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The Husbands from the Republic of China Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Arrival

Translated by Fox23

The two of them came out from the master room in order to see the entire courtyard clearly. 

The courtyard wasn’t really big, but it was kept very tidy and , with all of the snow swept up very cleanly. It was clear that the two people who had lived here before were people who liked to keep things tidy and organized. 

There was also a tree in the courtyard but neither knew what type of tree it was. 

The kitchen was next to the main bedroom, but when the two of them walked in there, they were immediately overwhelmed by all of the different things in there. 

Liu Huaiyu glanced around. Not knowing what was used for cooking, so he turned and asked Gu Sichu: “This is the kitchen? How do we cook here?”

Gu Sichu also never seen these gadgets before; after he walked ahead and observed a few of them, he understood the general use of them, so he picked up a plug and stated: “These gadgets all need electricity.”

While he was speaking, he plugged it into a socket next to him, and with a “di” sound, the flat appliance had a red light that lit up. 

Then, Gu Sichu followed the instructions on the buttons of the appliance, and after pressing a few buttons, he completely understood how to use the thing, and explained it to Liu Huaiyu. 

After he finished explaining, Liu Huaiyu looked at Gu Sichu with heartfelt admiration and said:

“As expected of my husband, indeed!” 

Gu Sichu accepted the praise with some embarrassment, so he just reached out and patted Liu Huaiyu’s head. 

Later, after the two experimented more, Liu Huaiyu found some ingredients, and, with a lot of trial and error, cooked a meal. 

Although it wasn’t as excellent as his usual level, due to him not being familiar with controlling the heat, the two were still pretty satisfied with this meal. 

The two also knew how to light a fire, so in no time the house was pretty warm.

Just when Liu Huaiyu was holding a cup of warm water, the sound of someone knocking on the door reached their ears, and with it, came a woman’s voice. 

    Gu Sichu and Liu Huaiyu looked at each other. At last, the two of them went to open the door together. After all, they couldn’t stay here all the time without going out. As for the issue of their appearance, Gu Sichu also had some plans.

     It was only after they opened the door that they realized that their concerns were completely unnecessary.

     As soon as they opened the door, they saw a slightly fat yet kind-looking aunt standing outside.

     As soon as the aunt saw them, she immediately passed the bacon in her hand to Liu Huaiyu and said, “Xiao Liu, my daughter* brought me some cured pork from out of town, and I, Aunt Gui, will give you some to try.”

[TN: In Chinese, to indicate closeness (and seniority), you call place “xiao” (which means little) before their surname/name. The term this auntie used to describe her daughter is 闺女 which means “unmarried daughter” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ]

     After speaking, Aunt Gui saw Gu Sichu next to him and spoke again.

     “Ah, Xiao Gu, you are here too. Are your injuries better? Well, it has been three months since you were Xiao Liu saved you, so those injuries should be about healed now. I see that you are quite energetic. That’s good. It’s good that you are healed. You young people recover quickly. “

     Gu Sichu and Liu Huaiyu looked at each other. They followed along Aunt Gui’s lead and replied to her comments. 

     Aunt Gui was very easy to talk to. She said a lot in a short while, but she didn’t say much useful information.

     In the end, this kind aunt gave a few words of concern and then left.

     Liu Huaiyu looked at the bacon in his hand and laughed.

    “Before, we often ate this cured bacon. After arriving to this place, it became a rare thing.”

     Gu Sichu helped him carry it. Thinking of what Aunt Gui had just said, he pulled Liu Huaiyu back into the house.

     “From what Aunt Gui said just now, you and I look the exact same as the original people here. She didn’t even notice anything wrong.”

     Liu Huaiyu nodded and continued where Gu Sichu left off.

     “And from what Aunt Gui said just now, the original you was rescued by the original me. Then the original you is not from this area, so who exactly is the identity of the original you?”

     Liu Huaiyu’s words were strange, but it didn’t prevent Gu Sichu from understanding, so he said.

     “Unexpectedly, there would be such a weirdly wonderful thing. Since the two of us are here, we will become the original two people from now on. It’s just that we disappeared like this, I am afraid that our parents will grieve.”

    Liu Huaiyu held Gu Sichu’s hand to comfort him. He said, “There still are older brothers and their wives in the family, so we can only let them fulfil our filial piety duties on our behalf.”

     Gu Sichu nodded. He didn’t feel sad for long and then began speaking again, “We look the same as the original two people, and we don’t know if there is any difference between our names. “

     Liu Huaiyu thought for a while and said, “there should be something that can prove our identities. In a little bit, let’s go look for it. We should be able to find it.”

     Gu Sichu nodded in agreement. He had no time to spare in his heart for the law. He could only touch Liu Huaiyu’s cheek and say, “That’s enough for today. Let’s rest first, and talk about it tomorrow.”

     With so many things happening today and given that he was still pregnant with the child, Liu Huaiyu was indeed a little tired. He nodded. Holding Gu Sichu, he said, “Let’s sleep together.”


Author’s note:

This novel is utterly sweet, so sweet that you need to drink water kind of sweet.

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