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The Law of Transmigration: The Black-Hearted God’s Domineering Love Ch 34

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The Law of Transmigration: The Black-Hearted God’s Domineering Love

Arc 1 Chapter 34 – Tsundere President’s Spoiled Pet (33)

“You wish.” Luo Liyan separated Mu Lingxi’s lips with her hand. “I didn’t take a single penny of yours.”

“I have already notified the lawyer to draft the contract. Within two days, all assets under my name will be allocated to you.” Mu Lingxi smiled frivolously.

Since the founding of Mu Company so many years ago, this was the first time he felt so relaxed and happy.

Clearly, he has now handed over his entire net worth just to gamble on a relationship.

But it allowed him to have unprecedented satisfaction.

“Aren’t you afraid?” Luo Liyan covered her chest, her heart was stuffy. She wasn’t able to tell what sort of mood this was.

There was just an urge to cry.

“What are you afraid of?” Mu Lingxi shrugged carelessly. “Will you leave me?”

If there was such a day, even if he owned these worldly possessions, he wouldn’t feel much joy.

Maybe even because of the lack of will, he would very quickly cause the downfall of Mu Company with his hands.

“Of course not.” Luo Liyan didn’t even think about it, shaking her head vigorously.

Although she had not spent much time together with Mu Lingxi, and her feelings were not as deep as his devotion, but it was true that her heart was shaken.

Besides, the things he had done for her, how many men could do the same in this world?

Women would always fall in love with men who spoiled them like princesses, and naturally, she was not an exception.

It was just a matter of time for her to fall in love with Mu Lingxi.


“It’s still better if you don’t transfer all your assets to me. Let’s just let things happen naturally/nature take its course.” Luo Liyan gently wrapped her arms around Mu Lingxi’s strong waist.

“What’s wrong?” Mu Lingxi touched her fluffy head, and then kissed the hair whorl at the top of her head, “How come you don’t want money even when I’m giving you money?”

“It’s not that I don’t want it, I just don’t want to make these feelings become so impure. I know you want to give me a sense of security, but don’t I also need to give you a sense of security?” Luo Liyan buried her head on his chest and nuzzled it again and again, “We don’t need to make any contract, I believe that you will not change.”

【System prompt: The male lead is moved, favorability +5, rewarding gold beans. The existing favorability is 95, golden beans 285. 】

Mu Lingxi’s arms around Luo Liyan unconsciously tightened, wishing he could just meld her into his blood and bones.

“By the way, you completely offended that Director Situ today, is it really okay?”

The two silently clung to each other for a long while. Luo Liyan then thought of what had happened today, and very worriedly asked.

“Things are bound to happen, just that he would be the only one that’ll have a headache.” Mu Lingxi sneered in ridicule.

He was but a tiny Director of Bureau X, yet he dared to run amuck everywhere. He really wanted to see, after a few more hours, what he would still have to be so arrogant.

Mu Lingxi has always been very forward in his actions. He just had a dispute with Situ Yu last night yet, the very next day, the internet was abuzz, all regarding his unsightly **.

Immediately after that, it was revealed that he abused his authority to embezzle and accept bribes. When he was taken away by the police, he was still even flipping clouds and overflowing rain¹ in the hotel without knowing a single thing.

¹TN: He was making love

Just as Luo Liyan sighed emotionally, she also felt a little melancholic.

Since the time the favorability reached 95, it has already been more than half a month where her favorability points had not increased.

“Little Six, quickly come up with a solution for me on how to fill in these last 5 points.”

Fingers lightly tapping on the table unconsciously, Luo Liyan propped up her head with one hand, looking on in fascination at the man who was seriously looking over the files.

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