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The Law of Transmigration: The Black-Hearted God’s Domineering Love Ch 29

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The Law of Transmigration: The Black-Hearted God’s Domineering Love

Arc 1 Chapter 29 – Tsundere President’s Spoiled Pet (28)

“That’s right. If she was clean and honest enough and didn’t have these ill-conceived thoughts, I would protect her no matter what, lest she fell into the poisonous hands of Director X. But she was like this to begin with, one more or one less person, what’s the difference for her? In the end, not only would the Director of Bureau X not treat her badly, but I would also give her quite a substantial reward. I believe she would be very happy. “

Mu Lingxi patiently explained, turned the steering wheel, and approached in front of a small white palace.

“Ah, President Mu, this should be your sweetheart, looks really cute.”

An exaggerated scream sounded by her ear as soon as she got out of the car.

“You’d best take your hand back.” Mu Lingxi pressed Luo Liyan’s fluffy head into his arms, his stare fixated on the woman trying to pounce over with open arms.

Du Xiaowei swallowed slightly, feeling a sense of uneasiness that came from flattering someone in the wrong way.¹

¹TN: 马屁拍在了马腿上 Original had ma pi (flattery – normally you pat the horse’s rump to show respect in the olden days) smacked onto a ma tui (horse’s leg). It’s a pun on the word horse since if you smacked a horse’s leg, you’d likely get kicked. Usually, this is used to describe situations where you normally flatter someone to make them happy, but ending up backfiring with the opposite effect instead.

Taking two steps back in terror, she returned to her previous elegant appearance.

“President Mu, the people in the studio have already been cleared out. Everyone is ready.”

“En” Mu Lingxi nodded, turned Luo Liyan around, and pushed her in front of Du Xiaowei. “Pick something not revealing for her.”

“President Mu, your little sweetheart’s body has the perfect golden ratio. It’d be a pity not to show it off a little.”

Du Xiaowei’s suggestion struck a chord within Luo Liyan’s heart.

“I agree. I think my collarbone is quite good looking, so can I choose a strapless dress.” Luo Liyan blinked her starry eyes and looked at Mu Lingxi expectantly.

Who knew that the other party’s face would become so dark that it could drip ink.

“Don’t even think about it.”

Good looking collarbone?

He hasn’t even looked at it carefully, how could it possibly be shown to others?

What was more, the more beautiful it looked, the more it needed to be hidden. Whoever dared to take an extra glance at her, he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to resist gouging their eyes out.

“Take her and do as I say, she is not someone you can decide upon by yourself.” Mu Lingxi’s tone was very light, but the threat laced in the words couldn’t be concealed.

Du Xiaowei didn’t expect that Mu Lingxi, who had never been close to women, would be so serious towards love, with such strong possessiveness.

She really couldn’t decide if this little girl in front was fortunate or unfortunate?

While being spoiled like a little princess, it also signified her loss of freedom forever.

Even breaking up would not be permitted.

Her eyelids drooped slightly, covering up the worry inside, and led Luo Liyan into the modeling studio.

Mu Lingxi changed his suit, sat lazily on the sofa, propped up his head, and selected from the ties placed before him.

His eyes swept over the two people and instantly brightened as they landed on the pure-white figure.

The long dress wrapped around Luo Liyan tightly, the fabric was thin and light but was very elegant. In some places where it was not thick enough, it revealed a touch of flesh underneath.

Partially hidden, partially visible, it was even more seductive.

“Does it look good?” Luo Liyan asked nervously.

With a pale pink blush on her face, she took two steps forward.

The thin fabric swayed, like a fairy that has fallen into the mortal realm, so beautiful that people could forget to breathe.

Mu Lingxi’s brows frowned into two little hills from displeasure.

“Change her into something else.”

“Why? It’s not pretty?” Luo Liyan pouted, her face filled with reluctance.

It was not that it wasn’t pretty.

It was too beautiful!

It looked so good that he couldn’t possibly let others see her like this. It would make him jealous enough to want to go crazy.

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