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The Law of Transmigration: The Black-Hearted God’s Domineering Love Ch 41

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The Law of Transmigration: The Black-Hearted God’s Domineering Love

Arc 1 Chapter 41 – Tsundere President’s Spoiled Pet (Extra 1)

Listening to that reassuring voice, Luo Liyan finally made up her mind.

“I want to stay. I want to stay with him throughout this life no matter what. Tell me, how can I stay with him?”

【You need to pay 100 gold peas to the Rebirth Club as the fee to freeze your original world’s time. Also……】

“Holy crap, to actually require 100 golden peas, are you all trying to rob me?” Luo Liyan didn’t continue chatting with number 666 and loudly spat out painfully in her heart, “I’ve done the task for so long, yet only got 280 golden peas. “

【That’s why I don’t recommend that you stay. 】 The tone of number 666 was very indifferent, with an attitude of doing things strictly for business.

【Also, even if you stayed and spent a lifetime with him, in the end, after the both of you die, all your memories in this world would be sealed up. You would no longer remember. So, do you really feel the need to waste 100 golden peas for such a fleeting moment? 】

Forget everything that has happened in this world?

Forget her love with Mu Lingxi?

Luo Liyan’s hands tightly clenched into fists. She looked up at Mu Lingxi’s sturdy jaw and her eyes gradually stained with glittering light like the sun’s reflections on water waves.

“En, I’m sure that I want to stay with him.”

【Alright then. 】Seeing how she still insisted on it despite having said things so straightforwardly, No. 666 could only sigh helplessly.

【Next, I can only stay with you for another week, and then I will enter a state of hibernation. When this world is over, I will take you directly to the next world. Are there any questions? 】

“No.” Luo Liyan felt a sudden tug at her heart.

Although she was very reluctant to have her constant companion Little Six leave her like this, she also knew that some things were doomed to be one or the other.

Little Six entering a deep hibernation was also to prevent herself from constantly using golden fingers, lest she would disrupt the balance of this world.

【Alright then. 】

【System Prompt: Beginning original world time freeze, consume 100 golden peas, currently 180 golden peas. 】

The sun lazily scattered across the bulging arched bump on the bed. Mu Lingxi fixed his tie, his eyes shone with indulgent light.

“Lili, get up soon, we need to get going to the meeting.” He reached out and patted that bump.

After hearing an impatient groan, Mu Lingxi smiled helplessly and pulled the quilt, together with Luo Liyan inside that bump, into his arms.

“Lili be good. If you still don’t get up, I will carry you like this into the meeting together.”

“Don’t!” Luo Liyan faintly groaned, stuck her head out, and laid softly on Mu Lingxi’s shoulder, “I can’t even understand your meetings when you go, and they all secretly take peeks at me, it’s super awkward. “

Yesterday was the World Cup, she was up excitedly until 5 in the morning. Even Mu Lingxi, who had never been interested in these kinds of sports, was forcing himself to stay up watching the show with her.

But at 8 o’clock this morning, he was like a nonchalant person. He got up on time to look over documents and was now forcefully dragging her up.

She was so sleepy that she could barely hold her head up.

“I’ll just not allow them to look at you.” Mu Lingxi said adamantly, “And you’d be willing to not see me for hours?”

She was willing!

Of course, she was willing!

Even if you looked handsome, but even she would get tired of eating big fish and meat every day.¹

¹TN: Indulging in extreme beauty in this case

Luo Liyan secretly replied in her heart but did not say it out loud.

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