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The Law of Transmigration: The Black-Hearted God’s Domineering Love Ch 27

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The Law of Transmigration: The Black-Hearted God’s Domineering Love

Chapter 27

Of course not!

Luo Li Yan didn’t even need to think, before shaking her head like a pellet drum.

“Plus while you’re working at Mu Company, you can sleep until you naturally wake up every day. You can stay at home or the office whenever you want.” Mu Ling Xi coaxed temptingly in a low voice.

Of course, he hoped that the little guy could work and accompany him at the office every day. That way he would definitely be able to complete his work even better.

Afterall, he would have a wife to support in the future, it wouldn’t do well if he didn’t put out any effort.

“This is what you said!” Luo Liyan’s eyes spun round and round, cunningly like a cat that has succeeded in stealing a fish.

Her joy succeeded in infecting Mu Lingxi, who was still a little glum.

It was just that this good mood didn’t last for more than a few seconds before being wrecked by the knock on the door.

“President, it’s almost time.” The female secretary’s delicate voice rang outside the door.

“I know.” He responded impatiently, looking at Luo Liyan smiling cunningly on the sofa like a kitten that has succeeded in stealing the fish.

He deliberately prepared a banquet for the director of X Bureau in the evening. After all, President Mu blew him off for no reason at noon today. In order to show sincerity, moreso as a consolation, he organized such a gathering at night.

But bringing Luo Liyan along, in the event where that old pervert fancied her, he was afraid that he would uncontrollably do something that he should not do.

But if she was left alone here, what if she disappeared again?

Although she returned to that rented house the first two times, there were no guarantees that something unexpected might happen.

Thin cold lips pressed tightly into a straight line as Mu Lingxi stared fixedly at Luo Liyan.

Then he suddenly laughed, warmly like the spring’s breeze.

In any case, he said that nothing would ever make him let this little one out of his sight.

Smiling and reaching out to smooth out the fluff on Luo Liyan’s hair, he picked up the suit on the sofa.

“Let’s go, going to bring you somewhere.”

“Where to? It’s time for dinner.” Luo Liyan touched her empty little stomach.

It has been a long day and she didn’t even have lunch. She was tired and hungry.  She just wanted to go take a bath, then eat snacks and play games in bed right now.

She didn’t know if there were things in this world like what she used to play in her original world.

“I’m taking you to eat delicious food right now, but we have to make some preparations in advance.” Mu Lingxi took the reluctant Luo Liyan and walked out of the office.

As soon as the door opened, the female secretary greeted her with a smile, enchanting and charming.

Wasn’t she still in a professional attire a few hours ago?

So what the hell is up with this banquet hall evening gown right now?

Look at that large swatch of snow white skin that could be exposed with just a sway, and that garter belt that you can see with just a little movement.

Too much of an eyesore!

“We’re not going to go with her are we?” Luo Liyan’s tone was very disgusted.

“She will wait for us in the banquet hall, I’m taking you somewhere else first.” Mu Lingxi comfortingly patted her back.

“President.” The female secretary’s little canines gently bit the corner of her bright red lips, three points pitiful and seven points alluring.

Even this simple short word can be spoken and twisted so sensually by her, that even bones can be softened.¹

¹TN: 九曲十八弯 means There’s 9 bends and 18 curves (translated literally) so you can imagine how it winded its way to reach its destination. It is a set phrase which means go along a long curving or twisting course.

Tonight, as his female companion, how could she go to the banquet hall alone and wait for him.

This way, she would definitely become a laughing stock in high society the next day.

If this bumpkin, who popped out from god knows where, didn’t show up, President Mu would definitely not treat her like this.

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