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The Husbands from the Republic of China Chapter 7

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Chapter 7- Found

When the lobby manager who had just come back with a cup of water heard these words, her hands couldn’t help but shake. A burst of sorrow welled up in her heart.

As a middle-aged single woman, she not only had to be hit by heterosexual public displays of affection on normal days, but she even had to be hit by a homosexual public display of affection today!

Sure enough, all the handsome boys had boyfriends!

Even though she was very supportive of eating dog food, the lobby manager still carried over the water and said, “Sir, we can complete the transaction now.”

{T/N: For those of you who don’t know, dog food is the food that is tossed to the single dogs by loving, affectionate couples. So PDA.}

Gu Sichu nodded and patted Liu Huaiyu’s head as he said, “You rest first. I’m going to finish our business here.”

Liu Huaiyu nodded and watched Gu Sichu leave. He felt somewhat bored for a while.

The lobby manager standing at the side seemed like she couldn’t hold back anymore and finally couldn’t help but ask quietly, “You… are you guys a couple?”

After she asked, the lobby manager also seemed to feel that she was being a bit impolite, so she promptly added, “My… my apologies. I was too rude. I shouldn’t have asked.”

Liu Huaiyu raised an eyebrow. “Couple?”

The lobby manager already regretted asking very much. She thought that she had made him angry, and wanted to say something else.

At this time, she actually heard this beautiful youth, who had red lips and white teeth, continue to say, “If you mean that we just got together when you say couple, that’s not true. We’re not in that kind of shallow relationship.”

The lobby manager was startled and immediately wanted to apologize, but Liu Huaiyu suddenly raised his hand. He spread out his fingers towards the lobby manager and showed off the dazzling golden ring on his ring finger. His eyes curved and he smiled lightly as he said, “We’ve already been married for two years.”

Just when the lobby manager became stunned, not only due to Liu Huaiyu’s words, but also due to the sudden shock brought on by his beautiful appearance, Gu Sichu returned, holding both the money and the passbook.

It wasn’t until the two had left the bank that the lobby manager returned to her senses. She suddenly trembled and muttered, “No wonder boys are always with other boys. They’re really too handsome!”

After leaving the bank, Gu Sichu and Liu Huaiyu bought their daily necessities and rode back to the village.

Even though Liu Huaiyu still wanted to stroll around a bit, the temperature was getting lower. His body also wasn’t very strong, so he was cruelly refused by Gu Sichu.

The two returned to the village and passed the next few days in peace.

But, these peaceful days would always come to an end.

That morning, Liu Huaiyu made breakfast with the help of Gu Sichu. The two of them had just finished eating sweetly and hadn’t yet cleaned up the dishes, when there was a knock on the door.

Only Aunt Gui had come these past few days, so Liu Huaiyu thought that today’s visitor should also be Aunt Gui. He naturally went to open the door.

Only, when he opened the door, a few big men in black Western suits appeared. Liu Huaiyu was taken aback and subconsciously called for Gu Sichu. “Husband- “

One big man took off his sunglasses and sized up Liu Huaiyu expressionlessly. Then, he said, “We came to find Fifth Young Master.”

Gu Sichu had run over as soon as he heard Liu Huaiyu’s call. When he saw the group of people in black who clearly had uncommon identities and heard what they said, he immediately remembered the identity of the original “him.”

Frowned slightly, a gloomy light flashed through Gu Sichu’s eyes. He said in a slightly unpleasant tone, “Who are you guys? There is no Fifth Young Master here.”

Upon seeing Gu Sichu, the man in black immediately changed his attitude. Although he was still expressionless, his coldness in his tone slightly eased up. “Fifth Young Master, the old Master has been looking for you for a long time. You should come back with us now.”

As he said so, the people behind the man in black wanted to advance forward. Liu Huaiyu, who was on the side, immediately stepped before Gu Sichu and said, “Husband doesn’t know anything. Before, when I saved him, he had a head injury.”

Gu Sichu’s mind was at peace. He just knew that his little wife would understand his meaning.

When that man in black heard Liu Huaiyu’s words, his forehead formed a deep crease. He suddenly turned and left, taking out his phone to make a call.

Liu Huaiyu took advantage of the time the man in black was making a phone call to turn around and fearfully wrap his arms around Gu Sichu’s waist. He said quietly, “What do we do?”

Gu Sichu lowered his head and lightly pecked the tip of Liu Huaiyu’s ear. Equally quietly, he said, “Don’t worry. We’ll act according to the circumstances.”

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