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The Law of Transmigration: The Black-Hearted God’s Domineering Love Ch 38

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The Law of Transmigration: The Black-Hearted God’s Domineering Love

Arc 1 Chapter 38 – Tsundere President’s Spoiled Pet (37)

Sure enough, number 666 immediately compromised as soon as it heard that she would deliberately fail the task.

【Fine, one it is. 】

As soon as the words fell, Situ Yu’s originally not-so-large eyes instantly widened to the size of bronze bells.

“Don’t come over here…get lost! All of you scram away from me!” His hands kept waving in the air, making ear-piercing roars, “You had to bear my bullying while you were alive, now it’s even more impossible to do anything to me now that you’re dead!”

Frantically pulling out a gun from his waist, Situ Yu continuously fired into the air.

It wasn’t until all bullets were fired that he turned around inconceivably, and ran to the door at once, shaking it vigorously.

However, this room has long been isolated by number 666, so no matter how hard he tried, it was all in vain.

Seeing the state of his madness, Luo Liyan was a bit dumbfounded.

“What’s the matter, Little Six, didn’t I let you scare him by making a haunted house? Why’s he so over the top?”

【You were going to scare him with ghosts anyways, so I found some old friends for him. Sides, it’s also just perfect for them to discard their obsessions, saving them from being unable to reincarnate. 】

Luo Liyan pursed her lips and suddenly felt that just scaring the former Director Situ with ghosts was really going too easy on him.

He was so evil. She should’ve let him be caught by someone he had once harmed, who had already turned into a ghost, to be taken so his blood can be drunk and his flesh eaten.

However, if a ghost’s hand was contaminated with human life, it won’t be able to reincarnate right?

Sighing faintly, Luo Liyan retrieved her gaze and raised her head to look out the window at the recurring moon and stars hanging in the heavens.

Before she had time to be sentimental, her face suddenly stiffened. She laid her head on a cardboard box on the side, weeping without tears.

“Wuu wuu…Little Six, how long will it take for Mu Lingxi to find me?”

【What, you’ve been separated for just a few hours only, and you already miss him this much? 】No. 666 asked suspiciously.

“Compared to missing him, I think I love the toilet more right now.”

That faint feeling of wanting to urinate made Luo Liyan feel that the whole world was about to collapse.

She didn’t want to resolve it on the spot or to urinate in her pants.

Was there anything else worse in this world than this?

“Why don’t you tell me how many hours are left before 12 o’clock? But…I can’t hold back for a few hours!” Luo Liyan wailed, her small hands wildly banging on the cardboard box.

Hearing this type of response, number 666 was rendered speechless for a while.

After staying silent for a long while, and it said in schadenfreude【I think you could take a nap first, that way, you can hold it in longer! Do your best! 】

“The heavens want me dead!” Luo Liyan wailed in pain.

She wasn’t someone possessed by the god of sleep. Plus, there was a man wailing like a pig that was being slaughtered in this room. She was unable to close her eyes and rest ok??

Mu Lingxi, Mu Lingxi, you must appear soon.

Otherwise, she really would explode!

“Sister An, this time you asked the president of Mu Shi for a ransom of 500 million yuan. Are the rewards for us brothers going to be increased accordingly?” Several young hooligans surrounded Fang Anxi and smirked as they smoked.

“You want to raise the price on the spot?” Fang Anxi swept her gaze across them impatiently.

“We just want to ask for a bit more for all our hard work.” The smiles on the faces of some of the little hooligans cracked after what she said, their eyes vaguely revealed viciousness.

“If this kind of thing got out, how do you think you’d all still be able to continue this kind of work in the future?”

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