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The Law of Transmigration: The Black-Hearted God’s Domineering Love Ch 28

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The Law of Transmigration: The Black-Hearted God’s Domineering Love

Arc 1 Chapter 28 – Tsundere President’s Spoiled Pet (27)

Just look at that appearance of hers, and still wanted to snatch from her, why not go look in a mirror!

Thinking this way, she glanced provocatively at the woman who was touching her chin and examining her up and down.

“Tsk tsk tsk …” Luo Liyan pouted, shaking her head in lament.

This really was a little fox inside and out, afraid that as long as it was a man, they would all be enraptured by her charm.¹

¹TN: 拜倒在石榴裙下 Original was men all would bow down beneath her pomegranate red skirt (feminine charm). The origin of the saying came from Yang Guifei. The king had made a decree that all officials had to bow down to Yang Guifei when she passes by. Since Concubine Yang liked to wear a pomegranate red skirt normally, everyone would bow down as soon as they saw the dress. The saying 拜倒在石榴裙下 became an inside joke between the officials.

However, her life really was too terrible, who couldn’t she easily hook, but she just had to pounce on Mu Lingxi, this man who couldn’t comprehend the atmosphere in the slightest.

“Secretary Li, take a taxi to Crown International by yourself, I’ll be arriving later.” Mu Lingxi thought that Luo Liyan was jealous and quickly sent Li Wenqian away.

“President, there’s nothing for me to do going there so early, why don’t I accompany the both of you.” Li Wenqian said softly.

“Are you questioning my decision?” Mu Lingxi’s voice immediately dropped in temperature, looking coldly at the woman who was twisting her waist and trying to lean herself on him.

Without even thinking about it, he grasped Luo Liyan and took two steps back, pulling a distance away from her.

Even though, because of her appearance, Luo Liyan was finally showing a bit of possessiveness towards him, but this kind of emotion could only be used to add flavor to the feelings; too much would be counterproductive.

“No … no, President.” Li Wenqian felt very awkward inside her heart, her lips wanted to smile innocently, but the blue complexion of her face made her appear all the more distorted and hypocritical.

“Enough, you don’t need to explain anything to me, just do what you should do.” Mu Lingxi’s eyes were filled with disgust, directly bringing Luo Liyan and passing her.

Looking at the backs of the embracing figures leaving, Li Wenqian tightly clenched her fists unwillingly.

It’s already been two years since she has started working in the Mu Company. These days, she finally was able to catch a few words with President Mu with great difficulty, and even temporarily took over the work of his special assistant. She believed it wouldn’t have taken too long before she would successfully sit in the position of Mrs. President within the Mu Company.

All that was left was for her to put in a little more effort for to cross that doorstep², but suddenly a bitch jumped out of nowhere who wanted to block off her path.

²TN: Basically not a lot more effort was needed before she could reach her goal

But not until the end, no one can be sure whose hand would kill the Deer!³

³TN/PRN: no one can tell who would reign supremacy.

“Little Li, are you angry?” Mu Lingxi looked at Luo Liyan, who was sitting in the car without a word, and asked a little guiltily.

It was him who has been forcing her feelings and making her compromise the entire way. She hasn’t even really accepted him yet.

If she mistakenly thought of him as the same type of person as her scumbag ex, then his path of chasing his wife may become even more difficult.

Thus some misunderstandings must be strangled in the cradle.⁴

⁴TN/PRN: Nipped in the bud.

“That Li Wenqian is just an ordinary secretary in the secretarial department. Last time the director of Bureau X came to Mu Company for some matters, he coincidentally saw her and liked her very much. He even mentioned it a few times afterwards. This time Mu Company just so happened to be bidding for the subway project, so … “

“That’s why you’re giving a living person as a gift to someone else, becoming an unassuming cornerstone of your business empire. Pity how they are still being kept in the dark by you.” Luo Liyan sneered with ridicule.

“She’s pitiful?” Mu Lingxi frowned and asked back, then sighed helplessly.

“You’re really thinking too simply of her. Although on the surface it seems as though she likes me, in fact, she only likes the Mu Company assets behind me. Besides, currently, she has a patron that is old enough to be her dad, providing her with 200,000 yuan per month.”

“Two hundred thousand?” Luo Liyan’s eyes widened incredulously.

Attention was instantly successfully diverted away from the evil capitalist.

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