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The Law of Transmigration: The Black-Hearted God’s Domineering Love Ch 39

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The Law of Transmigration: The Black-Hearted God’s Domineering Love

Arc 1 Chapter 39 – Tsundere President’s Spoiled Pet (38)

It was just too bad that Fang Anxi didn’t even have half an ounce of awareness, her tone was still very condescending, “If this kind of thing got out, how do you think you’d all still be able to continue this kind of work in the future?”

“Sister Fang really loves to joke. With 500 million in possession, why would us few brothers continue to live the life of licking blood off the tip of the knife?”¹ Seeing her so unsensible, the few hooligans also lost interest in talking in circles with her and smiled coldly.

¹TN: Normally this idiom is used to say that they’re very badass (licking blood off the knife after killing, not afraid to cut their tongue) but in this case, it’s used to describe their dangerous and dark way of life

“You actually want to double-cross?” Fang Anxi stepped back in horror.

She has been working with these people for at least 5-6 years. No matter what situation it was, they could always perfectly settle it for her. That was why she chose them to carry out this kidnapping, and then take this money and escape far away.

She didn’t expect that it would blow up in her face this final time.

“Whoever doesn’t take the 500 million would be a fool.” Mu Lingxi slipped his hands into his pockets and walked lazily into the huge factory.

Behind him were five burly men in black suits, each carrying two suitcases.

“Mu Lingxi, how did you find your way here? Did you call the police!” Fang Anxi and the few hooligans stopped their infighting when they saw them suddenly appear. All raised their guns and aimed at Mu Lingxi.

“You really are stupid. If I called the police, you would now be targeted by a sniper, and I wouldn’t have to take the risk on my own to appear in front of you.” Mu Lingxi spread his hands, his head beckoned to the people behind.

“Alright, enough nonsense. I have brought 500 million in cash, where’s my person?”

The few hooligans looked at those cases, their eyes glowed green, and they couldn’t help but rub their hands as they stepped forward two steps, wanting to take them.

Fang Anxi glanced at them resentfully, then looked at Mu Lingxi, who had caused her to lose everything, and suddenly laughed wildly.

“Mu Lingxi, you are really stupid. With how much I hate you, how could I possibly not do anything to Luo Liyan that little bitch?! It doesn’t matter how quickly you appear, she is now just a broken shoe² that Situ Yu has worn. “

²TN: A ruined woman

“You’re looking for death!” Mu Lingxi’s face was blue. Before everyone was able to clearly see his movements, a gunshot sounded out in the dilapidated factory.

A bloody hole appeared in Fang Anxi’s right knee. She knelt on the ground as the red blood spewed out. Soon the ground was dyed with a strange color.

Seeing this situation, the few hooligans, who were just about to pull the trigger, were unable to even make a sound before they fell to the ground softly.

Killed in one shot.

Fang Anxi looked at their incredulous faces before their death, a look of dying with grievances. Even if she also couldn’t live long, but she still felt an unprecedented satisfaction.

All those who have offended her wouldn’t have a good end.

Luo Liyan was contaminated by that madman Situ Yu.

Mu Lingxi failed to protect his beloved woman. He would always live under his emotions of remorse, disgust, and guilt; constantly feeling conflicted.

The bunch of hooligans who wanted to double-cross just died soundlessly without having even touched the money.

It was worth it!

Even if she was to die immediately, it was worth it!

“Say it, where is Lili?” Mu Lingxi asked word by word as he gritted his teeth.

“Just give up, I won’t tell you.” Fang Anxi smiled darkly. “The esteemed President Mu wearing a green hat was not enough, and still want to pick up the broken shoe that Situ Yu had worn?”

Her voice had yet to finish before another gunshot sounded, hitting her in the shoulder.

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