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The Husbands from the Republic of China Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Identity

Translated by Fox23

On the second day of being in this strange/unfamiliar place, Gu Si Chu and Liu Huaiyu had accepted their circumstances even though there were still some things they couldn’t figure out to use.

But since they were created, it meant that mankind researched and discovered how to make it, so the husband and wife were not in any rush.

When they got up early in the morning, the husband and wife washed up and started a big “mopping up” session at home which really helped them find a lot of items.

An identity certificate, a property deed, and a red household registration book all had Liu Huaiyu’s name on them. One can understand the purpose of these items!

There is also a passbook. Although it was different from the money they used in their original world, its purpose could also be roughly understood. It was just that they didn’t know how to withdraw the money in the passbook.

Although they didn’t want to use the money from the passbook, other than the bare necessities, the two had barely had anything. They could only borrow the money in the passbook temporarily and make up for it later.

Liu Huaiyu took some paper money and shook it at Gu Sichu.

“Husband, this should be the local currency here, but I don’t know what the exchange value is.”

Gu Sichu took it and counted it. According to the above value, it was seventy-eight yuan.

“We will understand when we go out and buy something in a while.”

 Liu Huaiyu had always agreed with Gu Sichu, so he nodded and continued to speak as he turned.

“Then I will clean the house first. After all we still have to live here.”

After Liu Huaiyu finished speaking, he was about to start cleaning but Gu Sichu quickly stopped him.

“You are with a child, it’s not convenient. I should still do it.”

Liu Huaiyu smiled and leaned over to give Gu Sichu’s face a kiss.

“Am I so fragile? Besides husband, can you really do it?”

Slightly embarrassed, Gu Sichu coughed softly and said reluctantly, “I don’t know how to do this, so can’t you come by my side and teach me?” 

In the end, Liu Huaiyu was unable to resist Gu Sichu, so he could only give assistance from the sidelines. 

Although Gu Sichu did not do the job smoothly, in fact some parts ended up an utter disaster, he still received highest compliments from Liu Huaiyu. Gu Sichu’s ears glowed red from the compliments. 

After they finished cleaning the house, the couple went for a stroll around the village and got a rough idea of the situation in the village. 

They even bought vegetables and figured out the exchange rate of the area. They realized that the money they had with them was not enough. 

Nonetheless, they still had some in their passbook. It looked like they would have to quickly make a plan on how to withdraw money.

Time passed by swiftly and soon, the couple had lived in this strange era for about five to six days. Using the food supplies at home and the money on hand, the husband and wife didn’t suffer at all. 

But today was the day they finally ran out of supplies and money. 

But in these few days, the couple learned how to go to town. 

When they were asking for the time, the husband and wife arrived at the public bus stop and ran into Aunt Gu who was waiting at the same stop. 

Beside Aunt Gui stood a woman carrying a child. The woman was likely to be Aunt Gui’s daughter.

“Aunt Gui, you are heading to the town too?” 

Aunt Gui was delighted to see Liu Huaiyu and Gu Sichu. She quickly answered, “Yes, my daughter is heading back. I’m taking her on the bus into town. Are you heading to town to buy something?” 

Gu Sichu nodded to Aunt Gui and her daughter as a greeting. 

“Yes, there’s more choices available in town.” 

“That’s right, that’s right. Youngsters like you two should go out more often.” 

Saying these words, the bus arrived. The four of them boarded the bus. Gu Sichu carefully guided Liu Huaiyu to his seat. 

Aunt Gui saw it and praised them for their good brotherhood, however Aunt Gui’s daughter looked at them strangely a few times.

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