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The Law of Transmigration: The Black-Hearted God’s Domineering Love Ch 42

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The Law of Transmigration: The Black-Hearted God’s Domineering Love

Arc 1 Chapter 42 – Tsundere President’s Spoiled Pet (Extra 2)

Since she was rescued, she found that Mu Lingxi had become stranger and stranger.

Originally, even though he was also afraid that she would disappear, at most he wouldn’t let her leave his line of sight. However, now, he always stayed in physical contact with her.

Holding her, carrying her, hugging her…

Although it was a happy thing for people in love to be together, but to live a lifetime together like conjoined twins, no individual would be able to stand it.

Therefore, in consideration of the harmonious future of the two, she must find a way to resolve his inner demon.

“Little Six, are you still there?”

【En, what’s wrong? I will formally go into hibernation tomorrow. What, reluctant to let me go so you purposely looked for me to chit-chat?】No. 666 asked smugly.

“Haha…you’re thinking too much into it.” Luo Liyan rolled her eyes in irritation. “I just want you to help me place a thousand-year-old jade into the purse that’s in the living room, then let me disappear in front of Mu Lingxi’s eyes, and appear in front of that purse.”

【Hey, how many times have I told you already, you can only use a single gold finger once a day! 】 No. 666 howled irritably.

“I am only letting you use the golden finger once! Shouldn’t your golden finger solve one thing for me? Doing this now is to explain to Mu Lingxi why I disappear.” Luo Liyan deluded seriously.

Number 666 thought about it and thought that what she said also seemed very reasonable.

【Fine then, when are you planning to start? 】

“Right now.”

What else was there to consider? Some things had to be said and done.

【System Prompt: Use the golden finger once, deducting 10 golden peas, currently 170 golden beans. 】

Mu Lingxi watched as a blinding light flashed in front of him and closed his eyes subconsciously.

When he opened it again, there was no longer a Luo Liyan in his arms.

“Lili!” He roared at the sight and stood up.

He felt like his heart was being slowly killed, sliced by a thousand cuts by someone with a knife, so painful that he couldn’t even breathe.

Why did Lili suddenly disappear again? Was it because she was angry that he just dragged her up and prevented her from sleeping?

But, he just wanted her to stay by his side only.

Was he wrong?

Mu Lingxi painfully covered his face as crystal tears spilled out from the crevices of his fingers.

“Mu Lingxi!”

Suddenly a panicked shout came from the living room outside the bedroom. Mu Lingxi seemed to be fired up at once.

He stumbled out in a rush. The sun fell softly on his beloved girl, everything seemed very unreal.

“Li Li.” Mu Lingxi called out lightly, his throat terrifyingly dry.

He wanted to step forward and pull Luo Liyan into his arms, but he was afraid that it was just his own hallucination. He only froze and looked at her without even blinking.

“I’m scared!” Luo Liyan’s eyes were red as she looked pitifully at Mu Lingxi, who was obviously scared.

Lili, I’m also afraid!

I’m afraid that you are just a hallucination of mine!

I’m afraid that as soon as I walk over to hug you, you would disappear again!

But even if I’m afraid, I can’t help my desire to hold you in my arms.

Mu Lingxi’s eyelids drooped slightly and slowly moved towards Luo Liyan step by step.

Before he reached her, he felt a petite body suddenly slam into his arms.

He pressed her into his arms in a hurry and let out a contented sigh.

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