The King Of Variety Entertainment Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Program Start.

Until Thursday, when the entertainer guests showed up, An Yang did not ask anyone. He held his breath, pondered his lines, conceived the program flow, prepared the background music. If he could do it himself, he would never let others help.

On Thursday, there were seven people on the film crew of “Married Man and Woman”. The male lead Shen Hui and the female lead Liu Susu, together with their respective agents and crew propagandists, Duan Haishan personally greeted them at the front gate of the television station, took them to the large conference room and met all the staff of the team, which seemed to be of great importance.

Shen Hui and Liu Susu have just started their careers for three or four years. They only mixed to the level of third-line stars and their acting skills are not very good. However, some gold owners are willing to pay for the two to make movies. They are nothing more than but a handsome man and beautiful woman.

“This is today’s schedule. It will be ready at 8 o’clock, makeup will be made at 8: 30, the first segment of “Funny Talk with Guests” will be recorded at 9 o’clock, and” The Slippery Funny Talk”will be recorded at 10 o’clock …” Duan Haishan introduced them.

Shen Hui suddenly interrupted: “Duan Dao, is the” The Slippery Funny Talk “a new link?”

Duan Haishan nodded and motioned An Yang to come out: “This is An Yang, the producer and deputy director of” The Slippery Funny Talk”.At the same time, he is also one of the host who will interact with you. You should cooperate well later.”

An Yang reached out his hand and said, “Hello, Brother Hui! You may be tired from today! “

Shen Hui was puzzled and smiled: “Hello, Yang Dao. It’s right to be tired of recording programs. I can handle it.”

An Yang shook hands with Liu Susu again: “Hello, Sister Su, have you had breakfast yet? If you haven’t eaten, I’ll send it to you later. I’ll record the program later. It really takes a lot of energy! “

Liu Susu stroked her bangs and smiled, “I didn’t expect Yang Dao to be so handsome. I like playing games with handsome guys best. Don’t worry, I will definitely cooperate!”

Sitting on the side, Li Yang felt quite harsh, he whispered: “What nonsense host … last week, he was just a small handyman …”

Shen Hui and Liu Susu didn’t hear the low volume complaint, but their agents and An Yang heard it.

An Yang did not refute face to face, this occasion is not suitable for retaliation, he’ll let Li Yang this boy be arrogant for a while.

Duan Haishan said for a while, then everyone quickly entered the working state, step by step to prepare.

At 9 o’clock sharp, during the recording of the most important part of the first “Laughing with Guests,” the two agents said a few words beside Li Yang. Soon they both looked sullen and found the chief director Duan Haishan to express their dissatisfaction: “Duan Dao, I heard that the deputy director named An Yang was just a handyman last week?”

Duan Haishan turned off his walkie-talkie and took the two to a remote place. He said crossly, “What’s wrong with field service? The first level of promotion in the field service is the deputy director. Are there any problems with the two? “

The agent asked again: “Is” The Slippery Funny Talk “also his proposal? He is so young, can he do the job? Will it affect our artists? “

Duan Haishan smiled: “The two of you are worrying too much. You will know if the plan is good or not after recording it. Besides, I think the impact on your artists, if any, should be very small. “

Duan Haishan’s words contained sarcasm, and the two agents also heard it. This was ironic that the fame of the two artists was just like that. They really regarded themselves as big-name stars. They also talked about what influence did not affect them and were very melodramatic!

The two agents were so angry but they dared not turn against Duan Haishan face to face. They could only walk away.

The first recording lasted for more than half an hour. Li Yang was with a young man, the MC Zhang Mingde, the number 3 of Happy Saturday.

Zhang Mingde asked: “Yoko, why are you calling me here in such a hurry?”

Li Yang said, “There will be a new game link later. See if there is any competition.”

Zhang Mingde looked around, but no one noticed them. He smiled in a low voice: “Is this the new link you have created? It’s not that I laugh at you. But everyone in the station knows that your program is going to die. Do you still think that the old trees will bloom and shine again? “

Li Yang said, “It is really interesting, so I called you to have a look. If you think there is a problem, I will try my best to fight for you there, and you will also try your best to see if you can snatch the MC from this link. “

Zhang Mingde said: “You are good at thinking about your brother, buddy. Thank you first, but this time I’ll forget it. Jianghu Funny Tales definitely has no future. What are you still messing around with? When the program is cut off and disbanded, you come to Happy Saturday to help me. “

The two men chatted for a while, and the recording of “Laughing with Guests” ended.

Shen Hui and Liu Susu went down to change clothes. The prop team quickly pulled down the old scene and four or five people came to push the car to build the channel slope.

The audience did not know what had happened. They saw An Yang holding up his horn and walking up and down, directing the crowd to set up the stage.

The host rock stepped down from the stage and came to Li Yang. He greeted Zhang Mingde first and said, “Look at this situation, isn’t it really a big noise?”

Li Yang hissed, “Rocco, a 20-year-old young man, still wants to be a screenwriter and producer, and also wants to be a star on the stage as the host and not you. Do you think this is ridiculous?”

