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The King Of Variety Entertainment Chapter 2

Chapter 2: “The Slippery Funny Talk”.

An Yang was a busboy who was in charge of ordering food. After he made a phone call in the corridor, he saw Duan Haishan come out to smoke. He rushed over to help Duan Haishan light a fire: “Duan Dao, I have an idea that should be able to solve the present predicament of the program.”

Duan Haishan actually takes care of An Yang’s small business. Every time he records a program, he intentionally or unintentionally instructs An Yang to do a few words. On several occasions, he also lets An Yang do the work of deputy director, such as driving the audience’s mood and giving out gifts.

Duan Haishan blew a smoke ring and smiled: “Xiao Yang, you have heard what everyone said just now, so many difficulties cannot be solved, what can you do?”

An Yang smiled: “Duan Dao, I think the methods are all invented by people. People are the most flexible creatures. In my opinion, these difficulties are not a hindrance!”

Duan Haishan asked: “Then I ask you, how to solve the funding problem?”

An Yang raised his hand: “My idea is to increase the budget by no more than 5,000 yuan.”

Duan Haishan asked: “The guest’s artistic ability is not high. It will just solve as a joke?”

An Yang patted his chest confidently: “Don’t worry, I will make the whole process full of smiles.”

Duan Haishan asked, “Who are you inviting? We can’t afford a star! “

An Yang shook his head and said: “We don’t need a first-line star, Duan Dao. We just need handsome men and beautiful women to make the audience laugh.”

It seems that several consecutive problems cannot reach An Yang. Duan Haishan finally paid attention to them. He put out his cigarette and said seriously, “Xiao Yang, tell me what you think.”

An Yang opened the program planning book he had just sent, turned to the page of the announcement list, pointed to a line in the list of alternative guests, and said: “Duan Dao, in this issue, I would like to invite the male and female stars of the movie “Married Men and Women” to be our guests, and then add a game interactive link to the program, called” Laugh and Talk Slippery “. As long as you agree, I can assure you that the budget is not a problem, the laugh point is not a problem, the audience rating is not a problem, at least not worse than now, and 0.3% can be guaranteed.”

An Yang said his idea quickly. Duan Haishan’s eyes became brighter and brighter. He couldn’t help applauding: “This idea is interesting! You come with me and tell Li Yang what you think and try to perfect every detail! “

Duan Haishan couldn’t wait to pull An Yang back to the conference room. An Yang didn’t move. Some people were embarrassed and said, “Duan Dao, can I make a small request?”

Duan Haishan asked: “What requirements?”

An Yang scratched the back of his head, embarrassed and smiled, “Can I join the show?”

Duan Haishan was big eyed, he can’t believe it, he almost laughed out loud, with a deceive nod, An Yang and him got back to the conference room.

Li Yang and his family were also delighted after hearing An Yang’s idea of “Laugh”. Especially when An Yang wanted to perform, everyone thought An Yang was joking.

“An Yang, first of all, I admit that your idea is really interesting. Adding a 22.5-degree slope at the bottom of the performance room makes everyone slide involuntarily, and it is really possible to have a laugh. But the point is, what can you do to help?”

An Yang said: “We need a person to perform with the guests and mobilize the atmosphere. I am willing to volunteer myself.”

Duan Haishan smiled and nodded in support: “Xiao Yang had several interactions with the audience before. I saw that he was quite able to mobilize the atmosphere.”

Li Yang didn’t believe it: “But you are just a field worker, not a professional, and have no experience in comedic performance. Wouldn’t it be better if we let host Rocco play to mobilize the atmosphere?”

An Yang shook his head and said: “Luo presided over the shift for half a year. I think he has a deep knowledge of conversation, but his image is not suitable for funny. I’m afraid the final effect is not very good if he is forced to go up. I think I’m the only one here who is going crazy. Anyway, I’m a newcomer. Even if I say something wrong and do something wrong, I’m not afraid of embarrassment or disgrace. “

Li Yang still refused to give up: “No, I don’t think it’s right for you to go to the meeting. Duan Dao, if Rocco is not allowed to play, I suggest to choose one person from the host team of “Happy Saturday” next door. Their artistic ability will definitely explode and the effect will be very good. “

Duan Haishan smiled, “Who do you want to choose?”

“Zhang Mingde!” said Li Yang.

How can Duan Haishan not be good at these curved lines in Taiwan? He smiled: “Let Xiao Yang try it out. We had a hard time coming up with a reliable idea in Jianghu Funny Talk. Of course, it is to cultivate our own people. Would you like to watch other people in the program group eat our meat?”

The crowd laughed and said in succession that they supported An Yang. Li Yang did not argue any more. It was instinctive for him to win opportunities for Zhang Mingde. Perhaps Zhang Mingde still despises “The Slippery Funny Talk”!

Also, isn’t this An Yang a little crazy and so confident that “The Slippery Funny Talk” will be popular? You’re just a small business, and can a brainwave idea can make the ratings break through the sky? Where does this put our screenwriter’s face? This is what Li Yang is most indignant about.

