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The Husbands from the Republic of China Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Depart

As long as there was Gu Sichu beside him, Liu Huaiyu would not worry about anything. Thus, he only nodded his head slightly.

After making the phone call, the man in black came back just in time to see them hugging each other. Disdain flashed in his eyes, and he spoke coldly.

“The Old Master just said the Fifth Young Master got injured from saving the Old Master, once you have returned to the capital, he would naturally call for doctors for your medical treatment.”

Gu Sichu’s eyebrows remained furrowed, but he still said.

“Since this is so, then I’ll go back. However, I want to bring him back as well.”

At this point, the disdain on the man in black’s face had already been completely covered up, and spoke straightforwardly.

“If the Fifth Young Master would like to bring a little lover back, of course he can.”

Gu Sichu was annoyed by the disrespect the man in black had towards Liu Huaiyu in his tone, and his face immediately darkened. He spoke coldly:

“What kind of words should be spoken and what kind of words should not be spoken; please consider them properly before the next time you open your mouth.”

Liu Huaiyu tugged at Gu Sichu’s sleeve, indicating for him to not get angry.

Gu Sichu’s facial expression remained solemn, but he still followed Liu Huaiyu’s desire and only said in a low voice:

“We will head in to pack our items, you all will have to wait.”

After Gu Sichu and Liu Huaiyu went back to pack their items, the little brother behind the man in black instantly sneered, and his tone was full of disdain and contempt as he spoke.

“He lost his memory, yet his temper has grown. The Fifth Young Master is no ordinary person!”

The man in black glanced at the little brother, but he did not say anything about it, only speaking indifferently.

“Don’t talk nonsense.”

That little brother immediately smiled mischievously at the man in black.

Meanwhile, the husbands who have returned back to the house were still packing their items. Liu Huaiyu was a bit concerned as he said:

“From that heavy man’s attitude, it seems like the original “you” is probably not favoured at that house. If not, why would a subordinate dare put on airs in front of their master?”

However, Gu Sichu was not as worried as Liu Huaiyu, rubbing his cheek to comfort him.

“Did you forget what kind of environment your husband had grown up in? Rest assured, your husband will definitely strive for your and our child’s honour.”

The concern between Liu Huaiyu’s eyebrows was finally dispelled completely, shooting a sweet smile at Gu Sichu.

“Of course, I would trust my husband.”

The husbands did not pack for long, only taking the important documents and the clothes they wore when they came here before coming out.

Liu Huaiyu was the one to lock the main entrance, and all the way until he heard the “clatter” of the lock, a trace of reluctance still arose in his heart.

Noticing Liu Huaiyu’s mood, Gu Sichu took his hand, silently giving him comfort.

Just when the two were about to enter the car, Aunt Gui happened to come over. Seeing that they were about to leave, she immediately shouted at them.

“Little Liu, Little Gu, where are you both going?”

Liu Huaiyu looked at Aunt Gui. Although he was still reluctant, he still told her.

“Aunt Gui, I am going with my husband to his home, I’m afraid that we wouldn’t come back often in the future. I’ll have to trouble you with looking after this house.”

Hearing this, Aunt Gui was in disbelief, but after thinking better, she thought of Liu Huaiyu’s parents who were no longer around, leaving him alone. Staying here would not bring many future prospects either.

In addition, at a glance, she could tell that the people who had come to fetch Gu Sichu were not ordinary. Maybe they would be able to help Liu Huaiyu find a good job. Her heart felt more at ease at this, and she exhorted him.

“You may as well. You youngsters should go out and challenge yourselves. It’s just that, Little Liu, you must take care of yourself, if you can’t cope outside, then come back here.”

Liu Huaiyu nodded as Gu Sichu placed an arm around his shoulders, pledging to Aunt Gui.

“Be rest assured Aunt Gui, I will take care of him well.”

Aunt Gui wiped the tears at the corners of her eyes and could only nod and agree.

After saying a few more goodbyes, Gu Sichu and Liu Huaiyu set off.

The two people in the car turned to look at Aunt Gui’s figure which gradually became smaller and smaller, with all sorts of feelings welling up in their hearts.

Although they knew that the emotions felt by Aunt Gui were for the original two people, Liu Huaiyu and Gu Sichu were still very grateful to the kind woman.

They hope that she would be able to continue living well in the future.

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