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The Husbands from the Republic of China Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Return to the Capital

The journey was a bit far, and they even had to take several connecting flights. All of those men in black had long prepared all of Gu Sichu’s identification documents.

Although there was an extra Liu Huaiyu, the efficiency of the group of men in black was still very high.

It was the couple’s first time on an aeroplane and they were full of astonishment. Gu Sichu was still alright, having been trained to look indifferent regardless of favour or humiliation. It was just Liu Huaiyu who could not control his excitement.

He kept tugging on Gu Sichu’s sleeve and whispering at him, and Gu Sichu could only pat him dotingly and echo what he said from time to time.

Meanwhile, the men in black held more and more disdain in their eyes as they looked at Liu Huaiyu, thinking of him as a mere country bumpkin.

However, their feelings would not affect the husbands at all. As it was their first time flying in an airplane, after the two talked for a while more, they started to feel uncomfortable once the plane took off.

When the two of them woke up, the plane was just about to land.

Everything afterwards was like a time-lapse in a movie, and the husbands could only follow according to the men in black’s arrangements.

The two finally reached a mansion in the evening.

Gu Sichu supported Liu Huaiyu as they got out of the car and raised his head to squint slightly at the mansion before them.

The waiting servant immediately rushed forward when he saw them, speaking.

“Fifth Young Master, the Old Master is already waiting inside.”

Gu Sichu nodded, then half-hugged Liu Huaiyu as they followed the servant into the mansion that would be connected to their fate from then onwards.

“Creak——” The heavy door was pushed open.

A few steps inside, they could already see that a in his forties was sitting on the sofa in the living room.

This man had a headful of black hair, his complexion rosy and his appearance stiff. His entire body was shrouded in loftiness, with a glance, one could tell he was someone of a high status for a long time.

Seeing Gu Sichu and the rest enter, the man placed the teacup in his hand down. His tone was indifferent as he spoke to them.

“You’re back. Sit down.”

Gu Sichu didn’t say anything, only carefully supporting Liu Huaiyu to sit on the sofa first, before he sat down himself.

Only at this time, the man’s line of sight fell slightly onto Liu Huaiyu.

He had known long ago that Gu Sichu would bring a person back. Contrary to what he expected, his features were not bad, and after he looked back at Gu Sichu’s careful treatment of him, he had a rough understanding of the situation. However, he remained uncaring of Liu Huaiyu in his heart.

“I heard that you have lost your memories. Nevertheless, all the things from before are all just some insignificant things. As long as you know that you are the Fifth Young Master of my Gu Family, Gu Sichu, and that I am your father, Gu Tianyou, that is enough.”

Gu Sichu looked at Gu Tianyou and could not speak at that moment.

However, Gu Tianyou also had no expectation for him to speak and continued.

“You became like this because you saved me, it can be considered as a proof of your filial piety. Tomorrow, wait for the doctor to have a look at you, and the day after, head to the company.

Your older brothers are all doing well at the company. You’re 23 this year and you should start honing yourself.”

After listening to these few sentences of Gu Tianyou, it became clear to Gu Sichu that he was a very controlling man who hated being refuted by others the most. Hence, he just agreed without saying anything else.

As expected, Gu Tianyou’s complexion became several times better, and his line of sight shifted to Liu Huaiyu, then spoke breezily.

“Since you like this person, then just keep them then. If you ever grow unfond of him someday just send him back.”

Gu Sichu pursed his lips with displeasure, but he still held himself back and did not answer anything.

Gu Tianyou did not pay any attention to it either and waved his hand in dismissal as he said:

“Alright, since you understand, then you can go back to your room.”

In addition to Liu Huaiyu being very tired by then, Gu Sichu did not wish to hang around in the first place, hence he just half hugged Liu Huaiyu and got to their feet straightaway, then followed the servant upstairs.

Only after their figures have completely disappeared from the head of the stairs, the housekeeper who had been standing behind Gu Tianyou all along bowed his head, and he asked with some hesitation.

“Old Master, if you let Fifth Young Master into the company, I’m afraid that the young masters would…”

Whatever the housekeeper was going to say, Gu Tianyou was unconcerned about it, only casually saying:

“If one wants to own the Gu family, one needs to have the ability to do so first. Let us just wait and see.”

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