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The Law of Transmigration: The Black-Hearted God’s Domineering Love Ch 32

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The Law of Transmigration: The Black-Hearted God’s Domineering Love

Arc 1 Chapter 32 – Tsundere President’s Spoiled Pet (31)

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“Then Director Situ can keep on waiting slowly.” A sneer passed by the corner of Mu Lingxi’s mouth. He held Luo Liyan’s hand and left the banquet hall without looking back.

“President.” Li Wenqian quickly trotted behind and wanted to catch up.

It was just a pity that Situ Yu, who couldn’t get Luo Liyan, wouldn’t have possibly let her go.

Yanking over her hand, Situ Yu raised his hand and slapped her to the ground.

“What, even you look down on this director?”

“No…no, that’s not true.” Li Wenqian shook her head in panic, “I am Mr. Mu’s secretary…”

If Mu Company and Situ Yu still had a happy cooperative relationship, staying beside Situ Yu might have been pretty good.

But now that there had been a fallout, she wouldn’t stay no matter what was said. Otherwise, she was afraid that his perverted hobbies would only be carried out two folds upon herself.

“Your President Mu has already gifted you to me.” Situ Yu cruelly grinned and dragged Li Wenqian towards the elevator.

He had already booked a room on the top floor, and now he had a whole stomach full of repressed anger. Perfect to just take it all out on the woman in front of him to vent a bit.

“No, that’s not right! The talks between the president and you have already fallen through. I need to go back to find the president.” Li Wenqian used both of her hands to grab at the ground, trying to stop Situ Yu’s actions.

But the shiny marble floor, which was so smooth that it could be used as a mirror, barely provided any resistance.

Seeing that she was about to be dragged into the elevator, she hurriedly cried out to the other people in the room for help.

But everyone was already used to seeing this kind of thing. Not to mention how Situ Yu in H city could be regarded as having the ability to cover the sky with one hand.¹ Only Mu Lingxi would dare to provoke him.

¹TN: Abusing authority and using schemes to cover the truth from the masses.

They had no such courage.

So Li Wenqian was destined to be unable to escape the claws of evil tonight.

【System prompt: Spurred on the male lead’s possessiveness, favorability +10, reward gold beans 10. The current favorability is 90, and gold beans are 280. 】

Listening to the system’s prompt that sounded in her head, Luo Liyan lifted her head and took a peek. That facial complexion was so dark it could drip ink.

Are you sure this system didn’t crash?

Mu Lingxi was already angered to this point, how did his favorability rise?

Luo Liyan hadn’t had time to think about it before she was thrown onto the soft bed.

The man fell like a beast and trapped her tightly in his embrace. Cold thin lips kissed Luo Liyan’s lips accurately in the dark.

“Mine…you are mine…” He restlessly murmured back and forth.

“Ahm mop moors! (I’m not yours)” Luo Liyan resisted and tried to push Mu Lingxi away with her strength, but a sharp pain came from her lips.

“If you’re not mine, then whose do you want to be? You want to go outside and attract bees and butterflies?²” Mu Lingxi’s head buzzed with anger. Using the tip of his tongue, he pressed against and opened up Luo Liyan’s shell-like teeth, licking inch by inch, as though surveying his territory.

²TN: Attract and or flirt with others of the opposite sex (usually)

He wanted to hide her, and not let anyone develop any kind of thoughts of her this entire lifetime.

Not even a glance would be allowed!

Mu Lingxi thought crazily as his movements became rougher and rougher.

This aggression lasted for an unknown amount of time. Only when Luo Liyan felt that even her breathing was getting a bit erratic, did Mu Lingxi stop a little.

But Luo Liyan was unable to breathe a sigh of relief. That tongue suddenly became determined, cruelly coiling her softness, and forcefully dragged it into his mouth.

Slender long fingers lifted the edge of her clothes and trailed upwards, bit by bit, on the smooth, warm, jade-like skin, like a magic wand with static electricity, inciting Luo Liyan to start trembling.

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