Seeing Li Yang’s performance, An Yang suddenly realized that he was not happy. This Zhang Mingde heard that he was Li Yang’s good friend. In Happy Saturday, he was only the third MC. Li Yang deliberately recommended his good friend to make a guest appearance, just to seize the opportunity to get on the camera.

After everyone laughed, Li Yang asked again, “An Yang, I still have one more question. Why do you want to have the male and female stars in the movie” Married Men and Women? “

An Yang explained: “Because the eyeball economy! What we want is beautiful men and women! “

Li Yang hissed, “For small movies costing less than 2 million yuan, both male and female stars are third-rate stars. What kind of eyeballs can this attract? Moreover, Duan Dao, our program style has always been the same. If we change it rashly, the host and guests will feel uncomfortable. All the work arrangements for props, photography, lighting, screenwriting, and field work will have to be changed. The audience may also be at a loss. Duan Dao, I don’t think we can bet on “The Slippery Funny Talk”. We can’t afford to lose at a time! “

Li Yang said so, and others hesitated. Now there is less than a week left, adding a brand-new game link means a lot of work needs to be done from scratch. Can they finish it?

Duan Haishan hesitated, then thought for a moment and said: “In this way, anyway, the cast of “Married Men and Women “is also on the standby announcement list, and the guests of this issue will choose them. Xiao Li, you think of some way to add more jokes to the script. Xiao Yang, you prepare the part of “Slippery Joke” by yourself. We will prepare both hands. When the guests arrive, we will see how effective the actual filming is. If it is not good, we will cut off the part. “

Li Yang closed his notebook: “I have no problem!”

“All right!” An Yang can’t help it either. The audience rating of the last program was 0.295%. If the screenwriter Li Yang of this program played beyond the standard, it is very possible to return to 0.3%. Duan Haishan also prepared for stability and did not give him no chance.

An Yang was secretly cheering himself on, so let The Slippery Funny Talk conquer the entire program group!


On Tuesday morning, the cast of “Married Men and Women” received a notice from Hongfeng TV Station that the two sides had agreed to record the program on Thursday.

An Yang arrived at the TV station early in the morning and handed Duan Haishan the plan book he had driven out overnight: “Duan Dao, this is my plan book.”

Duan Haishan looked it up and the planning book was divided into three parts. The first part was the prop preparation plan, the second part was the game process and script, and the third part was the trivia and post-production plan.

Duan Haishan praised with a few words: “Not bad, Xiao Yang. I didn’t think you could even do the planning book?”

An Yang said: “That was a good lesson you taught me. I have learned a lot in the past six months. Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity!”

Duan Haishan nodded: “The younger generation is awesome. Go ahead. I’ll say hello to the props team. You can set up the stage as soon as possible and have an internal audition.”

First, An Yang went to the finance department to collect funds, only 5,000 yuan, but he was also given a cut, only 2,000 yuan. He came to the props department, but he was in trouble again. People said he could not cooperate.

The person in charge of the prop team: “Xiao Yang, according to the design drawing you provided, the 22.5 degree angle of the ground is the same as the normal scene effect, then we need to build the base frame with angle steel and channel steel, and then use special floor to inlay. You also need to fix the bar counter, tables and chairs, microphone frame, and build the scene. This requires a lot of funds, not enough for 2000 yuan!”

An Yang only let the other party pay for some of the money after he had said good things. He built an empty shelf on the 22.5-degree slope first, and when the money was in place, he laid the floor and put the props in place on Thursday.

Then he went to find someone to rehearse in advance. An Yang ran into another nail. Everyone in the program group was very busy and no one was willing to help him at all.

Even if An Yang is slow, he knows something is wrong.

At this time, he saw the gloating Li Yang coming from the outside, and Li Yang also greeted him with a smile that’s not a smile.

Li Yang asked, “Xiao Yang, how is your yo-yo program going?”

An Yang simply did not leave. He said, “Li Yang, it’s” The Slippery Funny Talk”, not a yo-yo. I am now preparing to find a pair of books, but everyone else is very busy. I wonder if editor Li Yang can help me check it? “

Li Yang sat down on his butt, half lying on the computer chair, took a sip of his coffee with satisfaction: “I am very busy, too. I only have two days to write a joke about the baggage. The original platform was to be completely overturned and rewritten. I really can’t help you.”

The next editor leaned in and said, “Xiao Yang, did you write it so quickly? That’s great. there’s no need to find us! If you really can’t find anyone to support you, you can go to Happy Saturday next door and ask them. There are too many people there. Our program group is too busy. Even the field service is starting to be the producer, too busy! “

Li Yang added: “Well, it seems that Zhang Mingde is free. You can ask him if he has time.”

He was shunned, do you have to be so weird?

An Yang is really on fire now!

Everyone is still a colleague of the program group. Is there such a scandal? Who said that the field service cannot concurrently be a screenwriter or a producer? I won’t let you two get what you want. I have to spend some time with you today!

“Yes, I’ll ask!” An Yang coldly dropped this sentence, left the gate and went straight out of the TV station to go home.

Let me ask you a hammer then!

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