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The Law of Transmigration: The Black-Hearted God’s Domineering Love Ch 43

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The Law of Transmigration: The Black-Hearted God’s Domineering Love

Arc 1 Chapter 43 – Tsundere President’s Spoiled Pet (Extra 3)

“Mu Lingxi, what’s the matter with you?” Luo Liyan asked stuffily as that fluffy little head nuzzled over and over again in Mu Lingxi’s arms.

“Maybe…it’s because I disregarded your wishes and made you unhappy, that’s why you wanted to leave me.” Mu Lingxi smiled bitterly.

“That’s not it!” Luo Liyan huffed heavily. “I think there must be something unclean. This has happened a total of three times in counting only, which proves that this thing must have appeared by my side recently. Say, I couldn’t possibly be haunted by some ghost or something right?”

“You’re not allowed to say such nonsense!” Mu Lingxi pinched Luo Liyan’s nose, but also felt that her guess made sense, “So have you gotten anything weird recently?”

“I’m not a kid anymore, how could I pick up some weird thing and bring it back home?” Luo Liyan groaned angrily.

Suddenly her eyes lit up as if she had thought of something. She quickly tunneled out from Mu Lingxi’s arms.

“Lili!” Mu Lingxi shouted out in unrest, reaching out for her, but failed to do so. He watched her return to the sofa.

Luo Liyan picked up a small white purse on top of it and poured all the inner contents out. After rummaging a while, she suddenly picked up a small red bag and shook it in front of Mu Lingxi.

“I remembered now. I had helped a fallen old grandmother on the way to the bar. She gave me a piece of jade and said it was worthless. I thought it was pretty so I accepted it. Then I went back, changed my clothes, and took a small purse that matched the clothes. This piece of jade was left back at home until you helped me move a couple of days ago. I then brought it over here.”

Mu Lingxi’s expression was very serious. He took the small red bag in Luo Liyan’s hand and poured out the ancient ink colored jade.

The gradient of jade was very good, it was the best emperor green.

After years of polishing, it could be seen that it had at least 500 to 600 years of history to it.

Only his little girl would be so lacking in her ability to see that she would treat this thing, that was worth hundreds of millions of dollars, as some cheap goods.

However, such a valuable thing was given away just like that. Who was that old woman?

Mu Lingxi was a little puzzled, but he didn’t want to delve any further. Anyways, it would be impossible for her to meet that old lady anymore.

Now that the source of Lili’s mysterious disappearances has been found, he just needed to deal with the jade piece in front of him.

Squinting, Mu Lingxi carefully looked at the jade pendant in his hand. A familiar light circulated around the center of the jade. He was so scared that he quickly brought Luo Liyan into his arms.

It wasn’t until he determined that she hadn’t disappeared that Mu Lingxi’s eyes flashed with a startling coldness.

Raising his hand, he didn’t even think about it as he smashed the piece of jade heavily towards the ground.

Followed by a crisp sound, that piece of emperor green shattered into pieces.

Luo Liyan straightened her body from heartache, but because of her worthless excuse just now, she strongly resisted the urge to scold Mu Lingxi’s wastrel actions.

“What a pity. Such a beautiful jade pendant, how could you just smash it like that?” She sighed faintly.

“If you like it, I will buy you a more beautiful piece in the future.” Mu Lingxi tilted up Luo Liyan’s chin and kissed her with a bit of madness, “Lili, you are mine!”

As long as this piece of jade does not exist, he could trap Lili to his side forever, no longer worrying about her suddenly disappearing.

With a sigh of satisfaction, Mu Lingxi’s uneasy heart finally calmed down a little.

Maybe now he still had some paranoia, but time would heal the uneasiness in his heart bit by bit.

Affectionate people would find their own happiness in the end.

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