Rocco was also upset. He had been in charge of the “Jianghu Funny Talk” program for half a year. But as a result, he heard yesterday that a young boy had made a new link did not want him to play. He almost broke his cup!

Zhang Mingde is an outsider. He is not good at fanning the flames. He just watched the stage build with great interest.

An Yang took the lead and did it himself. Five or six props team members took their hands to drill on the stage and rivet the furniture and props. It took only a quarter of an hour to build a bar scene.

There are three camera groups. The fixed position in the middle is tilted by 22.5 degrees, and there are two mobile positions on the left and right for close viewing and normal shooting.

Shen Hui and Liu Susu, who had just changed their costumes, approached the stage. They both got a fright, looked at each other.

Liu Susu was surprised and said, “My goodness, so is this what slippery mean?”

Shen Hui stretched out her hand and touched the 22.5-degree floor, frowning and asked, “How do you stand here? Do you climb sideways?”

The two guests were blindsided, and the audience was also busy. There was a lot of talk everywhere. Before the program was recorded, the stage was full of laughter and people began to talk about it pointing to the stage.

“Ouch, sh*t, that worker’s mind is also extremely bad. Do you think he waxed the floor?”

“This idea is interesting. The room is tilted. If one wants to perform normally in it, he will definitely fall. This is full of jokes.”

“Not bad,” Jianghu joke “in its early years was good but now why did they you come up with this idea? This change is definitely of the current low ratings! “

An Yang smiled and said, “Are you ready, gentlemen?”

Shen Hui asked, “Yang Dao, isn’t this too difficult? I can’t stand! “

An Yang laughed: “Brother Hui, you are a strong man in” Married Men and Women “.Is this little difficulty a matter for you? Let’s go, let’s give it a try, it can be finally edited into a feature film, to ensure your effect is good! “

Liu Susu put her hand to her mouth and laughed: “Yang Dao, you must hold me later. I have a bad sense of balance and will definitely fall down when I go up.”

An Yang was speechless: “Why don’t I call someone to help you?”

Liu Susu covered her mouth and laughed: “Yes, yes!”

Duan Haishan inquired about the artist’s preparation in the walkie-talkie, confirmed that the arrangement on An Yang’s side was OK, and the camera crew was ready, so he ordered the second part to start recording.

An Yang held Shen Hui on stage. Shen Hui was wearing a small suit waistcoat of a bartender. He stepped on his right shoe carefully and felt safe after stepping on it. Then both feet went up.

“How? Is it okay? “

“Not bad, but it feels a little strange. The rooms are all inclined.”

“Take two steps to try? Go to the middle and walk to the bar. “

“Ok, the ground is a little slippery … oh, I’ll go!”


Shen Hui had a bad start when he slipped to the ground after just three steps. Before the recording started, he fell down on a big horse. The audience burst into laughter.

“Are you all right?” Shen Hui’s agent immediately ran up to him and asked, lying outside the room.

Shen Hui stood up and motioned with his hand, “It’s okay. It’s okay. I was careless. What shoes am I wearing? I’m too slippery!”

The agent stepped down, passed by An Yang and glared at An Yang with bad eyes. If Shen Hui was injured here, he and An Yang would never have a good end!

Shen Hui tried for a few minutes and finally got used to it. Listening to An Yang’s command, he walked to the bar in the middle of the room, holding the bar and gasped for breath and giving An Yang a thumbs-up sign to show that he was ready.

Only then did An Yang say on the walkie-talkie: “Attention, everyone, the first recording of” The Slippery Funny Talk “is ready to begin.”

Duan Haishan looked at the picture on the monitor room and took over the command: “The director of the scene made the audience quiet and the lights went up. The artists were in place. The two planes were alternately aiming at the audience every minute to take pictures. The music was prepared. Five, four, three, two, one!”

After a cheerful opening piece of music, the recording officially began.

The director’s voice sounded: “This Dish bar is the place where Shen Hui and Liu Susu first met, because the owner of the bar is very poor and cannot afford too many people. Shen Hui works here as DJ, bartender and security guard.”

Ha ha …

There was a chuckle from the audience. The first line made everyone laugh. The bar was too poor, with three jobs for one person.

Shen Hui, a bartender with a cool expression, was also drunk. His hands were propped up on the tilted table top of the bar, and his feet were constantly fighting gravity. He slipped down, back down, back down, back down again. The camera number 3 on the side captured the scene accurately. The photographer himself almost couldn’t help laughing.

The on-site director continued, “The bar business is not good. It is very quiet and there are no customers. In order to attract customers and eliminate loneliness, Shen Hui decided to dance to please the audience. Shen Hui chose a good song and walked to the center of the stage. “

Ha ha ha ha …

The audience all noticed Shen Hui’s expression and burst out laughing one by one.

Shen Hui was almost petrified and looked at the direction of the scene director with disbelief. This sh*t, he could not even stand still and now he’s dancing in the middle of the stage? The script didn’t mention it at all!

Under the stage, Liu Susu covered her mouth and laughed. The staff holding DV caught the scene accurately. Liu Susu bent down to gasp for air and laughed: “I finally know why… Yang Dao said before that he would be tired … ha ha ..

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