with a gentle tone. 

    “That’s all nonsense. What concubine? Did I not tell you that I will have only you in this life.”

    Liu Huaiyu turned around and looked at his husband’s handsome face. Her heart suddenly softened and he looked up to kiss Gu Sichu. 

    “I am jealous.” 

    Probably only the little wife in his arms can be so straightforward about his jealousy. Gu Sichu laughed, his eyes full of devotion. 

    The husband and wife talked intimately. The maid carrying water immediately retreated after catching an eyeful. Along the retreat, the maid also removed the other servants at the door and closed the door. 

    The room quieted down, and Liu Huaiyu comfortably rested in Gu Sichu’s arms. 

    “Earlier, upon hearing the news, Mother said she will see me later and sent quite some tonics. 

    Big brother has been married for many years and still hasn’t had any news[2] yet. It seems that Mother is anxious.” 

    Gu Sichu sniffed the fragrance in the little wife’s hair and said casually, “The old lady has been looking forward to this for so many years. Afterwards, she will also reward you. In spite of whatever it is, you should just accept it.” 

    Liu Huaiyu laughed a few times and reached out a hand to touched Gu Sichu’s back. He said in a jokingly manner, “In fact, this matter has little to do with me. If the old lady wants to reward someone, she should award you.” 

    Gu Si’s face was thin[3]. He couldn’t even say a single bold line with such forthright. Listening to Liu Huaiyu’s jokes at this time, he had an unnatural cough.   

    Liu Huaiyu giggled a few times and was about to continue talking when out of the corner of his eye he suddenly saw a cluster of glowing items next to the pillow.. 

    He couldn’t remember what he had placed next to the pillow. Liu Huaiyu snorted and asked what the item was. He subconsciously stretched his hand out. 

    Gu Sichu naturally saw it himself, but he looked cautiously. He saw Liu Huaiyu’s hand stretched out and immediately reached out to grab his hand. 

    “Do not…”

    Before he could say his warning out loud, the thumb-sized cluster of lights suddenly burst out, and when Liu Huaiyu let out a sound of shock, the light wrapped the two people inside. 

    The moment the two figures disappeared, the cluster of lights instantly disappeared as if they had never appeared in the first place. 

    Only the messy bed and the lingering warmth in the quilt revealed that there were people present earlier. 

[1] Vinegar represents jealousy

[2] News of pregnancy

[3] Thin as in easily embarrassed

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